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  1. Hi Not needed as I went for a different brace in the end I've not even removed it from the box yet. intended for e39 v8 engines these retail on ebay for around £400, weichers have a sale on at the moment and they're £350 shipped (carbon fibre version - carbon laid on aluminium; not to be confused with the all alunminium braces which are less expensive) I'm offering for £275 shipped so a decent discount!....and this is brand new!
  2. Lovely condition no rips or tears pick up from Crawley Ono £200
  3. sayanthan


    saw this on Facebook, if only BMW could have produced it!......also, what is that on the passenger side of the car inside the cabin?....diagnostic / monitoring equipment?
  4. sayanthan

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Unless you have an ultra low miler sub 40k, and don’t intend to drive it, I’m unconvinced they’ll give a huge ROI in the future. in the 50k-100k mileage range they seem to start from ~£12k. Individuals and/or facelift cars seem to automatically be £17k+ Advertised prices are creeping up, but v.slowly. I suspect sale prices have not changed significantly except for the ultra low milers.
  5. sayanthan

    My old sepia violet f10 M5 on autotrader

    It has an evolve stage 2 map, delimited and with cold start delete. (Running decat pipes); I supplied the oem air boxes and down pipes when I sold it. you could go for more power/torque ; I think the stage 2 map restricts it to protect the dct. Might want to upgrade the clutch if you do that though! Good platform to build on if you’re looking for even more power!
  6. sayanthan

    My old sepia violet f10 M5 on autotrader

    I sold as I wanted something AWD and smaller.
  7. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201901234202351?atmobcid=soc4  My old f10 m5 competition.... only sepia violet f10 M5 in the country. putting out 740bhp pretty decent spec incl M performance exhaust, RK intakes, CF bodykit, vorsteiner bits, wider M6 alloys etc. with the upgrades and spec, you probably won’t get better for the price.
  8. These are rare as a combination and in e39 fitment.(bored out to 74.1mm) Freshly refurbed 2 days ago in brilliant silver with new Centre caps and M decals (from bmw not cheap eBay tat) tyres are Michelin Pilot sport 4 with good 5mm+ tread 18 x 8.5 et13 18 x 9.5 et25 tyres 275/35/18. 245/40/18 74.1mm bore you can get spacers/spigots to convert to other bore sizes these will bolt straight into an e39 M5 with no spacers looking for £1100 with tyres; £800 with out tyres and will consider splitting also. the ET13 offset on front gives great turn in and makes the car feel like it has a square offset selling as I’ve seen another set of wheels I want my original costs were wheels £500 tyres £400 refurb £300 boring out £100 badges £35 (rybrook Bmw) m decals £22 (rybrook bmw) £1357 in total
  9. Price drop to £250!......£800+ worth of parts here!
  10. sayanthan

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

  11. sayanthan

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

    They’re a cleaner look, though still not sure they’ll be on the car long term
  12. sayanthan

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

    Lead time up to 4 weeks price circa £1900 imported it does need a lot of prep, labour costs - 25hours+ materials...
  13. Picked up some e38 style 37s and need to rebore the fronts. (18x8.5 et 13) as offsets are already quite low, so spacers not really an option. rears are 18 x 9.5 et 25 so I can get away with a spacer conversion anyone know any good areas in surrey/West Sussex?
  14. sayanthan

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

    It still needs to be a family car. Looking at performance upgrades as well as some weight reduction. It’s had the following over the last few years: headers/100 cell cats & Dinan exhaust stoptech trophy calipers front / rear which are the lightweight version intrax coilovers uprated rear arb ; front/rear strut braces OS Giken LSD with: CF roof+f/r bumper carriers, front recaro pole buckets (maintaining stock seat belt points and have Schroth e39 harnesses that connect up to stock seat belt points - can easily reverse when kids in back etc.) & ESS 560 kit going in at the moment. BBS LMs being sold, thinking of changing for e38 parallel 18x9.5 square set up. Nothing else planned after that. Possibly CF bonnet & light weight battery. I doubt I’ve achieved more than a 100kg weight saving, some things you do because they’re cool.