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  1. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thought I better give mine a quick clean too, but I only had 45 mins between showers.
  2. RichardP

    LED flickering Mains

    The OP needs to clarify if the flicker is while the lights are on or while off. As I read the original post it’s not clear.
  3. RichardP

    LED flickering Mains

    All the LCM’s do cold checking (checking the bulb when the light is turned off) which causes the flicker. However it can only be coded out on the LCM IV and not the III or IIIB.
  4. RichardP

    LED flickering Mains

    Standard 20 or 40 amp automotive relay on each bulb should suffice.
  5. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I thought the original a little vague and I wasn't quite sure what your feelings on the matter were.
  6. RichardP

    LED flickering Mains

    You will probably be able to use the trick that works with LED angel eye bulbs, wire a small relay into the circuit with the LED bulb. Wire the relay so that the coil is triggered with the supply voltage to the bulb and when closed the contacts complete the circuit to the bulb. The relay coil will not react fast enough for the cold/hot check pulse to trigger it and so the flickering will stop.
  7. RichardP

    intravee switch

    I'm surprised the volume is that low. As far as I'm aware the Aux in just passes the audio directly through to the Intravee. The Intravee attenuates the level very slightly as at 1:1 it was possible to get clipping when playing back a CD/MP3 track at 0db. There is no adjustment of the volume as far as I'm aware, the OEM Aux volume can be adjusted using the number preset keys.
  8. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My money is on the water pump bearing.
  9. RichardP

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    No, it's not a requirement - except that it will set the wrong time if the values are not correct!
  10. RichardP

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    You have to set values for DST and TZ by clicking the options.
  11. RichardP

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    Check the firmware version displayed on the About menu, it should say build 7155. The other possibility is that the Nav had not got a full satellite lock and so has not updated the time/date in the car yet.
  12. RichardP

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    Spain should be +1 for the Time Zone and +1 for DST at the moment.
  13. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Are you sure it’s the alternator that’s making the noise and not the water pump, A/C compressor or other pulleys?
  14. If anyone really can’t update their Intravee due to lack of a Windows laptop, USB serial cable or general lack of computer skills, I will always offer an update service. Just send the Intravee to me with a pre paid self addressed envelope. For overseas users, you can PayPal me the cost of return postage. PM me if interested.
  15. RichardP

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    There is a bit set in the message that indicates if the Nav thinks the time is good. Often when the bit is not set the time is OK, sometimes it’s not. I have seen some cars in the past that just never seem to have the bit set, so the Intravee never updates the time to be on the safe side.