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  1. dan101smith

    BMW m88 or s38 Throttle bodies

    Does RHD/LHD matter?
  2. dan101smith

    Forum App

    Nothing yet - it's coming, but not ready yet. As soon as we hear a timeline we'll let you all know.
  3. dan101smith

    Fuel Pump / tank combination

    Having the lift pump is better than not having the lift pump. If that one works OK and will clean up, fit that to the better tank.
  4. dan101smith

    Cheap way to get used parts from scrapyards?

    Also partsgateway (assuming it’s still going)
  5. dan101smith

    Rubbing strip clips

    Thanks. That leaves the two on the front wings - crosses or sliders?
  6. dan101smith

    Rubbing strip clips

  7. dan101smith

    Rubbing strip clips

    Does anyone happen to remember how many of each type of clip is needed to fit the full set of six side rubbing strips?
  8. dan101smith

    Norman Dewis RIP

    Yep, but what an innings. As part art of the commentary build-up to the Start of Le Mans on Saturday, they do a Roll of Honour of all the people in motorsport/motoring who’ve left us since the same time last year. Some big names on it this year.
  9. dan101smith

    Chrome bumpers

    I haven’t, but it’s something I’m interested in. If you get a price please let me know.
  10. dan101smith

    e28 wheel offset

    Don’t forget that the M5 PAS pump runs at a slightly higher pressure than other models - 120bar vs 110bar.
  11. dan101smith

    e28 wheel offset

    It’ll be a combination of the wider tyres and wider track. I wonder if the new wheel and tyre combo has increased unsprung weight too?
  12. dan101smith

    e28 wheel offset

    What tyre size have you gone from/to?
  13. dan101smith

    e28 wheel offset

    Also, have you had a decent 4 wheel alignment done recently?
  14. dan101smith

    e28 wheel offset

    Adding a 5mm spacer would make it an effective et10, so not what you want. I run wider wheels with a lower offset and don’t find any issues, so interested to know what you mean by awkward.