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  1. garym535i

    BMW 5 UK, I need your help!

    Yep, I have just done it for you and good luck with the study.
  2. garym535i

    Intermittent Starting Woes

    Good find that, I work for the BMW group and get staff discount on genuine parts and and paid £65 for mine and thought that I was doing well at that price.
  3. garym535i

    Intermittent Starting Woes

    Nice find, how did you work out that the sensors were the same. I did know that Landrover use a similar gearbox model though.
  4. garym535i

    What's this?

    Hmm, not sure about that one. Up until now mine is the only auto I have seen with this. Also yours is on the bulkhead and mine is on the drivers inner wing. If it was auto specific, wouldn't they have a standard fitment point? I also did wonder if it was to do with the air con, mine has the aftermarket dealer fit unit, does yours have air con?
  5. garym535i

    What's this?

    John, my car had an aftermarket alarm fitted when I got the car and I ripped it all out as there was no fob to operate it. Was not sure if this was part of it, could have been but was not entirely shore as I never did pursue what the wires went to as their pretty well buried behind the dash so left it.
  6. garym535i

    What's this?

    That's interesting, my M535i has one of those fixed to the driver side inner wing, it has a bunch of wires attached to it that disappear in through the bulk head and behind the dash. Never discovered what it's purpose is for. Would also be good to know what it is.
  7. garym535i

    She's got go, whats it worth.

    Hi forum, Please do not delete this, it’s not a for sale add, I am after some feedback from forum members to get some idea what I should be asking when I sell my M535I as prices vary so wildly. It’s time to let go, if I’m honest I don’t really get time to use it and my dear old neighbour is now in a rest home and it’s only a matter of time before her house comes up for sale and I lose my storage and the chances of getting similar storage for it will be pretty slim and keeping it on the drive in all weathers is not going to do it any favours and I’m not a great fan of car covers. My wife’s Jaguar XJ6 needs finishing and with three other cars to look after something needs to give and this is the one that needs to go. It’s a 1986 M535I auto with 170000 miles under its belt, I have owned it for the last 12 years. I am the fourth owner so low ownership. The car came with no history when I brought it but in my 12 years of ownership I have built up several folders of history with every receipt spent on anything from a bulb to servicing. All MOTs, tax dics, DVLA photo copies of all information that they held on the car. I even managed to contact the first owner and have the correspondence from him and a photo from the day he picked it up new. Modern classics this month did a several page spread on this model and they rightly or wrongly have guided the values as:- Concourse £20,000 Good £12,500 Usable £7,500 Project £3,500 I would class mine between useable and good but if you use the traditional scale of condition 1, 2 or 3 I would say that mine is in-between a 1 and 2 condition. I suppose a couple of things that mine has against it is that it is cloth sports with auto box not the more desirable manual with leather. This would probably reduce its value a little against a comparable car. However it does have the desirable moon roof. The car currently sits on its original Metrics which I like but it will come with a set of E34 BBS style wheels, also the private plate that is on the car at the moment will be removed and returned to its original number before I advertise it. Interior is excellent and the body is really good with the exception of the front drivers wing which is showing signs of some rust but I do have a brand new one that will go with the car. Its 31 years old and has some blemishes as expected, it’s not concourse. What should I be pitching it at? A couple of photos but there are more on my gallery. Your comments would be appreciated on suggested value.
  8. I have tried the wanted ads and Tim’s with no luck but as a last resort it’s worth a try on here, I need a good used second hand rear shock absorber for a 1986 M535i, the spring pad on one of mine has deteriorated to the point where it may be an MOT failure. I don’t need the spring or top mount, just the shock absorber. Don’t really want to shell out a whole lot of money as I don’t use the car and the time has come to sell it on. If it was not for this reason I would have replaced the pair with new. Anyone got one to sell?
  9. garym535i

    Drive it day 23/04/2017

    Since owning mine, nearly 14 years, all I have run it on is standard cheapest unleaded. It's always run well.
  10. garym535i

    Drive it day 23/04/2017

    Mines a bit of a garage queen, use a Z3 as a daily driver, whilst out poodling today with a little bit of lead boot, managed to get 20.1. I can live with that.
  11. garym535i

    Personalised reg numbers

    Getting back onto the private plate bit, I have one on my car and it means nothing to me. Just looks different. I do agree the the ones that are made to look like something that there not are cocks. I came by mine on my first e28 many years ago, I paid 370 for a tidy 525e when nobody wanted them with UOU1T on it, some one once said that I could make it look like UQUIT . After 5 years of owner ship I found out that its value was £750. Sold said 525e for £400 and transferred the plate onto my M535i hoping people would think it's an older E12 I like it and means shag all to me.
  12. garym535i

    Drive it day 23/04/2017

    As the title says, did you drive your E28 today. I did, made the effort to drive it today on "drive it day" to make awareness of the classic car movement. First time that I have actually gone out of my way to do this. 60 mile round trip to see my old mum and saw plenty of other classic and vintage cars out on the road. Good feeling, although a bird did decide to crap all over the bonnet ( feathered type ) thats appreciation for you.
  13. garym535i

    Wanted 1986 M535i rear shock assembley

    Hi Jimmy, i assume that mine still have the original equipment shocks fitted but I have not really studied them properly but the searches on the Internet are very confusing as you say some appear to have 3 different positions ? Maybe someone could enlighten us please.
  14. garym535i

    E28 ABS front struts

    That's a bargain, I had to buy a new one two years ago as there was no good second hand ones around at the time. I paid £603 including the VAT which is staff price to me. These are £750 Plus VAT each from the dealers. Very tempted just to buy these for a rainy day.