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  1. JAM172


    Hi, I too have a 528i. In my opinion the "smoke" that you are seeing is steam, I had the head crack on my E3 last year and after replacement work was carried out by me, I had plumes and plumes of "smoke" from the exhaust, it only occurred once the car started to warm up, I took it for a long and hard drive and the problem went away, basically where the head cracked it filled the exhaust system with water, this took a long while to evaporate completely, have a long drive approximately an hour and the steam will disappear. As for the lack of power, the valve clearances could be too tight and totally unconnected to the steam, check when cold, this could also explain your compression readings. Good Luck
  2. JAM172

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Well what ever you decide, it's worth it, another e28 saved can only be a good thing.
  3. JAM172

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Ok, well if you struggle let me know, sorry to tell you this but did have the tank to go with it, sold it last year. I was going to put the 2.8 e12 engine in my e3, so have metal supply pipes, external pump filter etc, decided against in the end as I think it would have devalued it. Great project by the way.
  4. JAM172

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    I have a fuel sender out of an e12 528i, any help? PN 16121153050
  5. JAM172

    Restoring a rubber boot spoiler

    Oh, well if it is not rubber, then don't try my method, it will not work on a foam based spoiler. The spoiler I have on my e28 was painted in a flexible paint, to match the Delphin Grey body colour, but that required special preparation as well. Good luck with it.
  6. JAM172

    Restoring a rubber boot spoiler

    Is it a black rubber boot spoiler from an e28? I have had success with soaking it in warm soapy water and then using a razor blade on it's edge to scrape of years of grime, then hot air gun to warm it and feed it with lots of Auto Glym Bumper care, takes a lot of patience and go careful. Failing that I happen to know that Tenchy on here has a good one looking for a home.
  7. JAM172

    e28 project

    There is, these people overhauled my e12 M535i items https://bobbeckfuelinjection.co.uk/
  8. JAM172

    Keyring for where my E28 once lived

    Yeah, fine thanks Duncan, still at work busy estimating. Although not that busy otherwise I wouldn't be on here . Still got the e28 528i, E3 2500 and E12 M535i, although I sometimes question why. I miss the track days we used to but, but don't have car for it now anyway. You Ok?
  9. JAM172

    Keyring for where my E28 once lived

    Or just buy a blank one from EBAY, there are loads of them and get your wording engraved?
  10. JAM172

    fuel pump

    Reading your restoration thread with interest, reference the pump, my e12 M535i only has an external pump, works just fine.
  11. JAM172

    Compression. F##k

    Hi Joss, broken valve spring or stuck valve, but if you are really lucky, broken rocker shaft or follower...……..all of which I have, so shout?
  12. JAM172

    fuel injectors

    If you leave the metal feed pipe attached it allows you leverage to wiggle them, there is a large O ring seal that can get stuck within the recess.
  13. JAM172

    Re-manufacture of steering box.

    Hi Before you go spending loads on a rebuild, I have a known good steering box sitting on my garage floor doing not a lot.
  14. JAM172

    2002 E39 steering wheel

    I have got one, the leather is worn though. PM me if you are interested.