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  1. gIzzE


    Yours for a start. The thread talking about fuels, he was saying 98 ron is snake oil. No understanding of knock sensors. But, screen wash should not be mixed, different sorts congeal.
  2. gIzzE


    He thinks running a petrol car that is set up for high octane fuel, on, well, high octane fuel, is snake oil too. Sorry, couldn't resit. However, in his defence here, you can use whatever screen wash you want, just don't mix different brands, they congeal and block the system.
  3. Faulty EGR I reckon. Mine didn't log codes at all.
  4. gIzzE

    Dab radio retrofit

    http://www.autodab.com/AutoDAB-USB.aspx There you go. I retrofitted the BMW nav, but if you have cic it is really tricky to code. It can however be done apparently.
  5. gIzzE

    Dab radio retrofit

    Hold on. Let me put "autodab usb" into google for you.
  6. gIzzE

    Dab radio retrofit

    Have you looked at the autodab units? They do a USB one as well that acts pretty much like the factory one.
  7. gIzzE

    Oil/burn smell after oil service

    Can you get someone to rev the car while you look at the engine? With the cover off. Is it definitely the smell of oil burning? Or could it be the exhaust fumes? I would just check and make sure the manifold hasn't cracked, as you really don't want to be driving it around if you have exhaust gasses coming into the cabin. I would guess they have just spilt some oil on the block, but get someone to rev it while you're looking at the engine just in case. Also, check there is no oil leaking around the filter housing, seems strange it is still smelling now. Normally burns off after a few miles.
  8. In the early days, but now as long as they are the right size and load rating it doesn't matter.
  9. I get Green Flag with my Natwest account. I used them for the first time last year when my starter motor completely failed in the filling station on the Marylebone Road, the one with one pump, where all the taxis queue up. They were with me in 35 minutes and they took me back to Norwich. Couldn't fault them. I have swapped out the run flats on all my BMWs over the last 15 years or so, such a massive improvement. However, I have got some Goodyear Eagle F1 run flats to try when the winters come off, heard great things about them. We shall see.
  10. gIzzE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Haha, it's fine mate. That photo was taken a while back, it was when I retrofitted the idrive to an E91, must have been around 14 years ago now. Blimey, can't believe it was that long ago, but it must be. I had the 535d touring in 2005 and this was my wife's E91 which was a year or maybe 2 later.
  11. gIzzE

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Why not download INPA and whack it on a laptop. Worth having if you're running BMWs out of warranty.
  12. gIzzE

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    This is the minimum that should be done after gearbox adaptations are reset after oil flush, changing solenoids, etc. etc. This is for the ZF8, but gives you an idea... After the vehicle has reached normal operating temperature, and with the scan tool, monitor actual gear state. Drive the vehicle normally with the accelerator pedal between 10% and 20% until 7th gear has been achieved, approximately 76 km/h (47 mph). After 7th gear has been achieved, coast down to 30 mph with no application of the brake or accelerator to allow a 6-5 shift. Brake the vehicle to a stop. Repeat this procedure 5 times.
  13. gIzzE

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Now looking at this on a computer and not my phone. You have 0ms for fill times on your gearbox, this to me shows that the gearbox has not been through the relearn process. Where are you located, can someone reset your adaptations for you? I think you really need to go through the proper reset procedure, a 0ms figure shows it has not been done.
  14. gIzzE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    No, just paint straight on.
  15. gIzzE

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hmmm? Those values look fine to me. I have seen then with 600bar or higher and still not any massive clunks or anything. If they are a ZF specialist they will be able to reset everything properly. I would look at resetting again and then driving for a while steadily and following the procedure, somewhere without much traffic if possible.