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  1. AnilS

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    Thank you. 19" staggered setup. Ride is harsher but ok.
  2. AnilS

    Lotus Carlton.

    I'm ok mate. Just looking for a new job at the wrong time
  3. AnilS

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Answer to title .... .... Looking for a job. ,,, But in the meantime, selling bits of spare HiFi gear as a clearout.
  4. Never in a million years
  5. AnilS

    Lotus Carlton.

    My old 24V GSi
  6. AnilS

    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    .... Hifiwigwam
  7. AnilS


    Not sure TBH. Funeral done and a sad day. Non attendees watched via live stream. Keep hearing it is yet to peak in the UK. Fingers crossed it isn't too bad
  8. AnilS


    They live near different crematoriums so they will go to their local ones. Nothing to do with the council. It's just how it's paned out. Just following the govt guidelines on numbers that can attend.
  9. AnilS


    Thanks. No. Different days and different crematoriums.
  10. AnilS


    Ok considering. We have the funeral arranged for this Thursday but only 10 can attend. We'll have to abide by the guidelines but 2 son in laws won't make it in.
  11. AnilS


    He didn't look great via video link. Fingers crossed for him.
  12. AnilS


    Had to do some "essential travel" today with my wife to pick up the death certificate. Then take to the registrar's office. People observed seem to be behaving sensibly but there seemed to be quite a few cars on the road. Not sure if they had essential journeys or avoiding public transport? I'm on the one of the hifi forums d_a_n is on and it does seem that sales have slowed down significantly. It makes sense to suspend as E39mad suggests. Is it really worth such a risk? I have a load of HiFi bits I was gearing up to sell (as I was between jobs so idle hands) but they will not be sold yet, as I don't want buyers to come to my house. The job lined up has evaporated but no panic. (I'm not claiming benefits either but let's see).