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    M535i automatic lost drive.

    Thanks Morse, have placed a bid on one of them.
  2. garym535i

    New boy!

    Not sure how to reply individually yet, still learning how to use this forum. Anyway, I personally like the wheels as they really suit the car but at around 150 quid a corner for tyres they will be kept for originality sake. No invoice received with the car for the paintwork but the seller said it was a 1 grand to re-paint it. Blue was not my first choice but you can’t be too fussy when you want something specific, mind you it has grown on me and it polishes up really well (sad I know) Thanks to all for the feed back. This forum it just brilliant. Gary
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    Don't normally like white cars but that looks real cool............
  4. garym535i

    m535i cold tickover

    Hi Rob, did you manage to sort this problem yet.
  5. garym535i

    Another lumpy idler.

    Hi jam172, do you still want the values for a working sensor. I only checked it out last night so can easily tell you what it should be.
  6. garym535i

    Another lumpy idler.

    Balls, i was hoping that was going to fix the problem. I think i will check that water sensor as suggested by the last post. I have a Bentley manual and this gives values for what the water sensor should be for a working one. I will check my idle valve first then check the reading for the water temp sensor. I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. garym535i

    Another lumpy idler.

    I live in Pagham near Bognor Regis. I’m a bit miffed with my M535i as previous to this i owned for four and a half years a really nice 525E in bronzitbeige, but i had this need for an M535i (couldn’t really afford a "proper" E28 M5) and it has given me nothing but trouble. Mainly idle and starting problems with a very low tickover. Being auto it feels that it is almost stalling when in gear and waiting at junctions.
  8. garym535i

    Slow Electric Windows

    First thing to check is the runners that the glass slides up and down in are properly located as with age they can become dislodged slightly and especially on the front windows the channels can actually slip down. I regularly spray silicon lubricant in the channels on my e28 which helps immensely; this can be brought from Halfords in aerosol form and is designed for this problem. Also check that the window regulator and guide are well greased and not dried out. Lastly check the condition of the gasket on actual window motor, I recently changed a window motor on my car as the window stopped working, no problem as I have some spares but I noticed that the gasket was missing from my replacement but went ahead and fitted it without this only to find the window was very slow in operation. As I loosened the securing screws for the motor and tried again, full up and down speed was as it should be. So if none of the first two ideas work, try loosening the motor slightly. Bit long winded reply, but good luck anyway.
  9. garym535i

    Another lumpy idler.

    I can't give you any advice, but would love to know the outcome as my 1986 M535i has exactly the same symptoms, however it has covered 157000 miles.
  10. garym535i

    M535i automatic lost drive.

    Thanks to everyone who replyed to my gearbox problem. I decided to do the cheapest easiest thing first, changed the fluid twice and cleaned the internal filter. If this didn't work i was going to take the valve block out and check that, however so far i have done 30 odd miles and i still have drive but every now and then the gear change is not always as smooth as it should be. Let you know how it goes.