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  1. jonbb

    E39 M5: 'The Next Big Thing' on YouTube

    Epic cars, look great on those wheels and go like fuck. I remember my cousin selling his leggy(200k+miles) for about £3800 back in 2013. There’s an Imola Red one in rough condition which has been parked in my road recently, and another around a mile away in Sterling Grey. Just looked on eBay and these things are rather pricy now, 18k for one with 130k. Just think plenty of stuff can be bought for less but provide nearly the amount of fun. Was looking at the old Amg c32(remember these?) prices the other day, and while they look nasty they go like fuck and you can find an unrusty one for about 7k.
  2. jonbb

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    Yup. The 8 should have followed the format as the old one, but looks much like the 6 series. I’ve seen a few Mercedes S class coupes on the road and they look stunning.
  3. Yeah I remember you doing that on your 730 bbs rimz. Beats fucking around with sanding.
  4. If they are style 5’s then you just remove the inner part and get them blasted and coated, while doing a diy on the outer rim with the tyres still attached.
  5. jonbb

    E28 528i on ebay forever...

    That e28 has been on sale since 2002. The chap used to have a dealer advert in the local rag. Think it was around 8k then.
  6. I had a large spider crawling around in the footwell once. Only problem was that I was driving at the time and nearly crashed trying to stamp on the fucker. Im not keen on spiders but my garage and shed are full of them naturally. I just try to ignore them.
  7. jonbb

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    No pictures, but I’ve had a fair few. My my first car was an e30 back in 98. 88 E plate 318 4 door in alpine white. It was one of the cheapest plastic bumper models I could find near to me. I was at college and suddenly found myself a bit popular. My second a year later was an m-tech kitted 2 door with a 2.7 fitted and as an 18 year old it felt like a rocket ship. Those were the highlights for me as my friends were driving Novas/Metros and this was still a time when owning a BMW felt like something special. Had a 850, a couple of e34 m5’s and e46 m3’s. Managed to pick up an e30 M3 back in 2004 for around £2200. Promptly crashed it and sold for a profit. My current daily is a 52 plate 320d touring with about 215k on the clock. It’s looked after me and still drives well.
  8. jonbb

    E28 in Mission Impossible - Fallout

    Notice the profile on the tyres looks larger than normal.
  9. jonbb

    E39 M5 Wanted

    I’ve noticed that there’s a decent market for the e39 m5 now after they bottomed out around 6 years back.
  10. jonbb

    Passenger rear light for an e34

    Left side rear cluster for an e34 wanted.
  11. jonbb

    Manual pedal box for e34

    Hi guys anyone have a manual pedal box for an e34?
  12. jonbb

    Door card clip

    Hi guys. I need the black clip that sits at the inside centre of an e34 door card. The one that always breaks when you remove them.
  13. The good old days... Shagged early 325i sport for £80, and an m-tech 2 sport which had a blown engine for £250. Both purchased in 2004 and from Somerset.
  14. jonbb

    Beige leather sport seats for the e34

    Anyone? I’m after the parchment variant.