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  1. JAM172

    Re-manufacture of steering box.

    Hi Before you go spending loads on a rebuild, I have a known good steering box sitting on my garage floor doing not a lot.
  2. JAM172

    2002 E39 steering wheel

    I have got one, the leather is worn though. PM me if you are interested.
  3. JAM172

    Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    See you there Jimmy.
  4. JAM172

    Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    Free rides are over Chris, only taking one of mine
  5. JAM172

    Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    Well volunteered Mark, I am in with possibly two others. EDIT : BTW the date is Sunday 13th August https://britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/the-national-bmw-festival
  6. JAM172

    Rear light sealing gaskets LH NLA

    That's where mine came from, good luck
  7. JAM172

    Bromley Pageant - Sunday 18 June

    Not under the forum Banner, something oxo's mate has organised.
  8. JAM172

    Bromley Pageant - Sunday 18 June

    Yes, me, oxo, splondike, Trenchy24 and a few others are on a mate of oxo's stand.
  9. Well done to Mick, it was a great turn out, as said a little chilly though
  10. JAM172

    Rear light sealing gaskets LH NLA

    I did exactly that, but then bought a set of lights complete from Greece, the silicone mould idea woulh been ok, you have nothing to loose by trying, put a smear if grease in the recess 1st to stop it sticking to the light though
  11. JAM172

    Rear light sealing gaskets LH NLA

    HI Joss, I had this issue when I was putting mine together, I had toyed with the idea of making one, the idea was to use the light holder. where it seats against the body as a mould and form it was black silicone and let it set?
  12. Oh no perhaps we should abandon the whole event, gonna lose loads of sleep about some sole less 5 series not being there
  13. JAM172

    VanityBMW Show?

    I would like to go possibly
  14. Mick thanks for the detailed instructions, we will aim to be with you by 9.30am and offer any assistance required. Jam172 Trenchy24 Splondike Jut535i