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    coupe king reacted to USTBUTLER in What have you done on your E34 Today   
    Visiting Hours.. Made A List Of Things I’d Like To Change And Replace

    ( Also Took This Photo ) 
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    coupe king reacted to USTBUTLER in 1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093   
    Don't want to hijack dads blog but the more you look at that photo the better it gets  should be an update tomorrow 
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    coupe king reacted to USTBUTLER in What have you done on your E34 Today   
    Took This Photo 

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    coupe king reacted to Mark-535i-sport in What have you done on your E34 Today   
    Fitted a Turner chip in the ECU on my 535 this morning.  I know they make some pretty big claims but what I wanted was a smoother idle.  I'd already topped up the tank with V power and after fitting the chip I just let the engine idle for 20 - 30 seconds before taking the car for a bit of a drive to let the ecu do its thing and adjust itself or whatever it does?  I then turned it off for 15 minutes and fired it back up to see if there was any notable difference from stock?
    The idle is now rock steady and there's no apparent fuel smell as there had been.  On acceleration there is a noticeable improvement and it just feels to have a little more pep. Overall the pick up throughout the lower revs is just improved and it feels more responsive.  It doesn't feel more powerful, which I kinda knew was unlikely, but it just feels nicer to drive and it has certainly been worth the effort. 
    I also gave the interior a bit of a clean and replaced the naff silver Pioneer head unit with something more in keeping with an E34.  I also replaced the steering wheel with a suede Sparco which feels great to use. I know it won't be to everyones taste but I just want a suede E30 M3 gear knob to match it now and I have a BMW horn to fit.
    I also spotted a TDS outside the local school that appears to be doing daily driver duties.  That's the second E34 I've seen in the wild recently other than my own.

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    coupe king reacted to bm0p700f in Improvements new engine and restoration installations dyno results   
    Some progress
    Flywheel and crank have been balanced. Flywheel just bolted on not with the bolts we will use.
    Valves cleaned up and are all straight.
    Cylinder head has had corrosion removed and new metal welded in. Skimmed too. The  port throats have been smoothed out and blended into the inlet valve seats.
    That larger radius of the port throat is also where there is the highest flow rate so this is the area to get right.
    The port shape though remains unaltered.

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    coupe king reacted to sharkfan in E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced   
    So it's a 535i Sport with some ACS bodykit bits and ACS wheels; it is not an ACS5 at all.
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    coupe king reacted to Ray112 in E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced   
    Mostly looks like your knowledge is lacking a bit more than mine. So I would hold these comments about homework to yourself. And again you can only provide eBay links, where people can name their cars what ever they want, give us some more official source about E39 trim types then. Do your homework first.
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    coupe king reacted to DennisCooper in E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced   
    Hi ThedocACSV8 - The 'sellers' who've listed their cars in those adverts on ebay, have done so incorrectly as they've not done their homework ! BMW UK marketed their cars in dealerships using official marketing channels and adverts and no UK spec E39 had the model designation 'M Sport'. For your car, I think you can lookup the VIN number and it corresponds to the official 'build' of the car and one of it's sections is the model name and another is the code relating to any 'options' ticked. Can you check if 'M Pack' appears anywhere?
    Edit - I posted and saw your last response. I'd say perhaps speak to Rossiters who are the UK representatives to see if you can find any history to your 'full build - ACS5' example. This way, you'll perhaps know exactly how it was ordered when new and all the information about it. If it is a ACS5 build, then it'll be perhaps either the only one or perhaps one of a handful in the UK. 
    I know over the years you've looked for various bits to put back onto the car and some items are incredibly rare to find. Since your posts a few years ago, I've picked up a few more genuine ACS parts for mine - I still need to fit the lower rear diffuser but have now also got the foglamp inserts and have changed to a manual gearbox so have fitted the ACS digital display manual gearknob:

    I've also got the ACS leather stubby manual gearknob and I have the Type 2 Racing wheels in 19", the Type 3 non Racing in 19" and the Type 3 Racing in 19 or 20" wheel sets on my list to add to my collection still ! 
    Lastly, the pictures i referenced were just to show the colour, wasn't intending to specifically show a ACS5 model !
    Cheers, Dennis!
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    coupe king reacted to thedocACSV8 in E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced   
    1 of only 22! ~ Where does this info come from please?

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    coupe king reacted to E39mad in Show us pics of your none 5 BMW   
    Yep the E36 reminds me of what BMW's used to be - a straight six sonorous petrol with communicative steering in small agile package - where did it all go wrong ...lol
    Off to Oulton Park in it this weekend to watch some vintage car racing!

