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  1. did you fit this part yourself or did a garage do it for you?
  2. ss

    Oil level too high.

    only had the problem once with both cars the 530d has a faulty glow plug control module which on reading the forum could cause the issue on that car. The glow plug fault was diagnosed by doing a scan with the CARLY scan tool . never really figured out what caused the same issue on the bmw 320d -possibly too many short journeys and hence regeneration of the DPF never completed properly.
  3. ss

    Oil level too high.

    i had this issue on both the 320d and 530d. i drained off the excess oil with a sealy vacuum pump
  4. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

  5. the car is a 2014 bmw 320d -f30 series car. the car recently had an oil service done when i filled it up with 5 litres of shell helix ultra ect 5w-30 oil . (5 litres is what is the maximum capacity at oil service recommended by bmw) the oil level check on i-drive says oil level ok yet when i check it on the oil dipstick -the oil level is well above the maximum mark. i also checked the oil level with the warmed up engine running on level ground via the i-drive system and it also shows the oil level is at the maximum mark should i drain off half a litre as the manual oil level check on the dipstick shows it to above the max mark or should i go by the i-drive level which says oil level are ok?
  6. ss

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    having looked at that oil -it says it meets bmw LLO4 specs and 0W 40 viscosity is also ok as well but it is the brand i have an issue with- ,i would rather go for the shell one-that is just my opinion
  7. ss

    which 02 sensor??

    thank for the price and update is the the lambda or o2 sensor after the catalyst as that is what the fault code says?
  8. ss

    which 02 sensor??

    Part number is 13628589104
  9. ss

    which 02 sensor??

    ok so part number of the 02 sensor is 1362859104. what is the best price inclusive of post/packing?
  10. ss

    which 02 sensor??

    my car is bmw118 d se f20 facelift 2015 model -build date june 2015,and the engine code is B47 it came up with the following fault codes-- in the engine section Fault code: 284E00 Lambda probe according kat, nernst voltage signal: interruption Fault code: 283400 Lambda probe according kat, controlling heating: interruption Fault code: 282E00 Lambda probe after catalyst, triggering heating: short circuit to positive i am confused as to which lambda or 02 sensor is faulty and needs replacement. perhaps you could let me knw the part number and cost? this message is for cotswold bmw
  11. the car is a 2015 F20 bmw 118d.i did a Carly health check as a i recently bought the car .it came up with the following codes in the engine sectionFault code: 284E00 Lambda probe according kat, nernst voltage signal: interruptionFault code: 283400 Lambda probe according kat, controlling heating: interruptionFault code: 282E00 Lambda probe after catalyst, triggering heating: short circuit to positive.there are no warning lights ,car does not misfire and drives welli have erased these codes and Fault code: 284E00 Lambda probe according kat, nernst voltage signal: interruption has come back after few days,any idea what this means?
  12. just worked it out that is has standard tyres and has puncture repair kit in the boot
  13. the car is a2015 F20 Bmw 118d . having recently bought the car,the seller had fitted 4 new tyres which the Antares Inges A1 XL tyres. should this car be fitted with runflat or standard tyres ? There is a bmw factory spec tyre sealant and compressor kit in the boot of the car which makes me think that the car came with standard tyres as opposed to runflats. can anyone help if they know the answer?
  14. the car is 2011 e81 118d 2 litre diesel i have been getting an amber battery warning and a yellow car on the ramp warning on the check control when i switch on the car and when switching it off.(my car does not have i-drive) i did charge the battery with a ctek charger but the problem persists. the battery in the car is 9 yrs old and i think needs replacing so i bought a Varta one of the same spec-(80AH 800CCA AGM battery) so does anyone know if the c-teck charger can be left connected to the car while doing the battery change to avoid losing time ,date,elecredic window and radio settings? i am hoping to register the battery using a carly for bmw which has a battery registration app tool.Has any one successfully used the carly app tool to register the battery? your comments would be helpful
  15. thanks ,I reset oil service first and then i-drive was telling me that vehicle check was 90 miles overdue, and I successfully reset this as well