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  1. How much for the cupholders bud...?
  2. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Haha, I have a similar set of words when I've had enough of a motor, once I say those words, my family know a car's time is UP! I just couldn't be bothered with the issues anymore, if the car drives fine, has power when I expect it, then I'll tolerate the slightly lumpy idle as I did on my Audi. But the E90 had sporadic power delivery which almost got me into trouble a few times. Last Thursday on my way home from work I was in traffic and it's lumpy idle and off key power delivery just... It was enough lol. Was told by Sunday. The N52 produces more power, but it's yoo technical and they've made a mess of certain things. Couldn't do it anymore. The golf R is a great motor...!
  3. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    This was just a dodgy idle I think dunc, that coupled with the raspy noise of the motor & odd engine characteristics just done my head in lol. I paid £250 for the E46, was listed at the same price as the E90... So didn't do too badly tbh. It needs a thermostat, and good interior detail, blocked drain channels have caused a damp smell, I've cleared the drain channels but clean still needed. My normal detailer can't touch it til mid September...! Besides that, I'm happy with her...!
  4. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Have to say, what you and SARP have said makes sense, the VANOS was a Pita on the N52 I had, and there was a constant noise at the top like there wasn't enough lubrication going around. When I'd cane the car it wouldn't hesitate, but when I drove like I usually drive which is pretty chilled out, it was shocking to drive. I hated it the week before I sold it. Just couldn't do it anymore.
  5. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    I agree. Tis why I've gone back to an M54, just need a thermostat so gonna do the water pump etc too. Also there's a very strange noise that sounds like a hoover at idle, sounds like I've bought my Henry hoover with me haha! It's not affecting driveability though at all, accelerates hard with no issues... Quite a nice motor to drive actually. Happy with this one.
  6. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    When I first got it, it was alright for the first day or 2. Then when I'd accelerate, between 1500-2000 it'd jerk and hesitate like no man's business. Cam sensor was needed so had one fitted. Improved the problem for a few days, then after that it'd not idle properly, idling up and down like it was hunting. Diagnosis was faulty vanos units so both replaced along with cam sensors. The idle still wasn't steady, having a hunting undertone to it but staying steady on the rev counter. It has started to do the odd hesitation again too by that point. By then I'd had enough and returned it. Too much hassle.
  7. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    I did consider an IS, but I just couldn't get to grips with the way it drove. It was very 3 series like, RWD and handled well but it just didn't feel as balanced unfortunately.
  8. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Looks like this one wasn't meant to be, sold it back to the dealer on Sunday just gone as it had major issues. After persevering for 6 weeks I just couldn't do it anymore. The N52 may be a good engine but jesus it's complicated nature is a major headache. Now bought an M54 powered 325Ci. Clean outside, needs: - a thermostat as it's overcooling, so will get that done along with waterpump viscous coupling, tensioner, the usual M5X cooling system drill, - interior needs a good tidy up as it has an odd smell, drain ducts near bottom windscreen were akin to a mini forest so I've given those a proper clean, maybe what's caused the odd smell, water running into the cabin, - has had a recent service but I'm gonna do one anyway, oil change and both air & oil filters. It's done 95k so which oil guys, 5w40...? Also seen a recent receipt for a rocker cover gasket, front bushes, front brakes and rear tyres (pirelli I think). Apart from that, it drives straight, picks up speed well, and performs how an M54 should. Cannot but notice how much nicer the M54 is compared to the N52. Will post up proper pics once I'm at work in a few hours, here's one of the engine back for now...
  9. silestanix

    What are you doing now?

    Sitting at work on restrictions due to a shoulder injury, butterflies in my stomach though as looking forward to spending time with the E90. Bring on 2300hrs lol.
  10. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Oh yes, before I forget.. She is now mine...left her at home today though as I want to put all my bits into it and take it to the Gurdwara to bless it. ... Pics...
  11. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Khida, yeah it's been a while! Tbh after my E34 and a brief spell in an E36 I missed the handling of a BMW, and of I'm honest the relative ease of most repairs. The BMW community as a whole is a lot more lively and open than many others I've frequented...! This forum I still see as my home... First proper forum I frequented, with the likes of Donut bless his soul, Fellie aka fells, Duncan, Splondike, Jamie aka Jam172, SuperDave God bless him, Retset, Andym535i, Clem... The list goes on! Haha i believe ya, does make me laugh but hey I'm not complaining, tbh I missed a straight 6, been years and with engines like the N52B25 40mpg is realistically achievable. My work mate has a touring with the same engine as mine, and cruising from MK to Heathrow he averages 43mpg, manual 6 speed like mine. Mind boggling haha!
  12. silestanix

