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  1. mjeone

    Anyone seen this type of wiper arm before?

    The spline that the arm attaches too is hollow and has a stud which winds out as the vehicle reaches specific speeds. The stud presses against the lever increasing the pressure of the wiper blade against the screen. You may be able to fit the arm - but retrofitting the system would likely be a massive ball ache for very little gain.
  2. mjeone

    We buy any car - Having a laugh!

    We buy any car...... except the ones we don't want then we offer you a go away price...
  3. Pleased to see this thread is still going...... my claim to fame lol happy spannering!
  4. I love the F series 3' an 5's..... they are bigger on the road as well as looks though..... My F30 feels huge compared to E90's I have driven.
  5. Having spent 3 yrs in a lci E60 530d and having had the opportunity to explore every ounce of it's potential. I can say it's not a car I will miss. The build quality is poor, the handling characteristics are not the last word and over 170k miles the machine spent an epic amount of time off the road having electronic faults explored. The F10 that replaced it is a different beast..... Quality is up, handling is better....yet to do enough miles to comment on reliability. Both cars are base spec..... but I think thats not a bad place to make a comparison.... if it wows you without the bells and whistles you're on to a winner IMHO.
  6. mjeone

    New Car

    Liking the //m badges on the wings for the 63plates.... my 62plate F30 might be getting a little xmas present!
  7. mjeone

    New Car

    Thats really nice....... think I like the F10 best in black Like those wheels too!
  8. mjeone

    gear box stiff all gears M sport tourer

    P.s check with Oilman at Opie as I recall this stuff eats certain metals in some synchros so may not be suitable for your car....
  9. mjeone

    gear box stiff all gears M sport tourer

    Had a similar problem with my manual Audi A4, thought I was doing the car a favour changing the oil..... then the bugger was tight and notchy as hell - flat refusing to go into first on a cold morning. Changed the oil again for Redline mt 90 ( V expensive for oil ) and it switched gears like a well oiled rifle bolt.
  10. mjeone

    Paper tax disk no longer...

    Lol good on you...... do you get invites to the Christmas do though?
  11. Here's the rub..... I don't have the funds - well maybe to buy a 330d but running one is a different league. Tyre replacement likely to be a more frequent experience at £275 for each rear thats a killer.... heavier on fuel....higher tax band... the list goes on. Where I live also 90% of the time you never get above 40mph.... taking it all into consideration the 320d is all the car and more than I need.... the 330d's only benefit being extra bragging rights - thats a heap of money for making yourself look a cock at the pub. I drive a 530d / 330d's at work also which means I get my power fix elsewhere at someone else's expence.
  12. More pics as requested URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/user/mjeone/media/image-17.jpg.html]
  13. http://s149.photobucket.com/user/mjeone/media/image-17.jpg.html?filters%5Buser%5D=43754628&filters%5Brecent%5D=1&sort=1&o=0
  14. The 63plate cars have little "M" badges on the front wings..... my private plate goes on soon ( when the dvla pull their digit out) what's the consensus to "M" or not to "M" they sit in a similar position to ferrari shields on a Fezza...
  15. I say looking but I haven't really been that active.... I will get one eventually.... trouble is work and family take over.