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  1. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It’s an auxiliary air heater.
  2. RichardP

    KCA-620M an Intravee?

    Which version do you have? The original firmware for the 620m was V10 (possibly V1.0 with the decimal removed). The latest I know of is V12 (V1.2?) which was significantly better, but still very buggy. Do you have something later? If you could send me a copy that would be great. _________________________________________________ ¿Qué versión tienes? El firmware original para los 620m era V10 (posiblemente V1.0 sin el decimal). La última que conozco es la V12 (¿V1.2?), Que fue significativamente mejor, pero aún con muchos errores. ¿Tienes algo más después? Si pudiera enviarme una copia, sería genial.
  3. RichardP

    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    Thanks. 19 years since it rolled off the production line today.
  4. RichardP

    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    Another year passes and another MOT pass with no advisories. Just under 500 miles this year since the last MOT, not a lot, but enough to keep things moving. Miraculously managed to get out and back without catching any rain, the E34 is unlikely to be so lucky, so she is now tucked up and probably won't come out again until next spring.
  5. RichardP

    Price please

    61 34 1 364 532 Thanks.
  6. RichardP

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Gradually working my way down the list of unobtainable parts that need replacing! Two down today. First the passenger side (right) sun visor microswitch that is activated my the mirror door for the light had failed. Black sun visors are very hard to find, used ones are usually in poor condition, and they are impossible to take apart without pretty much destroying. Finally found one is Russia, so now at last the vanity mirror light works. Not 100% perfect, maybe 97%, there is a small scratch in the mirror and a small amount of the weld around the mirror has broken off, but at least it works. I may investigate opening up the original, fixing the microswitch and having them covered in Alcantara to match the roof. The second unobtainable part was the sill plate with the ///M5 logo for the back door. Over the last couple of years I've managed to find two front NOS parts and one rear used but in good condition. Just the passenger side rear to fix. The issue is that the rubber ends perish and disintegrate. Many people just cut them off and leave the ends square, I decided to try and repair them. I found some 'donor' sill covers, cut the ends off and attached them to the M5 covers. Before : The rubber ends just crumbled in my fingers. After attaching the new ends with black Shoe Goo which remains flexible but solid. Again, not 100% as there is still some wear on the sill covers themselves, but a significant improvement.
  7. RichardP

    Simply BMW at Beaulieu - 19th September 2021

    Yes, that’s me (not the guy with the pram!).
  8. RichardP

    Radio switches off every 25-30 mins

    I believe this may be caused by a faultily ignition switch. If the radio turns off after almost exactly 20 minutes than this points to the radio working in 'ignition off' mode, it's designed to turn off after 20 min to save power. My guess is that the radio comes on when you pass through the accessory position I, but then the ignition power is not live when in the running position II. This is the flat pin radio pinout (ignore sub connectors B and C as the 'Integrated' radio does not use them) Check the voltage on pin 16 with the ignition in various positions.
  9. RichardP

    Simply BMW at Beaulieu - 19th September 2021

    Unless the weather is utterly dire I'll be going, I promised myself I'd go to some different things this year. Went to Caffeine and Machine earlier in the year with the E39 M5, I'm free next week end and the E26 is itching for a run now it's odometer is fixed. Just about a 600 mile round trip, should be enough to blow the cobwebs away.
  10. RichardP

    General Intravee II doubts

    The boot loader is newer than I thought it might be, so I 'think' you will be OK. The issue I have in checking this is that I don't think I have an easy way to downgrade the bootloader on the Intravee I have. The newer firmware has a console command to update the boot loader with whatever version is imbedded in the main firmware, but the older firmware does not. Worst case is that on start up the bootloader will time out before the checksum on the main firmware has finished and it will drop back to the boot loader. If that happens you'll need to go back to a version of the firmware that does not take so long to check. I've attached the 5.31-306 firmware for you to use in this eventuality so you can get back to where you are now. Let me know how you get on and take a few screen shots as you program the IV and as it boots up for the first time. ivfw256-v5.31-306.zip
  11. RichardP

    General Intravee II doubts

    Could you confirm the version of the bootloader please. To do this with V5.31 you'll need to connect a PC and use the downloader, the watch the IV while it boots into the bootloader. To do this type the command boot You should see something like this : boot >boot< BOOT V5.5 (RR=00) Boot Entry flag set Intravee Bootloader Ver 5.5 SP=0x217D (8575) IVBL 5.5> The version here is 5.5, yours will be lower. Then boot to the app type the command b this will reboot the Intravee normally.
  12. RichardP

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    Oops, yes of course, £20,695.
  13. RichardP

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    This is getting silly, static value over August. 1st September £20,6695
  14. RichardP

    General Intravee II doubts

    I think the best way forward is going to be for me to program an IV2 with 5.31-306 plus it's associated bootloader and then upgrade it and see what happens. If there are any issues I can then work out how to overcome them and let you know the procedure.
  15. RichardP

    General Intravee II doubts

    Just to add, I have got a copy of 5.31-306 firmware so if you did update and get stuck, you could return the Intravee to it's current state.