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  1. Mine are on the BMW * marked Continetal run flat winters, to be honest, I am not a massive fan of continental tyres anyway, always find them a bit crashy and noisy, but the wheels came with them with 6mm on so will run them this year. I bought this car with a view to swapping wheels straight away, it came on the 17" SE style 236 wheel, Goodyear Excellence run flats. The idea was pick up a set of 18 or 19" wheels and some non run flat tyres, stick the winters on the 17s. However, the ride on the 17's on the Goodyears was sublime, it was so comfy. I had to keep checking they were run flats on the way home with the car it was that good. I bought these as I was going to get them finished in Ferric Grey and then stick on the set of Goodyear Eagle F1 run flats I have. However, these Conti winters have lost the comfort, so now not sure if I will put the summer run flats on or get normal tyres. I guess I will try the Goodyear summers when the time comes. I am running 32psi cold front and 34psi rear. They get to around 35/36 front and 37/38 rear after getting up to temperature. Using the 4psi rule this seems about right.
  2. I put my winter wheels on....
  3. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Enjoy!
  4. Was that the £549 deal? I was seriously tempted, but not sure I could live with the ride. But what a car!
  5. gIzzE

    Magic potions?

    Maybe I should have said between comfort and sport then. But the throttle response just seems so lacking when you go back to 95ron, obviously you soon get used to it, but it is how I knew she had filled up with 95 again. It sort of felt like the sport mode without holding onto the gears so much and using the top gear too. It is more subtle than that, but it is enough of a difference, and with the gained economy, made it a no brainer to use it. Plus they tend to put more cleaning additives in the super unleaded, so no reason not to use it.
  6. It comes to us all. Haha
  7. gIzzE

    Forced dpf regen

    These cars will regen cruising around at 30-40mph as long as they are hot enough and everything is within spec. They actually clear the ash levels quicker at 40mph than at 75mph, at 75mph it is creating more ash than at 40mph and not clearing it any quicker. Things you should check are, thermostats (search youtube for BMW hidden menu coolant idrive F10). The car will only regen if 76ºc or more. Exhaust temperature, not sure what the temperature is meant to be, but needs to be hot, around 300ºc, I guess you need some sort of diag to see if the temp sensor is working properly. 16L of fuel in the tank is needed. No DDE faults stored in the system ideally. If the glow plug controller is faulty it will not regen, however, if a plug or two has failed it does regen. You should be able to tell when it is doing it, the exhaust sounds a little deeper, the gearbox holds onto revs a little longer, gear changes are sometimes more noticeable too. You really do need some diagnostic device for these cars imho.
  8. Really like those wheels. Makes the car look really elegant. There are a few sets on eBay at the mo, might have to grab a set, think they would look good on my black touring.
  9. gIzzE

    Magic potions?

    You tend to notice it more when you go back to 95 after a few tanks. Throttle response seems a bit lacking, almost like it is between comfort and ECO.
  10. gIzzE

    Passenger Seat Rattle

    If I set the seat to its lowest point with the front raised as much as possible mine is silent. I think it is springs that rattle about when they are not tensioned.
  11. gIzzE

    Magic potions?

    Here you go......
  12. gIzzE

    Magic potions?

    I would run it soley on 98/99 ron. After 2-3 tanks full you will feel the difference. My 335i used to have a really noticeable drop in power when Fiona used to put 95 ron in it. Annoyingly it took 2 sometimes 3 tanks to get it back again. We rolling roaded it to see how much difference there was, it was 331hp on the 98 and down to just over 300hp when we stuck 95 in it. The knock sensor is pretty aggressive on these. The other thing was I always used to crack 30mpg a tank on 98, as soon as 95 went in it would be 26, 27 at a push, so no real cost savings. Tesco 99 was good and same sort of price as Shell 95 too. There was lots of shouts of 'snake oil' on the E90 forum and one of the guys from Evolve said of course it isn't snake oil, that is how BMW set up the cars. Set up for Super Unleaded, with official figures for power and mpg for that fuel, but you can put in 95 and it will retard the timing to cope with it. He did a rolling road and posted the figures. I will try and find them.
  13. gIzzE

    Magic potions?

    I use Archoil 6200 in my diesels, the EGR on my 530d at 113k miles was absolutely clean as a whistle. This is a good video showing how effective it was with the Ford V8 diesel that was having all sorts off issues when used by the services in the States, blocking up DPFs etc. I also use the friction modifier when I do and oil change, that definitely makes a difference to how smooth the engine runs.
  14. gIzzE

    Forced dpf regen

    Just need to check the car is getting to 90ºc quickly and staying there no matter what, and make sure there is 20 litres of fuel in the tank. Certain parameters needed for it to be able to regen.
  15. gIzzE

    Forced dpf regen

    You need to find out why it is blocked up? Have you checked your stats etc.?