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  1. tandino

    Winter Work - New Pics 06/03/2011

    Looks great, would be nice if the centre caps were silver or polished to break the black centre's up all BBS RS. top marks though, she looks well!!
  2. tandino

    seriously addicted to this tune

    Best 90's tune for me bar none, takes me back.....
  3. Hi Jay!! Hopefully 2012 will give me enough time to recover after going through a seperation!! , And hopefully i will still have a car worthy of taking out there, Ive got a few contacts that i will post up when i can. Its a trip of a lifetime if you have petrol running through your veins! Cheers Pete.
  4. tandino

    MK2 Golf GTi Help

    16v Mk2 KR are 139bhp, the passat was 136bhp due to a more restrictive exhaust system, they do however more often than not make more than book power and 145-150bhp is the norm.. As for 8v's being more torquey thats absolute cr@p, the 16v will pull on an 8v everywhere, the reason why they supposedly feel flat low down is because they really kick at 4000rpm giving the illusion that they dont pull as well at low revs. Ive had every incarnation of Golf Gti from Mk1 to Mk4 over the last 19years with pretty much every engine option and give me a KR 16v Mk2 over a 8v all day long, the 8v is a bit of a boat anchor in my opinion, they are all done by 5500 rpm, a reliable engine but not a sporting one...
  5. tandino

    Fined for Snow on Car!!!

    I would also hazard a guess that if you didnt clear your windows you also didnt clear your tail lights,headlights & indicators?. Sorry but i think the police should be stopping more people who drive with impaired vision, the amount of people who i saw driving with only a peep hole on the drivers side of the windscreen with NO other snow cleared off their car was laughable, ie side windows completely covered, no lights visible at all!.
  6. tandino

    snow/ice driving... fwd or rwd?

    Apart from the weight distribution which is a major factor!!. Also the fact that the rear tyres drive over the freshly packed snow that the front wheels have just driven over. Also the E28 has only got 205 section tyres so you can rule that out. Bottom line is rear wheel drive is shite in the snow!
  7. tandino

    snow/ice driving... fwd or rwd?

    Q.E.D We have 3 cars currently residing in our house, Two front wheel drive (Golf Gti 150 TDI, Clio RS172) and the E28 525e which has been nestling in the garage, I needed to fit my coilovers to the Clio so moved the E28 out onto the drive so i could utilise the garage. The thing was crap, i actually got stuck on the driveway which has a slight incline, it was spinning the NSR wheel on tickover in drive!. And none of the FWD cars have had any problems whatsoever!, can't believe people are even arguing this!. If anyone was close enough id take them up on a hillstart just to prove the point that their somehow miraculous RWD's aint all that in the white stuff!. Oh and just as i type this my Father has left a message on the answerphone that he had to dig his car out on his driveway to get it into his garage - and wait for it.... E39 530d!!
  8. tandino

    snow/ice driving... fwd or rwd?

    Vivaro's are crap,yes there front wheel drive but they have a high percentage of weight over the rear wheels unladen, laden this obviously is even worse. FWD is better in the snow, ive been sailing past all sorts in my Combo, 4wd included. Obviously another factor is that the majority of FWD cars run narrower section width tyres than RWD cars by definition - ie RWD tends to be reserved for sports cars & saloons hence having wider tyres which are not great in the snow. I would catergorically state that like for like a typical fwd car with 60-65% of the weight over the front wheels will have better traction than a rwd with 45-50%, simple physics applies here....
  9. tandino

    Hardcore snow in SE London....

    Drive 20 miles in this direction mate, plenty here!!!
  10. tandino

    SNOW WARNING Manchester

    Just starting to snow (very fine) in Westfield East Sussex. Sods law the E28 is being collected tomorrow heading for Scotland so here's hoping Gatwick Airport doesn't shit out this evening or tomorrow
  11. tandino

    Ditching aircon & pursuing powaa!

    Id sooner keep the aircon and ditch the electric windows etc if i was that bothered about saving a few kg. Lets face it even with the air con removed your going to save bugger all time round a circuit and if its a stonkingly hot day youll probably save more time with aircon than without due to A: not sweating your nads off and cursing at how hot it is, and B: having the windows shut which will reduce drag. Ask Jamie (jam172) about his trip back from the Ring with non functioning air con in his stripped e28, i think he would have given his right nad to have it working on the way back with the heat and humidity.
  12. tandino

    Drive 5 miles less & save planet

    How about we should wite one back to the idiots in Government. "Give us decent affordable reliable public transport and We'll use it"...
  13. tandino

    Fuel prices....

    And for this very reason we've sold both our cars, Missus was doing an urban commute in the E28 525e averaging about 23mpg and i was getting 25mpg out of my Impreza RA on my run to work. We now had a Golf Gti Mk4 PD150 diesel which is doing significantly more than the E28 although the missus still drives it like a petrol - ie low gears and revs versus high gear and torque!, she is getting into the swing of things thoujgh. And ive now got a Clio 172, silly cheap road tax (think theyve cocked up the Co2 emmisions rating on mine!) - 125 quid for a year for a 2 litre and it does between 36-38mpg. Hopefully we will notice the extra money at the end of each month.. As for the Government, they are robbing the very people that they promise they are trying to help most!!..
  14. Well i started the e28 yesterday to bring her out of her sleep in the garage for the last 3 weeks, started first turn of the key in -3'C temperature , i guess that says something for old cars with no electrics draining the battery over time!. Gave her a wash and brush up and put her back to bed in the garage. Today was MOT day at the local BMW specialist, took her in a month early and agreed with the new buyer that they paid for the actual MOT and i would cover anything that needed doing in the purchase price,i suppose you could say i was confident she would pass, at 25 yrs old no mean feat i think. Well she went straight through the test. Minor advisories were inner track rod SLIGHT play, one anti roll bar drop link SLIGHT play and rear tyres SLIGHT perishing, not bad for 25 yrs young.... I felt sad driving her home from the MOT station, she is such a nice old girl to waft along in and i would actually say she is a nicer car to drive than my old M535i, obviously she has'nt the power but in terms of feel good factor she's up there and i think the ride quality and general solidity is better than my old M535. Just going to put her away after ive washed the salt off her. Farewell old friend, she goes on Wednesday and im sure my other half will get emotional and go and sit in her tomorrow evening for one last time as she will be at work on Wednesday when she departs for Scotland. Bon Voyage old girl, you will be missed. Pete
  15. tandino

    E34 Headlights onto E28

    As already said, e34 lights are crap!, even with HID units fitted they are still crap. Why bother