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  1. thanks ,I reset oil service first and then i-drive was telling me that vehicle check was 90 miles overdue, and I successfully reset this as well
  2. i have the oil service and vehicle inspection service messages displaying on idrive. i have done the major service which included oil,oil filter,pollen filter ,air filter and fuel filter change which of these 2 service messages do i reset first using the odometer button on the dash?
  3. ss

    E81 BMW 118d stalled!!

    so far the car has not stalled again,so it appears the dodgy breather hose was the culprit and replacing it has sorted the problem out
  4. ss

    E81 BMW 118d stalled!!

    i replaced the crankcase breather hose which was leaking and hopefully this will stop the stalling. time will tell
  5. the plastic breather hose is leaking so how does one get the bottom end of the breather hose off.? I tried to pull it up with pliers and pressing the tabs but will not come out. i could not find any info on the internet. Could someone help?
  6. ss

    E81 BMW 118d stalled!!

    i checked the codes and they are the same as before the first episode of stalling. 3FF0 -Airmass flow sensor 40E9-Exhaust gas recirculation controller,position control any ideas what may be causing this/fix?
  7. thank you. so what kind of software will come with the cable? is it a one click install ? i suppose i will be able to do diagnostics /erase codes only?
  8. ss

    E81 BMW 118d stalled!!

    the car stalled again while slowing down to turn into a car park. will read fault codes again tomorrow
  9. i need a diagnostic cable for an F10,F20, f30 ,F32 bmws and also an E SERIES bmw. can you recommend the cable and the software ? do you sell these items as a package?
  10. ss

    E81 BMW 118d stalled!!

    the car is a 2011 model E81 118d hatchback with 78k on the clock i was stationary waiting to turn at a junction when the engine jerked and stalled.No warning light came up on the dash the car started up easily and this has not happened again i did a diagnostic and it came up with 2 fault codes 3FF0 -Airmass flow sensor 40E9-Exhaust gas recirculation controller,position control i deleted the codes and they have not come back yet and the car drove fine on a long journey. what could have the been the cause ?
  11. ss

    Good Oil Offer on

    ok that's a good price then
  12. some of the newer bmws require adblue. can one use adblue from any source such as supermarket fuel station forecourts or costco or does one have buy from the dealership?
  13. ss

    Good Oil Offer on

    that oil is cheap because of the production date of 2018 ,all oils have a shelf life
  14. ss

    Oil change

    i go for bmw LL04 approved oil -5w30 -shell helix ultra ECT C3 oil. or castrol edge 5w30M oil which is also BMW LL 04 spec
  15. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    just noticed that Shell Helix HX8 ECT 5W-40 - 5Ltr is also BMW LL04 approved and costs about half of what Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 costs.(about 34 quid for 5 litres) At about 18 quid for 5 litres looks like real value for money but on reading the specs it appears the 5w30 spec shell oil is superior hence more expensive.