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  1. gIzzE

    F20 120d sport issues?

    If it says only 5000 miles left just get an oil change done now. I would change it at least every 10k miles. Isn't any diesel like that with a manual gearbox? I just find diesel/manual combos too much hard work, heavier clutch, around 1500rpm of useable rev range so you are constantly swapping cogs, unless on the motorway where you can use the torque in leave it in 6th, but for me it really has to be an auto when it comes to diesel.
  2. gIzzE

    F20 120d sport issues?

    You sure it is not 134kw? That is 180hp. With that engine I would just make sure you change the oil every 10k or so, don't listen to BMW, the chain tensioner fails due to their extended oil changes. Apart from that though they are great engines really. Might not be as refined as the later B47, but far better economy wise.
  3. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    A quick search on google showed these... I am writing further to your email, I apologise for the delay in response. For your information, the fuel formulation changes between Summer to Winter grade, in order to meet the Cold Performance properties of the British Standard specification. Winter grade Diesel contains a higher proportion of lighter middle distillate fractions as well as more cold flow improver additive than the Summer grade fuel. Winter grade fuel is sold in the UK between mid November and mid March each year. Kind Regards Heather Whyte Customer Relations - Retail Shell UK Oil Products Limited, Rowlandsway House, Rowlandsway, Manchester M22 5SB and...... Mike, many thanks for your enquiry which was passed on to me by our Customer Services group. We manufacture automotive diesel fuel to meet European requirements known as EN590. This specification is adopted by British Standards and a group of fuel experts (of which I am a member) sit and agree what is known as the National Annex, I can only describe this part as… the fuel needed to work in say a Scottish winter is different to that required for Southern Spain… we have some freedom within EN590 to choose cold temperature performance and winter start dates suitable for our geographic location. This is by way of explanation to your specific questions; the formulation ex refinery, winter vs summer quality does change, as we have to meet the tighter cold temperature (winter) performance requirement as defined in the National Annex in BSEN590. Winter for road diesel quality is currently defined as operating from the 15th November through to the 15th March and product sold during this period has to meet a cold flow test, known as the CFPP test, at a maximum temperature of -15C, compare this with the summer specification of -5C. The actual performance change is bought about by using different blend components at the refinery, together with the use of cold flow additives. Hope this helps, Regards Kevin J Barnes
  4. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    OK. interested thing happened this morning, I went over to the garage as they needed my car there to put the warranty claim in for the O2 Sensors. I noticed that the MPG had gone up from mid 30s the other day and on the way home hit 47mpg, after doing filter, split hose and cleaning maf. I decided to reset the OBC and see how the 16 mile journey went, which included dropping my lad off at school first, so around 20 miles at least, with B roads, dual carriageway and then down some proper windy roads with a couple of steep hills. This is where I was struggling to hit 40mpg no matter what. This morning when I got there I was showing just over 50mpg, at one point I nearly hit 60mpg. I was taking it easy and trying to get good MPG but never seen anything like that. Anyway, now obviously I saw an improvement on Monday after the air filter, split hose and MAF clean, the only thing that has changed since then was I filled up on Monday night too. I was going to fill up on the way there, but the Shell was closed as they had a fuel delivery, so filled up Monday evening. Anyway, today I clicked, the switch over date for summer diesel is roughly March 15th, unless the wether is still dropping below -5ºc, which it hasn't for a few weeks now. So I reckon this is the first tank I have had with summer diesel. Even my wife mentioned how much easier it seemed to be to keep the MPG in the mid 40s now, she was struggling to get 35mpg last week no matter how hard she tried.
  5. It was at Llyod BMW. It did however sell pretty quickly. But if it is a year old does it really matter? You will get the BMW warranty anyway.
  6. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    I need to update my signature. Haha I bought this as I will be going into London a fair bit, I would like to see 50mpg down there and save the £12.50 ULEZ charge. I decided to buy this to do a job, and then I will try a few more cars as a second car, things I can try, have fun with and then move on and try something else. I think I just have a bit of an issue with the way diesel is pushed in the UK, it is based on unrealistic MPG figures, and yet we all fall for it. I have monitored MPG figures for the cars I have owned and where I have had the same in petrol and diesel the only thing that really remains the same is the fact that there is never more than a 15% saving at the pump going diesel. 