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  1. simufly


    The CCM on the car has the VIN on the outside, are they coded to the individual car or are they just plug and play?
  2. simufly

    Random warnings 525SE

    It has started to throw up random warning Started with rear light circuit then ESG regalt (it’s an auto) Now, washer fluid low (it’s full and the float has been checked.) This seems to be pointing in the direction of the CCU? Any other ideas or help. Thanks.
  3. simufly

    The e34 rear sill thread

    You dont want a job do you?????
  4. simufly

    E34/39 parts

    Thanks very much for the info!
  5. simufly

    E34/39 parts

    There is a small cargo net assembly on the pax side of the transmission tunnel on the e34/39. Can't find a part number. Does anyone have a grey one going spare?
  6. simufly

    e28 wheels studs

  7. simufly

    e28 wheels studs

    I need to replace some wheel studs on a 525e I am working on.
  8. simufly

    Help required

    P plate 525 touring. Just got the car back from an inspection 2 with a note that the brake switch had been changed. No explanation. a couple of weeks later every time I brake and release I get an "EGR regalt" caption on the contol warn panel. This has now gone to "brake circuit fault." The brake lights are working Any boffins with an idea what is going on? thanks Simon
  9. simufly

    Toolkit combination pliers

    PM me I might have a pair going sparee.
  10. simufly

    Front jacking points

    Got an advisory on the MOT for the front jacking points. On the premise that "a stitch in time etc" What sort of ball park figure for a good fix? I appreciate it depends on the level of corrosion but what should I expect from a non franchised body shop. Thanks
  11. simufly

    E34 525i high CO at idle.

    Fixed, lambda sensor.
  12. simufly

    E34 525i high CO at idle.

    Got an advisory on the MOT about high CO at idle. Not come across this before on the M50, any ideas aas to what to do to lower the CO level?
  13. simufly

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Got rid of the dreadful window radio aerial. Replaced it with a proper bolted through the roof job. 100%improvement in radio reception.
  14. simufly

    WTB single 14" FPS wheel

    The problem is solved! No longer need one.
  15. simufly

    WTB single 14" FPS wheel

    As per title, I ungently need a 14" alloy for an e3. A 20 spoke FPS would be ideal. S Manchester location. can collect within reason