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  1. RichardP

    ai net breakout box

    The current drain is microscopic when not powered up over AI-Net, it won't drain your battery. You can connect to the iBus power connector to the Intravee, use the centre pin which should have a red wire with green stripe. You can also use the connector to the radio module, also red with green stripe, Pin 15 for flat pin, Pin 9 for round pin.
  2. RichardP

    ai net breakout box

    Yes, it needs permanent live and should be grounded too (although the AI-Net cable will do it). Lots of sources for that, let me know if you can't find a handy one.
  3. RichardP

    Intravee install in a 1998 DSP car

    Sorry for the delay in replying. It should not do that, very unlikely to be a loose connection. Sounds like the radio is continually trying to display the CD number. What firmware version is on the Intravee? What is the UI set to?
  4. RichardP

    Intravee install in a 1998 DSP car

    Advanced Search is only available on the Mk IV Nav. It uses the display mode that's used for the MP3 CD Changer that displays the ID3 tags. That display mode is not available on the MK II or MK III so to get it you'd have to fit another MK IV.
  5. Technically it would be possible. However there are a number of issues in implementing it in the Intravee. First, the Intravee code is quite heavily dependent on knowing when the radio is allowing it to write to the display, this is linked to the CD Changer getting the 'Play' command. This would have to overridden which would then make it tricky to know when to write to the display. Second, there is virtually no free space in the Intravee for extra code/data, of course you could have special firmware to do it, but that just complicates things both from a development point of view and for anyone that might buy the Intravee later, not knowing that it has a special firmware version on it. Never say never, but at this point in time, unlikely.
  6. RichardP

    Intravee install in a 1998 DSP car

    Well, this is probably going to be fun! But given that you already have had the Grom unit fitted it should not be too difficult to get the Intravee working. First up, DO NOT CONNECT THE A/D CONVERTER TO THE POWER SUPPLY TO THE INTRAVEE!! The supply to the Intravee is permanent live and you don't want the A/D converter to be powered all the time. You should be able to find a purple wire with a white stripe going to the radio module which is switched live, should be pin 5 on the round pin radios, permanent live for the Intravee will be on pin 9 and iBus on pin 7. You'll need to a 6 pin connector for the audio into the Intravee (out of the Grom DSP), BMW Part Number is 61 13 6 954 554. you'll also need 3 bushing contacts Part Number 61 13 0 006 663 or go to a scrap yard and cut one off most E46, E39's, X5s', Z4's, X3's, Mini etc. Looks like the Grom audio cable has been pinched and may be junk, and 3.5mm jack should fit though. Looks like the TV module has been disconnected for some reason, maybe the Grom A/D was sucking power and someone was trying to trouble shoot? If the Nav works then disconnect the blue connector and plug into the TV module, plug the free blue wire into the Nav. Not sure what the round connector is, someone else more familiar with E38's may know, it's not the original PI CD Changer though. Not sure about the black rectangular connector either, maybe phone module related.
  7. RichardP

    ai net breakout box

    You are correct, the H100 only has two channel input, so no need for 4 outputs. I have made up the box today, so it’s ready whenever you want it. Richard
  8. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If you're working on E39's with the doors open etc. for more than a couple of minutes, it's ESSENTIAL to hook up a battery charger, and quite a beefy one at that. They will eat their way through a fully charged, brand new battery in an amazingly short period of time. The way the iBus system works, unlocking or opening a door will wake the whole car up and, with the amount of old electronic modules in these cars that take quite a high current, it's a recipe for a flat battery.
  9. That's a very long time to change playlists. But that could just be the iPod Touch, it really does not work very well with the KCA-420i for no apparent reason. Long key press of the rotary controller will take you back, or you can jump directly to Now Playing or whatever by assigning one of the free keys to a 'Goto' action, the default for Now Playing is the clock key.
  10. When the Touch came out I thought it would make a perfect iPod for the Intravee, solid state, so no hard drive to get bounced about in the car and fast. Unfortunately it's not. I don't think they spent much time getting the iPod Touch firmware backward compatible with the old iPod commands. I've always found it to be buggy and slow.
  11. The KCA-420i is not the fastest device, but it depends a bit on which iPod you use and how much there is on it. What do you call 'very laggy'? About 1 second between presses should be OK, but mashing the Next/Prev button as fast as you can won't get the best results.
  12. RichardP

    My sound system upgrade

    I mounted mine on to the metal bracket for the amp, not much of a heat sink but it helps a bit I think. I've not had any problem with it overheating and I have used it at quite high power for extended periods. However, it is only driving mid range and tweeters, the subs are driven by an Alpine PDX amp mounted in the cubby hole on the other side of the boot.
  13. RichardP

    ai net breakout box

    Sorry for the late reply. I can make up a breakout box for you, the price is £20 + postage and packing (£10 for Special Delivery or international, £5 for Recorded). Send me a PM and I'll give you payment details if you want one.
  14. RichardP

    PDC auto mute?

    Pretty sure it uses PDC if you have it, otherwise the reverse signal.
  15. RichardP

    PDC auto mute?

    This is already an option. See page 96 of the user guide 'Rev Vol Adjust' under Setup -> Usage Options.