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    Cheers gents! Cheers dunc, seemed comfy enough bud, drove a few mins sport ones and they were just way too hard riding for my liking, the SE ticked the right boxes, gearbox is pretty slick too. Had to go back to a manual, the Civic made me realise how much fun a manual can be and much better to drive...!
  13. Mornin all... Been a while! Few of you know I had a brilliant W202 C250TD (Which is still miss absolutely every, single, day), had to sell due to idiot mayor Khans ULEZ zone. Bought a rowdy Audi A3 1.8T which I sold in early May as it drank far faarrrrr too much (was heavily mapped on a k03s), bought a Golf TDi and sold that at a loss yesterday as I'd had enough of its unreliability! Last week the golf throttle stopped responding and a dustbin truck almost hit me, so I took it back to the dealer and he sent the car to be repaired but by then I'd already lost every ounce of trust in the car. I went to see 9 cars last Friday, several E90s and a few E91s along with 2 Honda accord 2.4s. The last car of the day this was, and I was so sick and tired of being messed around that I almost went home after the 8th car. But, I thought It's not too far, I'll see the last one. I called the trader up and was pretty blunt, told him my intention isn't to be rude but to be straight up, I was very tired, and had been testing cars all day so if this one had issues, to be straight with me else he'd have hell to pay for later. He started laughand said he'd make me a coffee and to come by if I wanted to. Said the car isn't showroom condition as it's been a family car, it has scratches at the back of the seats and whatnot where kids have been in the car, door handles have wear, a few dings and scratches, but it was an honest car and he did not want me to think it's something more. Perfect. I arrived and after a chat and a coffee, he gave me the key and said to do as I liked, plug it in for codes, long as I was happy, I didn't have to buy but if I did we could do a deal. I popped the bonnet and everything engine was stone cold... Lovely. Started it up and sounded like a N52 should, hydraulics filled with oil in a second or so just like my mum's M54, I poked around whilst it warmed up, air con worked, no stored codes in the car, suspension tight, no paintwork done, interior not perfect but for me that's fine. It was the spec I'd been looking for absolutely ages, N52B25, SE, Non-iDrive, xenons, Rest function, Pre-LCI, dakota leather, and Blue or Grey. After 10-15 mins we went for a drive, a nice normal drive to the nearest roundabout a mile away, and then he insisted I give it the beans on the way back, so I did. No issues I could hear or feel, revved smooth. Came back, popped the bonnet and the fan came on low speed for a minute or so and went off, temperature according to torque app was always around 88-91c except when I finished giving it the beans, acceptable. I left there quite happily but I said I'd come back with my sister for her opinion as she's a spirited driver so I'd like her to have a drive and I want her opinion. Trader said that's fine. So I went back on Saturday and my sister drove it, and said it drove spot on like her E46 (we've just had all the bushed etc replaced). After that, deposit was paid pending me collecting it tomorrow, however as some of you know, I work shifrs and I've been crewed out tomorrow so the trader has agreed (at his massive inconvenience) to drop it off to me tomorrow. I'll update as I go along, but for now, I have that fuzzy feeling and butterflies in my stomach lol. Fingers crossed....!! Harry.
  14. silestanix

    SuperDave RIP

    RIP Dave, remember him from my early days on the forum... Damn man. I will have a drink to you tonight bud... Hopefully you'll have an E39 M5 in those skies above us...
  15. silestanix

    Looking to come back into the BMW Fold...

    Lol @mumbojumbo it's alright Clem I'm sure dunc didn't take offence haha. I've seen 3 today, one in person and 2 sellers have sent me pics and videos... and 2 of those had dodgy injectors and one was idling funny and didn't sound right at all. I'll hit you up tomorrow dunc and we'll talk. The Mercedes is a bloody good car though, but I guess I just fancy a change, and least it'll be a change into somewhat familiar territory. What are the M57's like generally? (Being low miles and being owned by Duncan I safely assume it'll be in good mechanical fettle, interior has been infanted so I know what to expect lol.)