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  1. readie

    what sort of money.....

    hi all, I have recently sold an e28 m535i and am now thinking about getting an e12 m535i. Can anyone give me some guidance as to prices for the various conditions ( rough, good, very good etc...) I might need to pay ? I am looking at left hookers as it seems I may be able to find one of those easier than right hookers,.. Much appreciated.
  2. readie

    sorry to be going

    sort of he is in east London so not a million miles away and says his plan is to use it a sunday special so it will be a nice retirement..
  3. readie

    sorry to be going

    So guys, after nearly 14 years and about 70,000 miles of fun it looks like I am saying goodbye (at least for now) The e9 restoration is costing me more than I imagined and so need to release some funds and sadly 'Bob' will have to go. Someone came down on Monday and has said that he would like to buy so I trust he is true to his word and am just waiting for the deal to finalise. I really didn't want to sell but needs must. You guys have been a great help over the years - thanks and I plan to come over to gaydon but I will be in a car from the dark side of Audi. I will make sure he knows about the forum and hopefully you will see him as a new member shortly. cheers for now, I am sure I will get another e28 but clearly trying to get a 3.5 again will be tough...... readie
  4. readie

    M535 values ?

    Dear all, does anybody have a reasonable idea of cars values over condition for example, excellent condition at £xx good condition £xxx poor condition £xx etc ? Sadly i am toying with the idea of selling in order to fund finalisation of the e9..:-(
  5. as 'Bob' is now semi retired, took him for a drive to Deal in Kent then cam back and decdied to refurb the airbox - WIP - further to follo...
  6. readie

    Nurburgring 24 hour

    Thanks dan, never been before as have tended to do Le Mans so looking forward to it. had heard that camping was a bit crazy so have got an air bnb in adenau...
  7. readie

    Nurburgring 24 hour

    Is anyone going to this ? http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/events-tickets/automobile/adac-total-24-hour-race.html
  8. Hi all, does anyone know the dates of this ?
  9. readie

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    I almost got one of these but in the end went to the dark side and got a 2001 Audi s8. Aluminium body, 4.2 v8. Absolute corker.
  10. readie

    M30 crank or 3.5 engine

    Thanks Tim, will pm you
  11. readie

    M30 crank or 3.5 engine

    M30b30 crank. Or 3.5 litre engine... thanks
  12. readie

    M30 crank or 3.5 engine

    Hi everyone I am looking for a M 30 crank but in the absence of that does anybody have a m30 3.5 engine from an e24/28/23? Thanks
  13. readie

    e28 moonroof

    thanks guys...anyone have an e23/24 one then...?
  14. readie

    e28 moonroof

    hi all, does anyone have one of these ? the frame on my one is going a bit rusty....
  15. readie

    body shop required

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advise - its not a 5 series but an e9 (forerunner of the six) I am doing up an old e9 and it has already had a load of work done on it (sand blasted, major welding done) and was transported to the paint shop for painting. It was not quite ready for paint and was advised by the garage who did the major work (who I trust) that it had about a week or two of work before paint. The paint shop are now saying there is about 360 hours before paint and have then quoted £20k on top for a paint job. I think this is excessive. The e9 is a bit of a complex car but does anyone out there know of a good bodyshop in south of England I could have a chat with ? Many thanks for any advice.