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  1. robzilla

    BMW E34 Touring rear self leveling shocks

    did you buy them?? my memory is shocking
  2. robzilla

    BMW E34 Touring rear self leveling shocks

    hi oldbarge, i'll have a look, i cant remember if i sold them or not
  3. robzilla

    Breaking E34 535 manual in Calypso

    Is gearbox still available? If so how much? rob
  4. i have a pair of self levelling shocks off a low mileage 1995 touring 540, location crowborough, east sussex, open to offers, no leaks, i've lost one of the top mounts or used it on something else.
  5. robzilla

    Bmw 535 sport Remus exhaust

    bump, i still have this
  6. robzilla

    Bmw 535 sport Remus exhaust

    East Sussex, crowborough
  7. 535 sport Remus exhaust centre and rear section for sale, £200.
  8. robzilla

    wanted 535 sport automatic lsd

    3.91 , I think it's a large case too but not sure
  9. robzilla

    wanted 535 sport automatic lsd

    as per title really, that would be a straight swap from a manual to automatic diff won't it, i want better acceleration for my track car.
  10. I had exhaust manifold made, 735 callipers but needs a bracket to fit, my old Chelsea badge been on there forever, I want to get it painted next.
  11. Yes still going strong, last few bits I've done are 7 series front callipers, body kit, new coil overs, 6 branch manifold, some poly bushed , I had to get gearbox repaired a while ago, new starter because it broke at last track day, I'm booked into brands for 6th Feb if anybody wants to join me
  12. Track day at brands oct 2015 with new body kit, thanks mark (sepia) for fitting it one night.
  13. 1. Shaz 2. Staff 3. Splondike 4. Blobby 5. IanW 6. Lufbramatt 7. Oxo 8. M3Matt (will be in either my 525 or M3 evo) 9. Simonc 10. Andy Ran - allowed 11. Mikem 12. Jam172. 13. Bmwdan528i 14. BMWLOVER 15. WillIAm4 16. Bungles27 17. B10WGB 18. Twiglet 19. 530dE60 20. LBTaylor1984 21. babzy 22. theguv 23. Brian 24. RumRunner - as long as the car is ready by then 25. Yellowgixxer 26.onks 27. ROBZILLA
  14. robzilla


    http://www.wheelfitment.eu/what-is-the-PCD/ this has all cars pcd , centre bore etc