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    coupe king reacted to E39mad in Show us pics of your none 5 BMW   
    There are a quite a few of us out there with a 5 and another BMW of some flavour or other. Dunc's new to him 330ci got me thinking we should have a thread. Well if you do please put your pics up.
    I'll start with my 1999 built E36 328i Mtec manual - owned since 2013:

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    coupe king reacted to sharkfan in Show us pics of your none 5 BMW   
    Uncovered, started (first time), washed and run up and down the road but probably going to go up for sale as I just don't have the time for it anymore...



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    coupe king reacted to Dirty Tool in E39 520i SE Ressurection   
    New Bosch Spark Plugs fitted, driving better than ever. Just need to find some fuel now


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    coupe king reacted to Dirty Tool in E39 520i SE Ressurection   
    Then the cleaning started and finished very late at night (and wearing its original '03' plate):

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    coupe king reacted to Dirty Tool in E39 520i SE Ressurection   
    1 month and 3 days after I started this thread, I am happy to report another E39 has been saved! The is road legal and driving beautifully!
    We drove it out of the field/yard it was sitting in for years and straight to the MOT station where I expected a MOT Fail and a long list of repairs as long as my arm. Unbelievably, it passed first time with minor advisories! The mechanics complimented on how clean it was underneath and everything was in order!
    This is how it sat afterwards (Kidney grill was off as the bonnet lever would not pop out therefore had to reach it to pop the latch):

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    coupe king reacted to Dirty Tool in E39 520i SE Ressurection   
    Being a huge BMW fan boy, I thought it was sacrilege that I had never personally owned one of my favourite BMW's and IMO one of the best BMW's ever made - the E39. Luckily for me we had one in the family that I could have for free. The bad news is the car is a non runner and has been sat for 5 years. This is BMW Ownership number 12, my previous BMW car history is: 
    - E46 328ci SE
    - E87 130i M Sport
    - E36 M3 Evo
    - E92 335i M Sport (N54)
    - E46 M3 
    - E24 635csi Highline 
    - E86 Z4M Coupe 
    - F20 M135i 
    - F80 M3
    - E92 335i M Sport (N55)
    - E92 M3 (Still own)
    and now the E39 520i SE. A quick back story - my immediate family are also BMW car nuts as this particular E39 was purchased by my father approved used in 2010. This was his second E39, the first being a pre-facelift 1998 528i SE in Glacier Green. This titanium silver example was driven by my father and then in 2013 he gave it to a family member who was not in a good place to help out. Over time the car developed an oil leak (which was diagnosed as valve stem seals) and due to the large quote to fix it and the value of E39's at the time, especially lowly 520i's. It was parked up in 2017 and has not moved since. 
    I completely forgot about the car and around a month ago I saw it sitting in terrible condition and I said to myself to get the car back on the road and use it again. It is a late production model being a 2003 car, therefore it also has the benefit of being ULEZ compliant. The current condition of the car on the 10th August 2021: 

    A few people have told me to forget the car, scrap it e.t.c but its been in my family for over 10 years and has sentimental value to me - my father and I went together to purchase the car and we drove it home together. I remember the day like yesterday so for me I wanted to get the car back to its former glory.  I know it will cost a lot of money to get it back up to scratch but getting the car back for free in the first place is a good start. Unfortunately due to work commitments I won't be able to do much of the work required myself, therefore will have to factor in labour costs too. We tried to get the car going on the 14th of August - charged the battery and put in fresh fuel. Unfortunately the car wouldn't start - we reset the immobiliser link as I've read this can go funny with the battery being dead for so long but again to no avail. A faulty fuel pump was diagnosed and a new Pierburg OEM unit was ordered. 

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    coupe king reacted to Bumbaclut in E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project   
    Yes i picked her up yesterday its all taxed and MOT'd road legal!   It sat for a week or two as they were so swamped with other work

    So it ended up going to their bodyshop to sort the sills out

    These were the two front repairs needed on the sills

    Also some repairs on the rear of sills

    And re stone chipped the paint.  So at least now thats all the grot removed, as although the bodywork is tatty its not a rusty pig the shell

    This Marks a nice chap, he got the engine running a year ago, so he was back on it this time.    They've fixed the EML light not coming on so that has allowed full boost! this was some wiring into the cluster that need completing. The wiring was there.  Also ABS light was on permanently, i think this was an incorrect relay.  
    OBC is still dead, this is suspected the unit is faulty. I've got some spares in english from American cars but they are different.   Reverse lights is some wiring in the tailgate suspected as only 4volts there but its not needed for MOT believe it or not.
    they've also wired in the ASC traction plug.  The loom was there as part of the EML system So added the plug loom into it and this is working but not.    ABS is working correctly and so is ASC when engine fires up. You can press switch and turn it off. once driving however over say 10mph the ASC light comes on and wont go off. ABS still works correctly.  So basically i've run out of money as the welding spiralled and nothing every goes perfect!  So will have to save and send back.  Theres a hunch its my clocks which are a mismatch that needs sorting.   
    Cruise control is working, that was just a missing clutch switch,   I'd never ran a spec check on the base car but Barry ran it through and it was a very well optioned 525i touring!
    Avus blue - special order as was an M5/3 colour only
    heated sport leather
    air con
    twin sunroofs
    cruise control
    A fine e34 in its own right