530i vs 530d A6 3.0tdi vs 3.2fsi 335d vs 335i E350d vs E350 To name a few, never more than 15% better MPG with the diesel and that is me doing loads of motorway miles, i found quite often that on my 6 mile commute the petrol gave better results, especially in winter, and I suspect many owners do the majority of their driving on sub 10 mile trips. I think a lot of the problem is the figures get skewed as someone who buys petrol tends to do fewer miles or buys the car for hooning around in at the weekend. My M3 CSL was a good example, I used to average 18mpg in it, then I used it as my main car for 4 months and 6000 miles and the average jumped up to 34mpg, 535d Touring auto only used to see that doing the same. Christ, my E46 320d auto touring only used to average that as well. As we have seen, those doing loads of town work, 13 miles in 55 minutes as said earlier, see the 520d only returning 29mpg, the 535i is only 2-3mpg behind that. When we add in the depreciation, the upkeep and the fact we have to put fuel in anyway, whether diesel or petrol, then the overall cost difference makes me wonder why we sell so many diesels in the UK. If you look at the new MPG figures they are a lot more telling, if you look a US figures (tricky as not many diesels sold there) then we see a far more realistic figure. Take the Merc E350 vs E350d in the States, it was showing 26 city and 34 Highway for the petrol vs 29 diesel vs 38 Highway for the diesel (converted to UK gallons). You can see why not many in the States even consider the diesel. Yet the UK figures are 34 combined petrol vs 52 mpg combined for the diesel, so everyone orders the diesel. I have owned both, reality was 30mpg average for the petrol and 34mpg average for the diesel (OBC said 38, but it lied). Again, on the 6 mile morning run it was 26mpg for the E350d vs 27mpg for the E350 petrol. I'm just bitter as I like to buy my cars used, hence I am annoyed at the lack of petrols on the market. You can ignore me.
  7. Not sure I would want to drop £22k or more on an F11 now to be honest. There are some G31 530d's out there for £27k, I know for a fact they can be had for £25500 with some haggling as I nearly went for one a few weeks back. A 530d F11 with 80-90k on it and 8-9 years old will be worth around £8-10k when you come to move it on, that is a loss of £12-15k if you pay £22950. I bet a 2017 G31 530d at 5 years old with sub 60k on it will be worth around £14k still, so again a loss of around £12-14k, but you will be in a newer car with everything that brings with it. I was going to finance the G31, through Lombard it worked out far cheaper than financing a 2016 530d at £18k, purely based on residuals. If a cash buyer then that changes things of course. if you're buying an F11 cash, or with finance, try and find one for £17-18k maybe? Also, some of the deals on new out there are very impressive. I was offered a new G31 M-Sport Touring 530d with £429 down, £429 over 47 months with an option to buy of £12k. I didn't want to tie myself up with finance and decided to buy cash, but in hindsight I should have grabbed that deal. I had an early F11 530d on 18" run flats and it was horrid, I got rid of them after 2 weeks. I have an SE on run flats on the 17's and it is fine, no issue at all. I have an E92 on 19" run flats, that is shocking!!
  8. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    I couldn't enjoy it though. My E350 Estate got better economy. That is 3.5 litre V6 petrol with 306hp. Fiona's F25 X3 was getting 35% better economy average and that is awd and crap aerodyamics. My TDV8 Range Rover was only 4mpg behind the 520d! Haha I just knew there was something wrong with it. I only bough this as I was gobbing off Pistonheads that when buying new or nearly new, going diesel has no real financial benefits, as an overall running cost the difference between a like for like petrol is around 2% cost wise. I said if swapping you needed to go for a 320d Efficient Dynamics or similar. Everyone said that was nonsense and any diesel would see massive savings as I do 25k a year at least. I said I would get a 320d ED and see how much I could save, then decided that was a step too far and got the 520d, went SE to get the 225 wide 17" wheels and was ready to see huge savings. I didn't. I guess I should have been chuffed, but in all honesty I was gutted. I was actually surprised at how nicely the B47 drove, with only 190hp it felt plenty quick enough, compared to the N47 in the X3 it felt really refined, as good as the M57 in my 530d and I was driving them back to back, it was just the MPG, struggling to hit 30 on the school run and a real effort to get over 40mpg on a run over any long period was heartbreaking to be honest. May as well have just got a 535i or 340i. But seems it is now running much better, I knew something was not right. I have owned so many 5 series over the years, from E39's, 528i, 530i T, 530d T, 530i saloon, E61 535d, 530d, 530d lci, early F11 520d and then 530d as well as loads of 3 series, that I just knew something was up. When I get the O2 sensors fitted hopefully it will get a bit better again. So....remaps.
  9. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Cheers mate. Mine is also dead, I presumed that the post cat sensor does nothing other than keeps an eye on the cat, but speaking to someone from BMW today he did say the data fed back does affect fuel mixture. I thought I would check the state of my EGR, while 'trying' to take it out, I noticed a spilt in the hose from the turbo air pipe. Part two... https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=5L32-EUR-07-2014-F11N-BMW-520d&diagId=13_1632#13717823517 I grabbed a new one with a new air filter and cleaned the maf (don't normally but thought I would as nothing to lose) and coming home it was hitting 47mpg, instead of struggling to get to 40. I will get the O2 sensor sorted too this week, but looking better.
  10. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Did you ever sort out your rubbish MPG? Did the O2 sensor improve things at all?
  11. gIzzE

    Logbook Loan Beware Folks!!

