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  1. m535man

    RIP Donut

    First time I've logged on for a while, and just heard the terrible news. Rest in peace donut.
  2. m535man

    E28 ex police car spotted

    What was his name again? Nice guy, cool car, he took it to Gaydon the last time the forum had a stand, then never heard much more about him. Was it Steve something?
  3. m535man

    So the EU want another £1.8billion!

    I don't believe the EU is trying to make life hard on David Cameron, they're just trying to balance the books and pay for all those daft projects that the daily fail likes to prattle on about. They're definitely not doing him any favours though, everything we hear from the EU recently seems to be playing in to the hands of the separatists, they really need to start getting their message out and stop being so confrontational/ tribal/ protectionist.
  4. m535man

    I hope BMW's version is better than

    It's deceptively simple: pull it downwards once to activate, then move the stalk up or down gently to increase or decrease speed. Pull up or down sharply to increase or decrease speed in 5mph increments.For the speed limiter, the same movements apply, but depress the silver button on the end of the stalk first. Took me ages to work out it was that simple!
  5. m535man

    I hope BMW's version is better than

    How many stalks does it have? My E-class has got two stalks on the left hand side of the column, one for lights, indicators and wipers, the other for cruise control/ speed limiter. Not been in a b-class, but a lot of guys at work have got the a-class as company cars and the feedback is great.
  6. m535man

    I'm in the wrong job!

    I think, and this from some dim and distant memory, emergency vehicles travelling under a blue light can treat a red traffic signal as a give way sign. Yeah it was that area I saw them too, in lane 4 though and making good progress!
  7. m535man

    I'm in the wrong job!

    Just seen this list on Wikipedia of people who are allowed to use blue flashing lights in the UK: Fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes (this includes private fire or emergency ambulance services, but not private security) Fire salvage Forestry Commission or local authority when fighting fires Ministry of Defence bomb disposal, mountain rescue, nuclear emergency or armament support, or special forces responding to a national security emergency[29] National Blood Service or Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service vehicles HM Coastguard British Coal Corporation (now the Coal Authority) for mine rescue RNLI lifeboat launching vehicles (usually restricted to launching slipway) mountain rescue carrying human tissue for transplant HM Revenue and Customs when investigating serious crime.
  8. m535man

    I'm in the wrong job!

    Driving round the M25 last night about 5pm, and I was overtaken by a convoy of unmarked police cars with blues and twos on, which is not especially unusual, except for the makes of cars: 2x Porsche cayennes, 2x mercedes benz ML63 AMG and a Volvo xc70! Wtf, I need to be doing whatever it is they are doing for a job! I know we have a couple of her majesty's constabulary on here. presuming they were actual policemen, and not some other government / military team, what department would they likely to be from - Kensington and Chelsea community patrol? A break in at the local Bulgaria shop?!
  9. I reckon it would be a disaster again, like it was last time. Hamilton, excellent driver as he is, has shown himself to be a terrible team mate, who does not handle internal competition, exactly the same could be said for Alonso. Ron Dennis, as inspirational a leader as he is, has a massive company to run and could not possibly spend enough time running both the company and the formula 1 team to make a success of both. I personally think most teams would be better off with a lead driver and a competent young driver who is told in no uncertain terms that he is the number 2. Having two potential championship-winning driver teammates knocking lumps out of each other on the track, whilst entertaining, means each driver is less likely to win the championship, creates division within a team, and allows other teams more chances to overtake if teammates are battling each other. Really, either Rosberg or Hamilton should have won the title already if it wasn't for each other. Boring for us fans perhaps, but if I was toto Wolff I would have made it clear at the start of the season that one of the drivers was being paid a massive salary to support the other, and if you don't like it, sod off to Marussia!
  10. m535man

    How can you tell which tyres....

    Great, thanks guys, looks like they should fit £500 saved! Off to bookmark those sites...
  11. .... Will fit on an 8.5j wheel? I've got some Dunlop winter sport 3d's in 225/55/17 which are nearly new, and were exactly the right size for my F10 standard wheels. I no longer have the F10 and I need to get a set of winter wheels / tyres for my e-class as they are mandatory in the part of the Alps we are going to this winter, plus I have a rather expensive set of chains that are the correct size for the tyres. I've found a set of rims which are 8.5j wide, but I can't seem to find out whether my spare tyres will fit or not. Any tyre experts out there able to give any advice? TIA
  12. m535man

    It's nearly time for the big vote

    'Who cares?' Anybody who is interested in an objective view of the facts surrounding an important issue I suppose. Either side can offer so called evidence of the other doing something, whilst ignoring exactly the same actions by the 'wronged' side, but they undermine their case when they do so. How can you trust someone who doesn't present the whole truth when seeking to influence the opinions the others?
  13. m535man

    It's nearly time for the big vote

    I think you should include the context behind last nights idiotic behaviour before blaming one particular group. [url=http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/scotland/referendum/article4211236. Some people were never going to respect the democratic outcome if they lost, and others were never going to be magnanimous in victory. However to dress up violence on the streets of Glasgow as being solely caused by political differences is to completely missunderstand the religious divisions and social disharmony that has existed in the west of Scotland for hundreds of years.
  14. m535man

    Could anyone recommend a tracker?

    Thanks guys, looking to spend as little as possible, don't need it to be able to cut off fuel pump or anything, just report it's position on request from my mobile phone. Some of the ones on eBay look like they would do the job, hard wired into a permanent live feed, hidden away somewhere.