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  1. From memory I think it was him that advised me on my last one, about 12 years ago!!
  2. Hey Duncan, Thanks - good to hear from you and hope you and yours are well.. yes, that M5 - difficult to believe how much I sold it for now. I'll have to dig up a photo to get the plate to see it's still around! Cheers
  3. Hi all, It's been quite a while since I've been on here - to be honest I thought the forum was no longer active but I'm glad to see it's thriving still, always felt it was one of the friendliest forums! Anyway, I'm wondering if anybody knows anything of a car that I'm looking in to. It's an E34 M5, 3.8 six speed finished in Avus with black leather, originally supplied in England under the reg M420XWG, at some point it went to Northern Ireland and got the plate NIW3600. It then came back through Silverstone Auctions in about 2011, then was sold by Fast Classics I think in about 2016. Now back on it's original plate. I've been able to piece together recent history since 2016 and pre NI history but I'm struggling to get a handle on any details between 2004 and 2016... Does anyone know this car and can fill in any details for me, or even better, is there a previous owner on here!! Thanks in advance! Pad
  4. Pad

    RIP Donut

    Saw on FB... Terrible news. RIP Donut..
  5. Hi all, I've recently got a hold of an E90 with the N52 3.0 petrol engine (also fitted to E60s) and it has a funny issue with it. Basically if at a standstill with the engine idling, you prod the accerator hard then hesitates and fluffs, before revving up. It doesnt do it if you have even a bit of throttle on to start with or if you rev slowly... so basically it isnt noticable when driving at all. No other sypmtoms, just if you prod hard from idle.. I've had a good old search but not found anything conclusive... is this something anyone has seen before or have any ideas? Video of the issue below (first 3 attempts show the problem, 4th shows how it isnt an issue if done slowly) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuCz-W7oNPQ Cheers! Pad..
  6. Pad

    inappropriate use of the //M badge

    Some time ago, I had an E34 M5, which some will remember. I had to replace the boot and sourced one from a 525tds. Yes I kept the badge on and yes it suprised the f*ck out of a few people... one guy had been tailgating me in his new Mazda 6 on a single carriageway road, came to dual and I opened it up big time. He caught up a few roundabouts later and his jaw was literally on the floor... happy days.
  7. Evening all, I went to view a 528i tonight which was very nice indeed. Now, some of you with longer memories know that I buy cars of interest and try and bring them up to really nice condition to sell on. My circumstances are less flexible these days and I am much less keen on doing older stuff,but this caught my eye and a couple of years ago I wouldn't have hesitated. Anyway, it's an 85 zinnobar, 134k with all booklets and pretty well stamped, lots of bills for recent work, old tax discs Etc.. it's not OCD level of documentation but comprehensive. It is very solid from what I could see, has had new jacking points and a bit of high quality work around the bottom corner of footwells and some new rear arches. Slight fading in places but would easily be recovered with a polish. Panels are all straight, good caps, chrome bumpers excellent. I didn't drive it but it started fine, very small blow from one section (couldn't tell where) but sounded generally sweet. Has electric glass sunroof which I haven't seen before either. Other thing worthy of note is a full 740 brake set up including master cylinder. This car could be used daily as is, it is a long way from being on the cusp... At 5 yards looks lovely. If you've the time you could turn it into something very lovely indeed but as I say extremely presentable as is. I am not buying it because I'm looking for margin and fairly quick these days but at the 2k he's asking I think it's worth it as a keeper. Obv, usual disclaimers apply, go and see yourself Etc... But definitely worth a look. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=351117753540 Cheers Pad
  8. http://thealpinaregister.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16463
  9. You know it makes sense. I find the Alpina completely suited to UK roads... suspension is much more refined than M Sport models and M cars, and the autobox is a proper auto if you just want to bimble along - if you want to play then you have the switchtronic. They don't have the headline figures that the M cars have but as an every day road car I think they are a better proposition (cheap road tax, cheaper servicing etc.) You should read the review that some magazine did on the D3 vs C63 AMG... D3 nearly as quick everywhere and returned something ridiculous like 40mpg on the test (flat out etc..). The AMG returned 16mpg
  10. Not bad mate, moving on if you get my drift.. life a little different now but I am happy.
  11. Yep, the Alp is my longest car ownership in quite some time... there is something about them that gets under your skin. Might have to sell soon, but not out of choice.... Anyway, back on topic. If you like the D5 but think it might be too big, and are giving the 335d consideration then surely the answer is obvious.. D3! 350hp, 700nm, 8 speed proper auto with switchtronic, 0-60 in the fours and 50 mpg... What's not to like?
  12. Alpina all the way. But then I would say that....
  13. Jesus Simon, I was just having a flick through here and was reading thinking, nice car - I'll post up to say so, a few posts down and now you are selling it!!! I think me and you have the same disease.... Hope you are doing well buddy. Pad
  14. Pad

    mastacrx's E39 530i Sport

    Matt, Looks perfect - just as good as I'd imagined it would... So pleased you bought it! Cheers, Pad
  15. Pad

    Collinite on wheels

    I thought it was a bit crap on wheels, actually seemed to attract brake dust, i can only assume because its wax it doesnt like temperature much. I use sealant generally for wheels.