    A loan taken out using your car as an asset, the loan company own the car until the loan is repaid. The customer keeps driving the car and the loan company keep the log book, you get the log book back when the loan is repaid. Unlike buying a car with finance, it is tied to the car rather than the customer. Well, it is tied to the customer, but they can come after the car. They can with regular finance too, but if you say "Finance was never discussed." they can't pursue you any further with a regular loan. The loan company will try and say something along the lines of "If you just sign this saying you asked if there was finance and the seller said there was none on the car, we can leave it at that." Don't ever do that, you have then admitted you knew there could be finance and they can come after the car.
  12. gIzzE

    Logbook Loan Beware Folks!!

    Many HPI checks don't show log book loans, log book loans don't have to be registered with the credit companies like Equifax, Experian etc. etc. It is the biggest con out there and needs to be either regulated or shut down. I could tell the DVLA I have lost my log book, sell you my car in the morning with the old V5 and then go and take out a £15k loan as soon as you had left against the car and you are screwed. Now, things may have changed since I last looked at it, as it was about a year ago, but it is all about trust these days. Some HPI checks will cover you for a Log Book Loan as an insurance, make sure the one you use one of those companies, the rest are pretty much worthless now.
  13. gIzzE

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    Buying a 4 year old car like a 5 series, E Class etc. for £12-14k with 60-70k miles on it and running it for 2 years and 30-40k miles is about as cheap motoring wise as you can get imho. You are at the age where noting is really going wrong, and depreciation is minimal. I ran my last 535d for two years and 36k miles and lost £4k over the period, my 2012 E350 Merc estate (petrol 3.5 306hp so quite rare which helped) was bought for £13k at 4 years old with 70k on it and sold at 6.5 years old last year with 118k miles on it for £12k. If you are buying for £22k and prepared to lose £9k then keep an eye on the contract hire and pcp deals. In July las year BMW were advertising the G31 520d sport touring for £409 down and then 48 months at £409 with an option to purchase at £12k. That was with a dealer contribution of £5k and finance contribution of £12k!! That is basically them hiding £17000 worth of discount in finance figures. That was the advert, if you spoke to them they could also do the 530d sport touring for £429, even better value. To be honest I sort of wish I had gone for that deal. However, I bought an LCI 520d Touring with prof nav etc. which is £220 a month and mine after 48 months and is a price that if anything happens I know I can pay it off in full, not something I could have done with the G31. There is no correct answer really, at the end of the day I always say "Do whatever is the cheapest way to be in the car you want to be in." That may be cash, it may be finance, but sometimes new with the right deal on the table is the sensible option. I'm lucky as my father in law has a garage so can run an older car with no real worries, I still have an E61 lci 530d Touring as well, but I wouldn't want to run a 12 year old car without having that option, but then I am a bit OCD so need to get all mechanical things done, I can't anything not feeling new.
  14. gIzzE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I did the swirl flaps on my 530d Touring yesterday along with the glow plug controller and plugs, I was so pleased with how it felt afterwards I decided that while in the mood I would change the control arms with some new Lemforder ones today. Car is feeling spot on, mine is an SE and even at 12 years old, 57 plate, riding better than my 535d Sport ever did when new. I have it for sale but thinking do I really want to sell it? I had sort of agreed a price on the nice black 64 plate on autotrader, the one with B&O sound system if anyone has been looking. But do I really want to sell mine for £5500 and pay £17500 for that? I'm just not sure it is worth it?
  15. gIzzE

    2009 E61 530D unusual DPF problems

    Just to add to this, my lci 530d was doing regens every 70-90 miles, it was really annoying me. What I hadn't considered was the fact I was using a DTUK CRD+ Tuning box, now, whether a box or a remap what we know we are doing is increasing the fuelling which in turn increases the amount of exhaust soot, which obviously fills the DPF up quicker. I removed the tuning box and within a week my car actually felt livlier, not as quick but just more better, and now I am only getting it regen every few hundred miles or so, it does it quickly for 10 mins or so and then nothing for another few hundred miles. I don't think these cars like being mapped as they get older.