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  1. Crusher

    A Guide to beam mount bush fitting

    Managed to get them out today. They new ones are now in the freezer until tomorrow. Biggest difficulty was getting the splined studs out on my own. Had to jack the car up on the stud then take the seats out to get enough space to hammer down on the housing to release it. I couldn't fabricate the precise pullers as shown in the earleir posts so I used some threaded rod and part of a harmonic palance puller to do the job. I just had to do it in three stages.
  2. Crusher

    A Guide to beam mount bush fitting

    Right, that's it. No more procrastinating! I have been watching this thread for two years and the time has finally come. High lift trolley jack, axle stands and hub puller/s at the ready, 9 and 10 June it is. Two days booked off work while Mrs is away should do it. Wish me luck
  3. Crusher

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Well, here it is. Pretty plain compared to some, but it's mine and I love it![attachment=0]Sharknose.jpg[/attachment]
  4. 3, 8 and 15. Obviously I have not voted for my own, but then, neither has anyone else
  5. Crusher

    E28 mileage register

    Red35 1985 M535i 45000 (Original owner Sir H. Fraser) domino71 1987 m535i 47,761 Jam172 1987 528i 59807 AndyB 1986 535se 66657 Hippie Dave 1986 520i lux 67000 Crusher 1983 E28 520i 73000 Eamo 1987 E28 M535i 79300 Sepia 1987 M535i 90000 Sepia 1983 525e 92000 Ton246 1986 520i 102000 Splondike 1985 M535i 105000 minicooper172 535iSE 109482 Tims 1986 M535i 127000 abdoosh00 1986 M535i 134000 Hippie Dave 1986 528i SE 137000 Golf Pro 1988 M535i 149750 and rising daily Tims 1987 M535i 172000 (Although not long for this world) Bm0p700f 1986 527i 179500 and climbing Jam172 1987 E28 M5 190000 Jam172 1985 E28 525e 207885 Alex 1983 E28 528i se 248727
  6. Crusher

    A few pics of my ongoing project E28

    Yep, nice car.
  7. Crusher


    I fitted the newly refurbed exhaust and it sailed through the MOT. It sounds a damn sit quiter and I don't get gassed while I am waiting at the lights - result! I have been reading the posts on beam axle bushes with interest as I will need to replace them asap. One of the posts is pretty comprehensive, although they all say it is a pig of a job for the DIYer. I do feel an enormous sense of ahievement when a task has been completed though, especially if it is a first attempt. I am sure you will agree. Cheers Crusher
  8. Crusher

    Home made towbar

    Thanks again for the comments folks. I will do as you suggest and keep an eye on the bracket for any movement. ANDYM535 I may take you up on your offer. I will email you to discuss. Thanks again.
  9. Crusher

    Home made towbar

    Fair comments. I will only be towing my trailer with garden waste etc. Having fitted a number of towbars I was satisfied that the steel plate was up to the job. With regard to liability, this relates to almost anything that you fix on your own car, bike, house etc. As long as it is done in a 'workman like' manner using suitable parts then it should satisfy any scrutiny. As mentioned though, it is a work in progress and will be adapted if I feel it is not performing accordingly. Thanks for the observations, they are always hepful.
  10. Crusher


    Point taken. PS. I am more than willing to listen to advice from those in the know. So if you have any suggestions on getting the best out of the Clarke, fire away. Cheers
  11. Crusher


    Tsk tsk. Is this a forum for like minded people to share ideas and solutions, or for experts to ridicule those who try their best? The welder in question was a gift for my 40th and has been usd to good effect to replace the sills and patch many other parts of the car. It is a hobby after all! If I buy expensive wire, will it still be second rate? Cheers
  12. Crusher

    Home made towbar

    I had been looking at various towbars for a while and was either put off by the price or the look. I managed to get hold of a piece of steel plate and had a go at fabricating a holder for a swan neck Nissan towball. The first attempt was a good fit but the load was not spread over enough points. This attempt has incorporated more load bearing on the boot floor and an extra strap onto the fuel tank support. I may have to weld another flange on if this doeas not take all the weight, however I have painted it and will wait and see how it goes. It is much neater than the alternatives, however it is a work in progress I suppose.
  13. Crusher


    Following numerous patchs and repairs I was facing the decision of purchasing a new exhaust. However the prices were a bit steep for my liking, therefore I bit the bullet and hauled the boxes off for a closer look at the situation. Following some head scratching I picked up some 1.2mm sheet steel from the local merchant (who kindly put a round in it). I cut the rotten bit out and welded the new bit in, minus the baffle, but it sounds great! The centre section is sporting a few patches, however this is next for the refurb job. Hope this shows that there is an alternative, albeit (long term) temporary, to a new exhaust.
  14. 9 [attachment=0]BMW5 (13).JPG[/attachment]
  15. Crusher

    Washy - no wipey

    A common problem is the grease in the wiper motor solidifying, stopping the contacts making a connection. It is a bit of work to get to, but is worth checking before replacing any other parts.