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  1. jonbb

    Modified M1 for auction interesting!

    Big turbos on that bad boy.
  2. jonbb

    Door card clip

    Hi guys. I need the black clip that sits at the inside centre of an e34 door card. The one that always breaks when you remove them.
  3. The good old days... Shagged early 325i sport for £80, and an m-tech 2 sport which had a blown engine for £250. Both purchased in 2004 and from Somerset.
  4. jonbb

    Beige leather sport seats for the e34

    Anyone? I’m after the parchment variant.
  5. jonbb

    E34 b10

    Oh really? Who has the records now? Might be worth giving them the reg of this car.
  6. jonbb

    E34 b10

    It’s only down the road from me and I was tempted to have a look. Would be interested to see if it has the right parts still unlike that ‘b10’ that I won on eBay back in 2007, which turned out to be a b3.5. Am I right in thinking that Sytner are useless for old Alpina info now?
  7. jonbb

    E34 b10

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254180183647 e34 b10. But it’s probably a b3.5 with a badge. Ive asked if it has the plaque but I’ve had no reply. Notice the lack of interior pictures. But if it is a genuine b10 then it has to be worth a punt as the e28’s are silly money now.
  8. jonbb

    BMW e34 front sport seats

    Hi does anyone have some e34 front sport seats in leather?
  9. jonbb

    Metric wheel and tyre 415

    Hi guys need a metric wheel and tyre. Or just the tyre. The 240/45/415 as found on the 635csi, 535i sport etc.
  10. jonbb


    Tailgating in poor conditions is criminal, but another thing I hate is people not increasing their speed when they swap into the outside lanes.
  11. jonbb

    Top Gear to get worse.

    I think I watched the first of the Chris Evans shows and I was done with that series. And maybe a couple of the Le Blanc episodes. I probably won't watch 1 of this series either. I've always liked Chris Harris but he worked better on his YouTube vids. Steve Coogan would be good in the role.
  12. jonbb

    An ideal way to get rid of that E39. (and other old crap)

    As council as it is, watching this makes me realise how awesome banger racing is. Watching that for 6 minutes gives far more entertainment than an F1 race or any other motorsport for that matter.
  13. I would have the Alfa. Notice how it looks reserved compared to the other two, which means bruvs,council types,dealers,pub owners won't be seen in them. Oh and an 8 second 100mph time is something else.
  14. jonbb

    E34 Biege/Tan leather sport seat needed

    Nosey Simon. I need the centre console and the glovebox also.