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  1. I will do a proper write up (Like the GTR ), now that its got used to me since last July
  2. AnilS

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    The fact I haven't got one anymore.
  3. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    When seen in the flesh, they look great but I do prefer silver. Dealer couldn't find a local drug dealer with silvers to do the swap
  4. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    Cheers R. I think I got a decent deal, and try not play with depreciation in my head. Rare indeed do a complete sales flop. People won't spend the premium over a Passat. However, it a very different car. Mine is the right spec, and new, at £47k on the road. Mine had 7k miles as a director's car and got a decent discount. They serviced it then, prior to delivery and it's next service (12 monthly but was on flexible. Too long for me) is tomorrow (£240 all in). Relief after the GTR I love the exclusivity for now. However, struggling to find anyone decent to dechrome it
  5. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    In Drive mode it is easy to hussle. Sport mode is very quick but not thrashy. It actually sounds very meaty for a 4 pot but can never match a 6 cylinder. It has a fake sound actuator that fills the cabin with a V8 sound. Its nice but a novelty. This is car has nearly every option except acoustic glass. Seriously loaded and was 4k cheaper than the used S7s I was looking at. Expect it to depreciate like s stone thrown off a cliff! Ps. It still has 4 rear exhausts but you wouldn't know
  6. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    Its a bit more subtle than an S7 also and I prefer it that way
  7. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    I looked at the S7 and this at the time. Loved the S7 but hardly any I was looking at had adaptive cruise control. This ticks a lot of boxes, plus modern tech.
  8. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    I wanted silver tbh but this came up locally and deal done. The pot holed area I live in doesn't lend itself to a drop but never say never. Thanks
  9. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    Detuned Golf R engine at 280bhp. After taking the GTR to near 600bhp, you simply cannot use it anywhere. 280 is fine.
  10. AnilS

    VW Arteon 4Motion

    See here
  11. AnilS

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    There is fantasy price from dreamers. Too many people are jumping on the the modern classic horse. The horse will run out of puff. These cars are not selling. Ditto Porsche prices.
  12. My lad wanted rear parking sensors fitted to his Corsa with his Christmas money. After lots of ringing around, and quotes averaging £230 for supply, colour coding and fitting. I gave up. Then I stumbled across this guy (Dean); REAR PARKING SENSORS £99 FITTED & COLOUR CODED TO ANY CAR / VAN / MOTORHOME | United Kingdom | Gumtree Sound a lovely chap and got the job. He is an absolute petrolhead and raced the GTR! A true gentleman to boot. His work was first class and he only fits Cobra (the best) sensors. He got my lads colour coded but found he could fit them better in the black bumper strip, so used non colour coded ones. Felt sorry for him that he got them silver painted but apparently, Vauxhall silver is a match for many cars. (Can post a pic if anyone is interested). 3 year guarantee, took 45 mins without bumper removal and all for £100! This boy is busy! I have no affiliation but recommended wholeheartedly. Bargain to boot on cars without sensors. Tell him Anil (with the GTR) sent you
  13. Or have this one https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C975401
  14. AnilS

    New Datsun GTR?

    My name is down for the new Supra and GTR Sadly, I'm only allowed one of them.
  15. AnilS

    BMW 640d Gran Coupe M Sport

    Just one of the cars on wish list. Criteria: Must be 2015 or newer (facelift model) Dark exterior colour with contrasting light interior preferred. Less than 20k Miles M Sport Plus pack wanted Budget range £30k - 34k In excellent condition (you know I'm fussy) I will travel for the right car If you don't have one but know if someone that does (or where else to look), let me know. Thanks
  16. Dave, as Dan has put it, its a great CDP and worth that all day long. I'd have bought it but just an ES model. Would have snapped your are off a month ago.
  17. Last week, I placed a holding deposit on another (newer) GTR. I was due to see it today, at a Nissan garage many miles away, but this happened last weekend, near me. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=1686044 (if you read it, I live 20 mins from Solihull and 5 mins from Barnt Green). A friend of mine had his Audi S5 stolen (key cloned) last year from his driveway in Solihull and another, a few weeks ago, had his Focus RS MK3 (and his motorbike) taken violently at 3am (3 masked men and a baseball bat). It's now spooked me. I have now dropped the GTR and decided its not worth risking on many levels. I still miss my 530i champagne, so have been looking for another 5 series. The only one that has me tickled is a 535d M Sport saloon. Am I mad to go for one, given all the press? It's from a BMW dealer, 2 years old, nicely spec'd and invisible! Anyone have any experience or thoughts? I placed a refundable holding deposit on it and will view tomorrow. It's not very local so appreciate a little feedback
  18. AnilS

    Project Lexus LS460

    Saab 93 and MX5 Mk1 Jay. Looking for petrol BMW though (see general discussion thread)
  19. AnilS

    Project Lexus LS460

  20. I know its a 5 series forum but there is a section at the bottom of the forum for other BMs. 6 series included, hence why there maybe someone who can advise. Agree with you on availability though. 640i rare so I may have to go back the the 535i (same engine but a little more choice). http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707187495148?postcode=b610bq&sort=datedesc&model=5 SERIES&price-to=27500&advertising-location=at_cars&fuel-type=Petrol&maximum-mileage=25000&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&make=BMW&year-from=2014&transmission=Automatic&page=1 Prefer a darker dash though. Looks like I'll be slumming it a bit longer in the Saab
  21. Family saw a Mustang yesterday. Big NO from them! Anyone have any experience of a 640i Gran Coupe? This is at the top of the list, ahead of a 535i now. Quite like the 2015 headlights on them (facelift) but out of budget
  22. Ford Mustang V8 it is then Er, no. 535i sounds ideal, as does the Merc E400. Lexus did intrigue me but I'm not a fan of CVT gearboxes. OK, you've done, it. I'm TALKED out of a 535d. Although my local dealer then decided to entice me with a nice 640d. Still diesel. Title edited. I do about 15k miles a year now and need space for the family. Must be petrol and appeal to the badge snobs in my house (I'd really like a petrol Superb but it won't cut the mustard).
  23. Not afraid of black, given my last BMW was admired I've cancelled the order. I'm going down the petrol route (never had a Diesel before). I did pop into the local Volvo dealer to take a closer look at the new S90. Dealer demonstrators seem great value and the car looks lovely. Then, the salesman took me out and started one up! It sounded very agricultural and I think Volvo have scored an own goal, not offering a petrol equivalent (bar the expensive hybrid).
  24. I live in a nice part of Worcestershire. There is quite a bit of money 3 miles away. Maybe where there brass, there's the opportunity to for others to take, what isn't rightfully theirs. Anyhow, I think I'm going to cancel and let this diesel debate follow through. It's just a shame that I feel I cannot get what I really want.