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  1. Paddy O'Furniture

    Rise up and join the revolution...

    You’re free to use what you like, but I certainly won’t be using Fairy or Flash on my car, I always use Brillo Pads, they’re awesome, give them a try.
  2. Paddy O'Furniture

    Silly Cheap price mintex rear discs on euros £9 a pair!

    They’ll be okay on a Jazz, they’re all limited to 25mph, at least every one that I’ve ever seen is.
  3. Paddy O'Furniture

    Breakdown cover

    They will attempt to repair the vehicle. https://autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/
  4. Paddy O'Furniture

    Insurance (Again!)

    Something else that Martin Lewis said which surprised me, he said that you generally get a lower quote if you say your car is parked overnight on the street rather than a driveway. You’d think it would be the other way around.
  5. Paddy O'Furniture

    Insurance (Again!)

    Sometimes I wonder if they even know themselves, they just seem to make it up as they go along, plucking figures out of the air, trying to squeeze the maximum amount of cash from the motorist and just generally taking the piss.
  6. Paddy O'Furniture

    Insurance (Again!)

    I watched Martin Lewis’s money show the other day when he was on about car insurance. He said that the optimum time to search for quotes is around 21 days before renewal. He showed an example and the saving was massive. Just something to bare in mind.
  7. Paddy O'Furniture

    Looking for a valuation, rare 530i Sport Manual

    I’m confused, title says 530i M-Sport, but pictures are of a 530i Sport.
  8. Paddy O'Furniture

    How to be a BMW driver

    Sadly, this sums up a majority of peoples perceptions. As we all know, a shit driver is a shit driver whatever make of car he’s driving. And anyway, I thought Audi drivers had taken up the mantle these days.
  9. Paddy O'Furniture

    '89 535i £4,500

    Would anyone really pay that sort of money for a twenty odd year old gas guzzler, especially in old man SE guise?
  10. Paddy O'Furniture

    Nomis at Warwick

    You off the fridges again then Mick?
  11. Paddy O'Furniture

    Another headlight question - sorry!

    sorry Dan, I have no idea mate. I used it on an old laptop running XP.
  12. Paddy O'Furniture

    Another headlight question - sorry!

    Agreed, I used Navcoder when I had a load of cold checks to disable. Nice and easy to use and understand, unlike some of the other programs out there.
  13. Paddy O'Furniture

    Service not inputted

    Probably because they have to by law I think. You can bet your life if they didn’t have to, they wouldn’t.
  14. Paddy O'Furniture

    Government to ban ICE by 2035 not 2040

    Does that mean that they are going to reduce your Council Tax bill for this year?
  15. Paddy O'Furniture

    Breakdown cover

    £59.99 for Autoaid. Covers you, not the car, also covers any “legally recognised” spouse, includes home start and recovery.