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  1. simufly

    E34 touring load cover

    Silver grey Good condition and it works fine. £5.00 plus freight or collect from S Manchester.
  2. simufly

    Handbrake wires change for £540?! Without notice.

    I totally get your frustration, sadly this is one of the problems of running a car with an extremely complex suspension. There are a lot of links bearing and bushes and they will wear out eventually. If you need access to change the park brake (which is a weak point ) and thing need-drilling out etc then labour costs can get scary. If it is any consolation, which it won’t be, I got charged €650 to change a water pump (that I supplied) on a Vauxhall agile A.
  3. simufly

    Radio removal

    Following the advice given, I have changed the head unit (no change still cuts out after 25mins or so) New ignition switch. (No change etc.); checked the fuse mentioned (No change etc ) A bit confused where t9 go next.
  4. E39 BZ41808.

    can I have a price on these please?





  5. simufly

    E39 BZ41808

    Can I get a price on these please 51718159422 and 51118174844 thanks
  6. simufly

    Me again!

  7. simufly

    E34 525 auto touring.

    All good as far as I remember. All worked before it went into my lock up.
  8. simufly

    E34 525 auto touring.

    Grey rear load cover with reinforcing bars. £10.00 plus freight.
  9. simufly

    Bmw specialist Greater Manchester

    Rockvale Motors in Stockport are excellent.
  10. simufly

    E34 525 auto touring.

    Now the touring has gone to a new owner I am getting rid of the remaining e34 parts I had in my stash Nissens Auto rad v good condition. £10.00 plus freight. rear touring hatch glass. £5.00 but COLLECTION ONLY! save them from the tip!
  11. simufly

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Changed the front fogs. Trouble is when you start looking you find other things need doing Now I need a RHS disc duct, and lower fixings. Hey ho.
  12. simufly

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yep that’s it,
  13. simufly

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Which the power outlet or the ctek?
  14. simufly

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted and wired up the rear power outlet, and the wiring for the ctek charger.
  15. simufly

    Spooky wiring

    Yep, the original BMW electrics we’re still there but capped. Do not know why.