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  1. Bolf

    E34 M50B25TU Bosch Alternator

    Mine has the same alt. Ac model with no extra electrics tbh
  2. Bolf

    Door wont open

    Had the same on mine , had to cut the door card its basically a lever inside that sticks , if you douse it in WD40 inside and lock and unlock a load of times , there is a slim chance it will free up , but its slim
  3. Bolf

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    Should be nippy , had a 2008 335i 6mt recently up to about 400bhp Masses of mid range pull!
  4. Bolf

    What brand spacers

    I get all my spacers made by Superforma
  5. Bolf

    M62 V8 non cat header/downpipes/manifolds

    https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=GF82-EUR---E38-BMW-740i&diagId=11_2678 specifically just number 2 on this diagram I had them repaired whilst I was working away and they did a crap job... so need a replacment
  6. As title , need the driver's side manifolds for a v8 535/540/735/740/M5 all same The non cat versions please
  7. Bolf

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    Exhaust manifolds? Are they the non cat type? 4 pieces
  8. Bolf

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Passed Mot after a spot of recommissioning
  9. Bolf

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Spent a few days this week stripping my E39 ready for reshell
  10. Bolf

    Breaking E34 520 1996 Auto Touring

    I'll be after loads of bits of trim on this one matey , i'll get this e34 mot'ed and drive it up to you with a glove box full of money
  11. Bolf

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I found out the entire sill has been fibreglassed and a load or rotten metal hidden Dunno if to fix or break it!
  12. Bolf

    Unusual m62b44 issue

    will do , i've gotta replace the fan clutch anyway so i'll pull belt off then
  13. Bolf

    Unusual m62b44 issue

    Sitrep: Unknown history , e39 1999 540i / 6mt engine has been looked after , (signs of new chain guides and a few upgrades on car) Lightened single mass flywheel , m5 clutch , etc. standard airbox , afaik , standard map Issue: Basically when pulling up to a junction the revs will drop super low 400-500rpm , and occasionally cut out , making steering a little fun. no CEL Diagnosis so far: I've checked crankcase pressure and its 10mbar as expected (i think) i've fault code read , nothing (intermittent electronic thermostat issue , wouldn't cause cut out) i've checked best I can for air leaks with a test spray , nothing obvious Car is a bit rusty and has some water ingress inside the cabin from being stood , but not sure this would get into any electronics , its drive by cable not DBW IASV seems ok , cleaned it out with brake cleaner , no difference , when unplugged revs change Manifold gaskets are slightly blowy , got some to replace asap. I've ordered a set of plugs , done an oil and filter (oil came out didnt have obvious issues) , air filter is KN and has been oiled. Any input? Thanks
  14. non sport 1999 model although i'll make either fit