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  1. Notice that this is for the saloon, is the touring different?
  2. simufly


    Excellent info. Thanks. Is is a big job to switch old sensors for new?
  3. Selling all the old spares from the now departed e34 tourer. I have available a rear hatch glass. No third stoplight. From memory tinted and the heating elements all work. Needs to be collected from S Manchester. £7.00 Also aircon rad £5.00 auto rad £5.00
  4. simufly

    E34 Touring

    In actual fact it’s my old car. Sold it for £850 to a chap who wanted it “as a present for his father”
  5. simufly


    New to the e39 world and the car has both front PDC. Sadly the system does not work. Looking at the number available It seems to be a common failure. Is it? Not too bothered but the OCD in me likes things to work as advertised. The sensors all seem to be clicking as I understand they should, and there is a spare control unit in the spares pack that cam with the car. Would a full BMW scan highlight the dodgy one(s)?
  6. simufly

    E34 Touring

    NMNA https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-525-I-SE-TOURING-AUTO-FULL-SERVICE-HISTORY-1-OF-THE-LAST-MADE/184383223640?hash=item2aee18b758:g:Q1gAAOSwbkxfJCar
  7. simufly

    Touring tool kit

    Brilliant many thanks
  8. Are the rear PDC sensors and fan shroud available please
  9. simufly

    E39 touring

    Morning, can I have a price and availability on 51718159292 please. Front w/s lower trim panel E39 touring PO52YTR Delivery to WA158EY Thanks
  10. simufly

    e39 530d parts

  11. simufly

    E39 facelift skuttle

    Thanks, will investigate.
  12. simufly

    E39 facelift skuttle

    As per title. No cracking around screen gasket. S Manchester based
  13. simufly

    Spark plug recommendations

    Done. Thanks for the input.
  14. simufly

    Spark plug recommendations

    02 plate 525SE petrol ECP have 5 different plugs for the car. Anybody any experience?