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  1. simufly

    Royal Steering Wheels

    They have done two for me. Very pleased with the results!
  2. simufly

    Am I being fleeced

    Sounds ok to me.
  3. simufly

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced the missing aero aids in front of the rear wheels. A bit of OCD cleaning too.
  4. simufly

    Rear Anti roll bar drop links.

    Managed to source a 16mm 1/4 drive socket (Snap on TMM16 if anybody is intrested) Will try on the other side.
  5. simufly

    Rear Anti roll bar drop links.

    Shall not be doing that again!. Virtually no access to the bottom nut. The right tools are essential: 16mm angled ring spanner. Thin 16mm OE spanner. A lot of patience. In retrospect, a 1/4 drive 16mm socket (if there is such a thing, my set only goes to 14mm) on a UJ might be able to get under the drive shaft to access once the initial nut is cracked. A 3/8 socket is too big to get under.
  6. simufly

    Rear Anti roll bar drop links.

    Yep mine is a touring and I can see no way of accessing the bottom nut, without getting the ARB off.
  7. Is there a simple way of getting to the botton nut to get it off? Haynes seem to suggest removing the whole ARB. I do hope not.
  8. simufly

    Rear wheel arch

    Yep that’s the plan!
  9. simufly

    Rear wheel arch

    Ok we have one yes and one no. Anyone have a picture?
  10. simufly

    Rear wheel arch

    Just doing a bit of preventative maitainence. Should there be a cover over these?
  11. simufly

    Tidy? E34 520i Touring on gumtree

    Yes tidy, but what are the jacking points like?
  12. simufly

    E39 RHS brake cooling duct.

    Ok done
  13. Very nice but a bit expensive IMO. I would like aircon and leather for the that sort of money. Nice wheels!
  14. simufly

    E39 RHS brake cooling duct.

    Auto facelift. I need a RHS front brake cooling duct and the part it fits in. This bit
  15. simufly

    Alarm Siren

    Has no one taken one of these to bits?