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  1. kavman0

    Anybody know this E28

    The car is now sold but my mate missed out. Spotted it too late I guess. Thanks for all the photos and info.
  2. kavman0

    Anybody know this E28

    Thanks Duncan I hope my mate gets it, cheers
  3. Hi guys, asking for a friend if anybody knows this lovely E28 on the old colonels website? https://oldcolonelcars.co.uk/listing/bmw-e28-5-series-525-eta-2-7-auto/
  4. kavman0

    MAF recommendations

    I got a new one last year from GSF. The proper Siemens/VDO. It's listed on their site as the premium version. Try this code WKD59
  5. kavman0

    M5 Clocks in non M5

    Here's the video https://vimeo.com/93509911
  6. kavman0

    M5 Clocks in non M5

    Also the guy that corrected the mileage needed my chassis number and he programmed that into the M5 cluster. When i fitted the cluster it wasn't reading correct on some of the dials. I can't remember what was wrong but then i brought it to the specialists and they fixed that bit. I believe they used Autologic for that.
  7. kavman0

    M5 Clocks in non M5

    I don't know, it was back in '09 i did this so i can't remember all the ins and outs of it. What i do remember is that apparently you can't retro fit and older cluster into a newer car.
  8. kavman0

    M5 Clocks in non M5

    I'll make one tomorrow. The oil temperature dial doesn't work apart from that it's grand.
  9. kavman0

    M5 Clocks in non M5

    I have M5 clocks in my 528i, What i did was get someone to correct the mileage and then the local specialist to code it to my car. Only the last 2 LEDs from 6500rpm onward light up, My rev limit is 6500 so it works well.
  10. kavman0


    Even if it's working properly i think the horn is a bit weak. I remember reading a few years ago of people in the USA were upgrading to E38 horns. I haven't seen any solid evidence though. i would imagine these days that an aftermarket horn is louder than an old one from an E38.
  11. kavman0

    Not too shabby

    I thought they were impressive times but i see your car has 256bhp, it should be faster than that. Is it an auto?
  12. kavman0

    Pics from first weekend with the B10

    That's georgeous, love the colour. Best of luck with it.
  13. kavman0

    e39 528i fuel pump woes

    It could be the fuel filter is blocked.
  14. kavman0

    Top mount failure

    What causes front top mounts to fail? Have replaced them a couple of times because I was swapping in different struts, i was informed by mechanic a while ago that the were gone again. Is it stiff suspension and big wheels that are the problem,What are the symtoms of top mount failure? I had done about 6k miles since they were last changed. I found a thread about E30 top mounts failing if a certain washer was left out. I wonder if this could be it. I'm on my 3rd different suspension and each time i got new top mounts so it could be that certain parts weren't put back in. They may seem insignificant but I wonder if that's it?
  15. kavman0

    Rear end kick - shocks or subframe bushes?

    Have you changed your engine mounts yet? Probably has nowt to do with your rear hop but made a nice difference to my car at 156000 over bumps. Less crashy now.