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  1. g164rge

    1995 525i niggles

    Never seen that before but heyho
  2. g164rge

    1995 525i niggles

    1. Sounds like cam sensor, mine was the same Why would the ARB links cause a shimmy as per post above?
  3. g164rge

    The E34 shimmy - something else?

    How would they cause a wibble?
  4. g164rge

    VIN plate location?!

    Yeah, totally, will give you a shout to see if you're about next time i'm over
  5. g164rge

    VIN plate location?!

    Worked for Aker MH but now with Seadrill, heading over to Dusavik next week i think, hopefully the weather stays good. Who is it you work for?
  6. g164rge

    Laptop is sick!

    Stuck button?
  7. g164rge


    What's the difference between a garage fitting and someone doing it in their garage/ shed/ tent? 9 time out of 10 i've found the better job hasn't been by the garage. Surely VLC checks for such instead.
  8. g164rge

    VIN plate location?!

    Stavanger, nice and wet there, spend a lot of time over there with work. Unsure where the other plate is on an e39, good luck with that though and the inspection
  9. g164rge

    VIN plate location?!

    Thought it was just the vin number on dash and not the weight etc plate that i think that Liam is on about.
  10. g164rge


    Would kill so much industry, so unsure how this will proceed,
  11. g164rge

    Throaty exhaust

    I was gonna get rid of my E34 a few times, can never bring myself to doing it in the end though, awesome cars Happy motoring!!
  12. g164rge

    Throaty exhaust

    Yeah, M50 is the engine code. So a 2.0 would be M50B20 and the 2.5 would be M50B25. Hope you're enjoying the car so far though
  13. g164rge

    Throaty exhaust

    The BMW would sound more throaty than a C Class, my other half had a C220 for a while, that was a quiet thing.
  14. g164rge

    Throaty exhaust

    What kind of car are you used to driving?