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  1. jamesf

    M51 - M57 conversion?

    I honestly have no good answer to this. I'm sure it's a great car but I just don't want one.
  2. jamesf

    M51 - M57 conversion?

    Does the key chip not take a small power feed through the ignition barrel via the key
  3. jamesf

    M51 - M57 conversion?

    I have been in touch with Paul from Rallyraid who sells the loom but he doesn't seem to want to volunteer any real detail on the conversion. just keeps telling me it's easy. They also offer to delete the EWS from the ECU for £285. I was wondering if I kept the key, ignition housing and ews box from the donor car how does it all fit in with the recieving car. would you install the ignition barrel?
  4. jamesf

    M51 - M57 conversion?

    It's definately not impossible, its been done. Its just a case of finding out how it was done by speaking to the smarter people than me that achieved it.
  5. jamesf

    M51 - M57 conversion?

    Hi folks, It's been a couple of years since I've posted on here as I sold my E34 528i in 2014. Since then I've been driving a range rover P38 with the M51 diesel engine. Always thought of it as a big E34 with complicated suspension! I've recently had an engine failure and i'm looking into an M57 conversion. I had enquired about this conversion back when I had my E34 525tds but the general consensus has always been that it's too complicated to sort electronics to make the engine work. I've recently discovered there is a plug and play loom adaptor and the swap is possible. I'm wondering if anyone has achieved this swap in the E34 yet. If so I have a few questions regarding EWS and throttle adaption. Any help?
  6. jamesf

    sunroof leaking touring

    Had to do the same to mine last month after getting damp bits in the subroof headlining corners. I took the lining out, detached the drain hoses and blew like hell into them which did the trick.
  7. jamesf

    Engine difficult to start with new ECU chip

    Wow, you don't mess about! that's fantastic, thank you
  8. jamesf

    Engine difficult to start with new ECU chip

    It's a shame because the car pulled like a train and idled fine with it. The starting was the only issue. Do you want me to send the other one back?
  9. jamesf

    Engine difficult to start with new ECU chip

    Ok, I tried reseting the ecu by leaving the battery disconnected all morning. Reconnected, and started the car, only took a short crank this time but still not great. I left it running for 15 mins without touching the throttle then switched off. The engine still struggles to fire up. Put the original chip back in and engine is firing pretty much immediately.
  10. jamesf

    Engine difficult to start with new ECU chip

    Ok, sounds like that's worth a try. To reset the ecu is it just a case of disconnect battery and unplug ecu or do I need to remove the chip again?
  11. jamesf

    Engine difficult to start with new ECU chip

    Dan, yes the chip is pre mapped for my setup. J4m35, I did disconnect the battery yes. So if the ecu had reset, does this mean the car will relearn the starting settings in time?
  12. Hi folks, I've just fitted a performance chip to my M52'd E34. I'm running all the M50 ecu and sensors and had no problems before. The car is pulling like a train when it is started but it takes a lot of cranking to get it going. Enda from Endtuning suggested the ecu might be to learn the new fueling and to live with it a while and see if it improves but I'm worried I might burn out the starter motor. Any similar experiences with this and is there anything I can do before I resort to puting the original chip back in? My car is a 1996 model and from reading other experiences online, chips can sometimes not be compatible with the EWS but I would think the car would not start at all if this was the case.
  13. But BMW didn't fit gas dampers! I believe it's only 50ml that is supposed to go in Would be good to know why pelican say no oil for gas dampers. Not really sure what to do now. I can easily undo the damper retainer caps in situ without taking it all to bits to put oil in.
  14. Good info, thanks Gstarrr
  15. Oh, well the piston had absolutely no resistance so was definitely knackered. I wasn't supposed to fill the strut with oil was I? They have settled down to normal ride height now and looks much less comical. Well the current springs have had it I will be replacing with a set of eibachs to bring it down a tad more though.