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  1. if you want to charge the battery using a ctek mx5 charger it is best to do it while battery is still connected to the car, you have to connect the positive wire of the charger to the jump start positive terminal in the engine bay compartment and the negative wire of the charger to the negative post in the engine bay compartment which is connected to chassis. the post and picture from 535i Andrew above shows you clearly where to connect
  2. there are some rubber grommets on the underside of the door which is part of the water drainage system of water leaving the door., check these grommets
  3. anyone know a good link of how to decode the bmw vin number to assess specs of car?
  4. the car is 2010 model f10 530d. I replaced the front brake pads and sensor about 3mths ago. I successfully reset the front brake pad wear indicator using the trip meter reset button on the dash and it was showing 50000miles to next front brake service it has been 3months but it is still showing 50000 miles left on the front brakes even though I have done 2000miles since the pads were changed. is that normal ?
  5. the car is a F10 530d 2010 model. What battery charge setting do a I use to charge it with the ctek mxs 5 ? is it the Normal car battery charging mode or Car battery charging mode +AGM setting? The car is fitted with a 90 a/h Banner AGM battery.
  6. I found the answer here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sld0E9Ol1TU it appears one does not need to remove the little plastic tab with the forward facing arrow
  7. the car is 2014 F30 320D SE . How does one remove the air filter cover assembly? in particular how does one remove the little plastic tab with forward facing arrow in the picture below? is a special tool required? see picture
  8. any idea which fuse number it was? I recently replaced fuse 54 on my car when there was no power to the cigarette light sockets-it was 20 amp blade fuse behind the glovebox
  9. Thanks for this very useful info!
  10. thanks ,does anyone have an info on how to change the glow plug control module as i cannot find much info on this on the internet?
  11. the car is 2010 F10 530d with the N57 engine I did a Carly diagnostic check and got the following fault code: DTC Code: 28CE00-Receive LIN-bus communication of the glow plug GSG i erased the code but it came back after a short drive could someone help with interpretation? I have no engine mil/cel lights on and the car drives well .
  12. ss

    Diagnostic software

    the Carly Gen 2 adaptor for Android is on amazon for 43.
  13. ss

    Diagnostic software

    the Carly generation 2 Wi-Fi adaptor for iPhone will cost you £57.30 from amazon delivered and the Carly lite app is free from the app store-this is a basic app which only allows one free diagnostic report is a taster to buy the buy the carly pro app. if you get the Carly pro app which can do coding from app store it will cost £44 so the total investment is around £100 if you want diagnostics and coding from Carly. I suppose if you use it one or twice it would pay for itself. ps-the vcds is a fantastic tool for vw,audi,skoda and seat.!