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  1. Bolf

    Price please

    done , thanks
  2. Based in MK10 £500 no offers
  3. Bolf

    Price please

    https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=GG83-USA-01-2001-E38-BMW-740i&mg=41&sg=60&diagId=41_0017&q=51138169666 Thank you
  4. i've had to abandon my e39 project due to 'reasons' Means i have a few parts surplus , i'm reshelling into an e38 Set of BC Racing coilovers , £400 - USED but no leaks/bends (remote adjusters fitted) - collection only i've not taken pics but I can send when i'm home. REAR camber arms for e39/60 - brand new - £240 (4 arms in total , very strong and well made) + plus delivery Basic but strong front strut brace - e39 - £50 brand new. Collection only Rear ACS style spoiler , fibreglass - brand new in box , held up to car , good fit - £70 + delivery Cheap rep e39 sport front bumper and grill , £90 - brand new , collection only All parts are at my place just north of Peterborough , I work all over UK and might be able to move parts closer for collection , try me. Prices are not negotiable unless buying multiple items. I feel they are fair. Preference will be given to collection or meeting , I hate courier and postal services as i'm working a lot at the moment.
  5. Bolf

    E34 M50B25TU Bosch Alternator

    Mine has the same alt. Ac model with no extra electrics tbh
  6. Bolf

    Door wont open

    Had the same on mine , had to cut the door card its basically a lever inside that sticks , if you douse it in WD40 inside and lock and unlock a load of times , there is a slim chance it will free up , but its slim
  7. Bolf

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    Should be nippy , had a 2008 335i 6mt recently up to about 400bhp Masses of mid range pull!
  8. Bolf

    What brand spacers

    I get all my spacers made by Superforma
  9. Bolf

    M62 V8 non cat header/downpipes/manifolds

    https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=GF82-EUR---E38-BMW-740i&diagId=11_2678 specifically just number 2 on this diagram I had them repaired whilst I was working away and they did a crap job... so need a replacment
  10. As title , need the driver's side manifolds for a v8 535/540/735/740/M5 all same The non cat versions please
  11. Bolf

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    Exhaust manifolds? Are they the non cat type? 4 pieces
  12. Bolf

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Passed Mot after a spot of recommissioning
  13. Bolf

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Spent a few days this week stripping my E39 ready for reshell
  14. Bolf

    Breaking E34 520 1996 Auto Touring

    I'll be after loads of bits of trim on this one matey , i'll get this e34 mot'ed and drive it up to you with a glove box full of money
  15. Bolf

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I found out the entire sill has been fibreglassed and a load or rotten metal hidden Dunno if to fix or break it!