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  1. ss

    Good Oil Offer on

    ok that's a good price then
  2. some of the newer bmws require adblue. can one use adblue from any source such as supermarket fuel station forecourts or costco or does one have buy from the dealership?
  3. ss

    Good Oil Offer on

    that oil is cheap because of the production date of 2018 ,all oils have a shelf life
  4. ss

    Oil change

    i go for bmw LL04 approved oil -5w30 -shell helix ultra ECT C3 oil. or castrol edge 5w30M oil which is also BMW LL 04 spec
  5. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    just noticed that Shell Helix HX8 ECT 5W-40 - 5Ltr is also BMW LL04 approved and costs about half of what Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 costs.(about 34 quid for 5 litres) At about 18 quid for 5 litres looks like real value for money but on reading the specs it appears the 5w30 spec shell oil is superior hence more expensive.
  6. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    it is currently available from carparts4less after using a 20% off voucher code = HOLIDAY20 but as may know voucher codes keep changing and currently eurocarparts with their voucher code appears more expensive
  7. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    I may go for the Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 - 5Ltr can next time which meets bmwLL04 and at 34 quid for 5litres is also good value
  8. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    but still cannot understand why the newer version of 0w30 castrol edge FST oil does not have LL04 on it. i wonder if bmw have to pay castrol to do so and decided not to ?
  9. ss

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    agreed and having looked online , a set of 12 genuine bmw buttons will set you back between 82 and 110 quid!
  10. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    i agree because castrol edge 0w30 titanium fst is what i have always used when it was readily available at costco but now that they no longer stock it ,i bought the castrol edge 5w30m from costco which they now stock and at 30 quid for 4 litres i thinks that represents excellent value for money
  11. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    The newer version of castrol edge 0w30 has no longer got the bmw LL 04 approval on the can so i have gone for castrol edge 5w30M which has bmw LL04 approval printed on the can
  12. I was looking at sourcing genuine parts for the above car which is may 2018 car. Interestingly i noticed that although it is a 3 litre diesel it shares the same oil filter,pollen filter and fuel filter as a F30 320D 2014 which is a 2 litre diesel model. This is confirmed by the same bmw part numbers for these.
  13. thanks to both posters above for the useful and relevant information
  14. the car is a 2018 model with a diesel engine what is included in the first oil service? what is the oil capacity and spec.?