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  1. But hesitation at 1800-2000rpm when sat at 40 odd mph is a sure sign of failing EGR.
  2. It literally takes 15 minutes to undo the 3 screws and put a new one in. You have to remove the airbox cover from memory. £160 for the EGR and £15 for the tools. Why would you pay BMW £425?
  3. Check fuse 2 as said. Behind flap in glove box, left hand row, 2nd one up.
  4. gIzzE

    Private plate removal

    Yeah. That document allows them to make the plates up too.
  5. gIzzE

    Private plate removal

    I thought if you did it online you get confirmation with a retention number on it to save/print out. If you fill out manually you get a certificate in the post. ???
  6. Today my car lit up like an xmas tree, reduced power, pedestrian impact system not working, no power steering, no abs, no dsc, reduced power, warning about changing gear without having to press brake pedal etc. etc. Turns up, Fuse 2 in the glove box, second from bottom on left on UK cars (fuse map upside down btw) and 5 amp, is connected to lost of things, in my case comfort access as well as the main DME. When it gets really damp the comfort access can short and blow the fuse, making the throw all these codes. Don't panic. have a spare mini 5 amp fuse ready. It seems 100s of people have had this issue but I had never heard of it. Oh, and it also means communicating via OBD is tricky as won't connect to certain modules of course. But posting it here for future reference if anyone has the same issue.
  7. gIzzE

    DPF, EGR, LAMBDA probe.

    £425? Ouch. It takes around 15-20 mins to swap the EGR on the B47. I paid £163 for the EGR including vat and bought these..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07898CGW5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is 3 screws, it lifts out and new one slots in, do screws back up. BMW should be replacing all these free of charge, they are faulty. 10,000s failing. (If you are taking old one out and having to put it back in, because you are looking at it, you might need diag tool to close it up so the valve doesn't bend. If putting in new you are fine.) I know I just put this in the other thread too, but seems to be cropping up more and more so posting it again for reference if people search.
  8. Agreed. I would get a new indy. Your EGR is failing. Not blocked, failing. New EGR is £160 from BMW, you might be able to negotiate a discount. I would speak to service and say you have seen that 100s of owners on the forum have had them fail, so can they help. You never know. You will need these to remove the old one, takes 20 mins to swap it over.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07898CGW5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Easiest way to diagnose is, sit at a steady cruise, around 1700-1800rpm, then hit the throttle to increase speed, if you get a slight delay you have the EGR failing fault. Your MPG will probably improve too once replaced. Don't leave it too long as it can kill you O2 sensors as well as it over fuels. These are not cheap at roughly £200 each. My MPG went from around 38 calculated to 46 once I sorted the EGR and replaced the knackerd O2 sensor.
  9. The Superb is dull as ditchwater to drive imho. Great package for someone racking up the miles who needs the space, but the steering is numb, the one I tried had the Audi trait of struggling to get the power down on wet roundabouts, combo of FWD and a DSG 'box that seems to wait until the car is about to T bone you before locking up, then when it does the front wheels scrabble around. I am on my third F11, this one has now done 115000 miles and still feels great. The only niggle I have is the dreaded dash squeak when it is really cold, others not done this with higher mileages. Going to have a look today. Absolute no brainer on these. However, there have been some G31 530d for around £22k recently, that would be where I would stick my money now. Or spend less, mat just sold his 52k mile 2016 520d Luxury with adaptive lights, hifi, nav prof etc. for £13.5k. It drove like it was a brand new car.
  10. gIzzE

    New car purchased today!!!

    Careful here. There is a massive difference between resetting the gearbox adaptations using the throttle held down vs using a scan tool. You would probably be alright resetting with a scanner with 30k miles, but can cause real issues with higher mileages. I would definitely reset the learning with the throttle, nothing to lose at all.
  11. gIzzE

    F11 comfort access/keyless start issue

    Good point. Make sure both batteries are new as well. But the battery discharge while stationary message on the dash does shout towards the car draining it excessively because the car is not going to sleep. The comfort access handles are cause, and the car can shut down the remote locking to try and save power, and you can then lose sync.
  12. gIzzE

    B47 Timing Chain issues

    Just listened to the video. Have you driven through any standing water at all?
  13. gIzzE

    B47 Timing Chain issues

    Did you speak to BMW? It might be your cheapest option.
  14. gIzzE

    F11 comfort access/keyless start issue

    If one of the handles is faulty, they get damp/wet and start to short, you will get the above issues. Can you scan the car and see if any of them are showing a short to ground? Also, when they start to go, as you walk passed the dodgy handle they often unlock/lock. Walk around the car, stay roughly 2m away from each handle and see if they start to make a noise to work out which one it is. Also, see if any of them are warm, easy in this weather as it can be frost on the handles bar the fault one. You can simply unplug the wiring from the faulty ones, rather than pay out the £350 for a new one, you just lose the comfort access on that door.