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  1. Mattyp

    Bmw e60 comfort seat retrofit

    There was a listing on eBay For retro firing comfort seats.
  2. Mattyp

    Heated seat problems

    I have a 2008 525d sport with heated seats. Now when you press the drivers side heated seat switch to switch it off the green lights go out but the heater in the seat stays on. The only way you can turn it of it if you turn the car off. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. Mattyp

    E60 throttle actuators

    One of my throttle actuators the gears have worn. Can anyone recommend a good quality replacement gears.
  4. Mattyp

    2005 M5 E60 ABS

    This could possibly be the battery. Get yourself a code reader and go from there
  5. Mattyp

    Headlight problems

    I had a look at the main headlight loom on the n/s one wire looked to have been trapped at some point. I have repaired the wire, removed the plug for the lcm for 24 hours. Reconnected everything and so far no errors on I drive and the light works
  6. Mattyp

    9CBC bmw code for tool32

    Did you sort this ?
  7. Mattyp

    Headlight problems

    I have swapped the lights over and now the n/s light all works in the o/s plugs. But the o/s light is the same as the n/s was.
  8. Mattyp

    Headlight problems

    I have read the codes with a snap on scanner and I get these 2 9cbc short circuit in lamp circuit 9cbd battery exhaustive-discharge protection deactivation side light
  9. Mattyp

    Headlight problems

    My n/s front headlight has come up with an error on my I drive. I get low beam failure and a adaptive headlight fault. The low beam is out, but the rest of the headlight works. I’ve have changed the xenon bulb and it still does it. Anyone else had this problem?
  10. Mattyp

    Any ideas with problem.

    Would it also cause the low compression?
  11. Mattyp

    Any ideas with problem.

    I have found a m5 with this problem and wondered if anyone has had this faul before ? 2005 e60 m5. Part of the clutch broke off and took the flywheel and crank sensor with it. These have been replaced. Now the car cranks over and will not run. Compression test has been done and the compression is down on one bank even readings across cylinders. Reckons the Vanos is holding the valves open?
  12. Mattyp

    alpine kca-420i ipod cable

    I am having trouble finding the iPod lead for the kca 420 and also the ai net lead.Has anyone got a link for one?
  13. Mattyp

    BMW e60 535d brakes?

    I put these on mine 6 months ago no problems what so ever http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3032153986BMW-5-Saloon-E60-535d-10-04-Front-Brake-Discs-Pads-Dimpled-Grooved-/180681127760?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW%7CCars+Type%3A535d&hash=item2a116f3750:g:Y9AAAOSwstxVUeY2
  14. Mattyp


    was it easy to do the red needles and white dials?
  15. Mattyp

    Carly for bmw

    I have had this for a few months now, good bit of kit. I have also managed to get it to work on range rovers also