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  1. simufly

    WTB single 14" FPS wheel

    The problem is solved! No longer need one.
  2. simufly

    WTB single 14" FPS wheel

    As per title, I ungently need a 14" alloy for an e3. A 20 spoke FPS would be ideal. S Manchester location. can collect within reason
  3. simufly


    Fortunately mine is a touring so the lining just goes back out of the hatch. .I will wait the the weather is warmer and its not so windy!
  4. simufly


    Thanks everyone
  5. simufly

    Wiper Rack

    Seem to recall a conversation with a retired BM service manager. He said the problem of wiper/ bonnet conflict was not a new one In the day the way to fix it was by putting a piece of 4x2 on the scuttle and bending the bonnet slightly over the wood. Problem solved!
  6. simufly


    The headliner cloth covering has started to separate and sag. What is the best way of re-attaching?
  7. simufly

    E28 maplight rear view mirror

    Thanks for the heads up!
  8. simufly

    E28 maplight rear view mirror

    As per the title, part number 51 16 1 906 525
  9. simufly

    Wiper Rack

    Changing the wiper rack is a complete PITA, and getting hold of one that is not knackered is another!
  10. simufly

    New warning just appeared!

    Yes the problem has gone away for now!
  11. simufly

    Should i buy a an E34? Whats it worth?

    I wolud agree with the previous comments. Definitely worth a punt. Is it an se with (working) aircon then whats not to like. Not as fast or indeed as frugal as the 525 but a manual is a bonus as nothing to go wrong in the transmission dept. A leather interior is very nice but the headlining will sag at some stage. The black roof bars will look awful but from the pic it seems to have the cross pieces. Nice and desireable. Red does tend to suffer more with lacquer peel/fade than other colours. The pundits say the e34 is the last BM built before the penny pinchers took over. Go on you know it makes sense!
  12. simufly

    E34 520i Touring

    Metric wheels and no aircon. Nice condition though.
  13. simufly

    New warning just appeared!

    No! I think it just having a fit of the vapours. The wiring turned up today, many thanks! Simon
  14. simufly

    Disconnecting Battery.

    Yes the alarm has its own seperate power source. Integral in the alarm body.
  15. simufly

    Fuel door

    New hinge fixed the problem. On the shelf, so quite a high turn over item!