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  1. dan101smith

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Did you get the pump to match the steering box too?
  2. dan101smith

    Printing a single post.

    Alternatively, you could try highlighting what you want to print, selecting Print and seeing if you have an option to ‘Print Selection’. That will depend on your browser.
  3. dan101smith

    Printing a single post.

    The easiest way would be to highlight the text and copy it into a Word document, and then print that.
  4. dan101smith

    2004 E60 530i SE - WITHDRAWN

    I can store that for you for less, if you decide to go down that route.
  5. dan101smith

    Temp gauge

    Funny, isn't it. Put it in to CPC a few weeks back, who said it's cooling just fine but probably a cluster issue. I, like you lot, don't buy that. Will investigate imminently as I want to change the car for something else, and would always prefer to sell a car with no faults.
  6. dan101smith

    Temp gauge

    The temp gauge in my 530i reads at the first white line during normal use. It's been plugged in, and it's sitting at the correct temp at that point on the gauge. All my previous have sat at the 12 o'clock position. However, on warm days in traffic it'll get hot. Yesterday when it was 29C ambient and I was in London traffic, I got the Coolant Temp warning on the dash. Put the blower on at max heat and it drops back down. So two questions: 1) Should it sit at 12 o'clock like my other ones have? 2) It is really getting hot in traffic, isn't it?
  7. dan101smith

    Breaking E46 328 manual Coupe

    Hi Tim, I'd like the front caliper carriers off this, please. Best, Dan
  8. dan101smith

    looking to buy Getrag 420G for S38 (any condition)

    I'd be interested in that.
  9. dan101smith

    WTD - M54B30 MAF

    Need a known-good MAF for testing, to fit a 2002 530i. Posted, obviously!
  10. dan101smith

    E39 Westalia tow bar

    Looking for a complete E39 Westfalia detachable tow bar kit, inc wiring. Must be all there and ready to go. Anyone?
  11. dan101smith

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    Three official wheels for the M5: 16" Style 5s Crappy metrics 15" steel winter wheels
  12. dan101smith

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    They're the official BMW winter wheel option! But yes, it does make it look a bit like an old CID car.
  13. dan101smith

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Took my M5 up to Are in Sweden, through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Norway in November. Cracking trip, highly recommend it!
  14. dan101smith

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Nice trip. I went a bit further than you back in November, but did some of the same route. Looks like you got lucky with the weather!
  15. dan101smith

    To all the newbies :-)

    Lovely. 021 approves!