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  1. droptheclutch

    What is everyone up to...right now?

    Writing an advertisement for the sale of my E28 'Christine'...sad, sad day, but lack of use...*sigh*...
  2. droptheclutch

    Sorry officer - my speedo isn't working.

    Thanks for the info guys. Will have a look at the pulse genertor first and go from there
  3. droptheclutch

    Things that make a difference ...

    Always wondered about the big bore throttle body, I must admit. If it's an inexpensive mod I'd have a go
  4. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've been in here and it's been even longer since Christine was on the road... Anyway, she's all MOT'd, taxed, etc and purring along nicely now, but the speedo has stopped working. Am I right in thinking the Si board batteries are dead and playing havoc? I presume I just need to whip out the Si board and remove the batteries (seeing as she gets a service every year, despite the low miles she does) ? TIA, DTC.
  5. droptheclutch

    Anyone fully polybushed their car?

    Mine is all fully polybushed and I rate them highly. However, if you're just using the car on the road avoid anything too hard.
  6. droptheclutch

    Cymraeg members

    Well, I'm not far off the A482 that links Llanwrda with Lampeter...and about 45mins from Carmarthen. Christine is in need of a run, so how about we sort a meet up soon?
  7. droptheclutch

    E28 on track

    No surprises about how good the E28's are on track with some weight reduction, etc. Just ask Jam172 or myself! Mine has not been used for a while, but last time out surprised many with the cornering speed especially. (standard lump still and standard gearing). Your mate will love it with some sticky rubber on a nice set of 17's.
  8. droptheclutch

    We're havin' a bloody HURRICANE!

    'Tis a tad windy over here, mainly due to farting farm animals. Seriously though, I wouldn't have wanted to be much higher up than we already are. Phone line was off and on most of the day and power went down to a few of the Welsh massive, but left us wannabe farmers alone.
  9. droptheclutch

    e28 TrackCar questions for the experts.

    Without sacrificing safety an E28 M535i can be stripped down to 1000kg (with a full weld in cage). As a Goodwood regular E30 M3 (with suspension and brake mods) found out an E28 that's been stripped and sorted in the braking and suspension department is more than a match.
  10. droptheclutch

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Liking that a lot Cheers - ditto for yours! I've been toying with a change of engine/upping the power for about a year now and I'm STILL undecided. 3.6 / 3.8 M5? 5.0 E39 M5? Old skool tripple carbs? Turbo? Argggggghhh! The choices and decisions! Your's looks great and also correct for the model too. You do all the work yourself? Unfortunately I'd not be able to (two left hands and all that!) Cheers, Jason.
  11. droptheclutch

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Here's Christine -
  12. droptheclutch

    e28 TrackCar questions for the experts.

    Ahh, seee, that's where you've gone wrong. Still, at least you've seen the light now. hehehe. Mind you, I'm not one to talk of such things as the property has been taking all my time and poor old Christine hasn't seen any track action in over a year.
  13. droptheclutch

    e28 TrackCar questions for the experts.

    Come on Duncan, get your priorities right!
  14. droptheclutch

    gym teacher , LOOKING FOR PUPILS??? NSFW

    Damn, that's fine.
  15. droptheclutch

    What should I do? 3x E28's

    Don't know, however my offer still stands.