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  1. sepia

    RIP Donut

    This is not a joke. I only spotted this by chance on Donuts Facebook page and i dont know the circumstances behind this. Rest in peace Darren you will be missed by us all.
  2. Following on from some cheeky banter on another thread it got me thinking..which is better, the classic chic of the E28 or the more modern sleek look of the E39...Having owned both its a close one to call...so lets put it to the vote! This vote isnt meant to be specific to any particular model/engine/spec btw! So which do you, the devout 5'er owning community, prefer?
  3. Just for a bit of fun, post a lie about the poster above..be nice (as if you lot would be anything but lol) As theres no one above me I will start it off.... Splondike once got his todger stuck in a VCR.
  4. Wishing all a Merry Xmas and a prosperous New year.....and hopefully I will find more time in 2015 to put finger to keyboard! Enjoy!
  5. No worries matey. Glad to of been able to help. Merry Xmas
  6. sepia

    Temperature gauge

    Hi all. Dont really know if this is a problem or not? I have noticed over the past few days that my temp gauge is only registering between the cold and halfway..im sure it used to go up to the halfway before? The heater isnt volcanic, only warm, in even when on the highest setting. Is this due to the cold weather or something else? Dont know how hot it was before as haven't used the heater up until the last week..Have checked the levels and the level float top is just poking out of the radiator filler hole (is this where its supposed to be?)..Any ideas guys? TIA
  7. Hi guys, Been away for a while due being very busy at work, home and out on the bike alot..so not had time for owt else!,,,but I would like to wish everyone on Forum5 a very merry xmas! All the best Mark
  8. sepia

    My E28 Turbo project

    Good stuff! A topic to follow me thinks
  9. Hi Guys, Last year me and Jam172 did a 75 mile off road charity bike ride from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation and many of you donated your hard earned moolah to help us raise £1500 (which we thank you big time for)....well...this Sunday (12th May) we are doing another one. This time its for the Stroke Association and its a 55 mile Thames Bridges ride. Why The Stroke Association? This is a cause very close to my heart as in 2010 my dad sadly passed away after suffering a massive stroke. Understandably the family was devastated as there was nothing we could do and it all happened so quickly..so in his memory, and to help the Stroke Association fund research (Its all financed by charitable donations) into the prevention of strokes and to help those who have suffered one make the best recovery possible, we want to raise as much money as we can. Im sure many of you know someone who has suffered as stroke and would like to help us by donating what you can (its not the amount but the thought that counts!)..you never know one day you may be the one who needs the help..So please if you could support us it would be very much appreciated. I have set up a JustGiving page where you can donate online (please also select the 'gift aid' option)..its very easy to do! Many thanks in advance Link for my page >>> http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Ridley-Smith1
  10. lol..ah I geddit now..duh..was having a blonde moment
  11. Cheers Duncan muchos appreciated. Linky on your post gives a 404 though?
  12. sepia

    RAF Marham Charity Track Weekend

    Awesome weekend!! Total fun from the minute we got there to the minute we left. Big thanks to Rob and all at RAF Marham for making this a Stella event. Can't wait till the next time we are able to come along in 172. Knackered, sunburnt and heavier than I was Friday morning...but still grinning from ear to ear!
  13. sepia

    RAF Marham Charity Track Weekend

    Ta for the heads up bud
  14. sepia

    RAF Marham Charity Track Weekend

    Good stuff guys. Counting down the hours for this...its gonna be a blast! The weather forecast looks spot on too..yay!!
  15. sepia

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Be happy and stay safe peeps.
  16. We have all been there Ray...I ran a Mazda 323 for a year after I killed my 525E...it was dull as hell to drive but it never once missed a beat/failed to start/let me down in any way whatsoever and everything in it worked as it should, plus it was pretty economical....ok so they dont have the same kerb appeal (I dont think I ever once looked back at mine after I got out of it) but you cant knock em for reliability imo.
  17. Matt, I used to think Mike was cool..not any more lol Ray...you bought a watch instead of a car???
  18. sepia

    What is everyone up to...right now?

    Just done a 20 mile workout on the turbo trainer.....now got jelly legs!
  19. sepia

    Tyre Sizes?

    ^^^ Wot he said. Looks perfect as is imo
  20. sepia

    Kill the world!

    Awesome...just lost an hour without knowing it!
  21. ...my 535 that is. Considering moving it on due to lack of use and time to do so (seems pointless having it just to look at) .....but not sure what is a realistic value to be putting it out there at. Opinions welcome.
  22. sepia

    Wheeler Dealers - OMG!

    ^^^ Garage Monkey rocks! Aaron needs a shave though..that beard does him no favours whatsoever.
  23. sepia

    Wheeler Dealers - OMG!

    Agreed...best one yet and they made a lovely job of it too!