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  1. maxus

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Nice thread and some great cars. Interesting to see the steps and occasional sale regrets. I miss my first BMW (the E34) but selling was the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, my history.... E34 525i Sport Manual Daytona Violet E30 C2.5 Alpina Covertible E46 330Ci Sport Manual Atlantis Blue (Still owned) F10 520d Auto F10 520d Auto G30 520d Auto (current)
  2. maxus

    BMW E34 H5S

    Wow, great car and the perfect plate. Top work!
  3. maxus

    Lease advice

    Definitely speak to a few dealers. In the Midlands try Sytner or Rybrook. The deals vary all the time but leading up to Christmas may be a good time to order depending upon the dealers position against their annual target. A 520d M Sport Auto on a 3 + 36 month at 25k a year will probably be about £500/month including the VAT. Options generally add proportionally quite a bit to the monthly cost as it is the full cost of the option spread over the term of the lease.
  4. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    The seat base tilt is electric on both cars but on my 2011 car you could also tilt/rock the whole seat unit i.e. the base and the seat back manually
  5. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    Steveo1 - my previous F10 was a 2011 model. I used the Apple cable like you and had full control and artwork. It turns out that the 2011 - 2013 cars had enhanced Bluetooth as standard. This allows the functionality you describe as well as Bluetooth music streaming and phone prep for the snap in adapter. On the LCI cars they removed enhanced Bluetooth as a standard feature. I didn't appreciate this until I received the car and went to fit my snap in adapter. Supposedly my iPhone that I use for music will work with the Y cable (it is a genuine one) but I can't get it to work. It will no longer have album artwork and I have read that the sound may not be as good. Comparing directly to me 2011 car there are a few spec changes - xenons, nav and the new wheels are nice. As well as the Bluetooth you also loose the front seat tilt mechanism. I will go back to a dealer to sort the music out.
  6. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    Part numbers for the grilles are: 51 712 352 807 51 712 352 808 It does end up about £250 for the set. Steveo1 - I have only got the business nav so no hard drive. Received the Y cable today but still getting a "not supported" message when the iPhone is plugged in. According to the BMW website the phone is compatible with the car. Slightly frustrating.
  7. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    To remove the grilles I went for the "just pull them out" method. I put on a pair of thin gardening gloves and put my hands into the outer edges of each grille. Sat on the floor in front of the car I pulled the top first and then worked the bottom out. This is the way the dealer does it. Best doing it when the engine is warm and there is some heat in the plastic bumper to make it more flexible. Mine is the 520d. Was very pleased with my last one so have gone same again but with a few more toys (ambient lighting/HK sound/gear paddles/rear spoiler). Slight disappointment is that I didn't realise that on my first F10 I could connect my iPhone to the USB and get album artwork etc as it had what is now enhanced Bluetooth as standard. I now need a Y connector (which the dealer is kindly sending me), will loose album artwork and I believe the sound is not as good. ETA: I did remove the "5" from the grille so it no longer says M5. Will probably also remove the M. The twin slats do look good though.
  8. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    Just noticed you also have the white with oyster/black. I had not seen this combination in the flesh so was a bit nervous before delivery. I am prepared for the negative comments from others but I like it!
  9. maxus

    Do M5 kidney grilles fit non-M5s?

    Yes they do. I have just fitted a set to my car. Not comfortable with the M badge but removing it will leave a blank plinth so a bit unsure. All grilles are interchangeable between pre and post LCI
  10. maxus


    I'm finding this as well. Mine have struggled this week. Cleaned the area of screen where the sensor is but no change.
  11. maxus

    New F11 520d - auto or manual?

    Auto is the way to go on this car. 8 speed auto is brilliant. From an economy perspective, I find myself driving more sedately in an auto which may offset any manual advantage. Options are a very personal thing. If not a Sport I would be selecting a wheel upgrade which I know changes the ride characteristics. Whatever bits you pick, the F10/11 is a great car.
  12. maxus

    Auto lights

    Carbon Black. Just drove up the M40 this morning in bright sunshine with the lights on. Another Carbon Black F10 also with its lights on was travelling with me. I don't think it is anything a dealer will be able to do something about, winter is drawing in so you will need the lights on soon anyway!
  13. maxus

    Auto lights

    Funnily enough mine has done this as well over the last week, not every journey but certainly during times when there was no shortage of daylight. Not sure if it is the brightness of the sunshine or the heat corrupting the sensor causing the lights to come on. My windscreen was clean. A brief motorway survey (sad I know) revealed other F10's with lights ablaze. Could be that they had DRL activated of course.
  14. Pop a picture up of this car, with comments like this it can't be a standard E60 SE.
  15. I generally fill up after about 700 miles. The highest range I get is 750 miles but I don't want to risk running out. Getting just shy of 50mpg in the last 400 miles which I am very impressed with. 47 mpg is my overall average. Return commute is 80 miles on motorway and 40 miles on A roads.