    I took it for a spin when i arrived yesterday and its an fucking animal! No lie, fastest car i've ever owned.  A slight tickle on 2nd on the way out had the back swinging no sweat, i caught the slide fine but wasn't quite expecting that!  It must be the lightly tweeked turbos as it gets to full boost at about 1800rpm and they come in quite hard.  The standard bi turbos are more linear and come in about 3500RPM.  I've not driven a standard one to compare but Barry has and mine feels alot stronger.  Its cold and the tyres are new but old if you get me but when the boost comes in snakes in 2nd 3rd no problem.   Its going to be fun learning to drive the hot rod as it needs a bit of respect!
    When the rolling roads open i'll have to visit Charlie and get it on there see how the fueling is. In the meantime try and not thrash it everywhere and damage it.   I just need to save some more money to keep going through it. I think this will be the biggest turning point in this project.  Very chuffed and thanks to all those that have helped along the way so far 
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    coupe king reacted to Kit in End Tuning.   
    Today I visited a lovely bloke called Enda at his home in Birmingham where he runs End Tuning.
    Having recently converted my 520i Touring to a 525i I wanted to make the most of it and read his chips do just that.
    It didn’t take long and he was very friendly, clearly a font of knowledge on all things Bmw ecu related. 

    In short the car feels much better, and there’s a couple of reasons to why in my case.
    Firstly it sorted an issue in which the revs stayed too high when changing gear - especially at speed, this was due to my donor 525 being an auto and my car being a manual, the oem chip was setup for an auto box but my new map was based off a stock manual - this has totally changed the way I can drive it, I can actually heal-toe normally now (something I do more in my other cars but nice to do if I want to in this). Was quite annoying waiting for the revs to drop all the time when driving normally.
    Secondly the engine feels a bit crisper, almost as if the throttle cable has been tightened, the pedal feels more connected to the engine. I asked specifically for a tune that’s geared to 99 Ron as I only use esso supreme (0% Ethanol despite the E5 label), the original maps have a range from 91-98 as per the sticker on the petrol cap door.
    Overall the car feels quicker, especially in the higher gears. I was in third but it felt like I was in 2nd a few times. Much more drivable and responsive at motorway speeds which makes the car feel a bit more modern to drive. It also idles a little lower.
    I read the mpg can improve but Enda said it will be a small improvement at best, but it won’t lower it. My run back proved this to be the case, a minimal gain at a guess.
    I can’t say how much the improvement is down to the auto to manual switch but it has more get up and go which is all I asked for. On paper perhaps a 10-15hp gain, but in reality it feels quite a different car.

    The best £60 I have spent on it that’s for sure.
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    coupe king reacted to MikeTheSmith in M50B30 Stroker vs M52B28   
    It has been a while… but still a project in progress. I have lots of excuses as to why it’s taken me so long.
    The engine is together and in the car now mated to the tranny. Just the inlet and a few ancillary items to bolt up before giving it a test fire up.
    slow project with lots to learn along the way. Hopefully it will all work like a dream but I guess there will be other issues from the car being off the road for a while. Let’s see
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    coupe king reacted to sharkfan in Show us pics of your none 5 BMW   
    Here are my two or three...
    1982 BMW 635CSiA, one of a few hundred  from five thousand rhd made...

    1985 M635CSi, one of about one hundred left on the road from 524 rhd made...

    1997 Alpina B12 5.7 Langversion, one of two rhd UK cars made...

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    coupe king reacted to RichardP in Show us pics of your none 5 BMW   
    It would be rude not to.  The only non 5 BMW I have now.

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    coupe king reacted to duncan-uk in So it’s not a 5 but hopefully of interest 330ci convertible   
    For various reasons I need a second car with 4 seats to replace a z4. I like the roof off experience and didn’t want to spend too much. 
    I’ve always liked the 330ci convertible and feel a nice one is on the cusp. If not to make money certainly not to loose it. 
    I’ve been looking a while. I didn’t want grey leather and I wanted HK and a nav head unit. Yes it’s out dated but I like it. 
    Made enquiries on a few but the spotted this not to far away. Mystic blue with cream leather and sensible miles at 88k with history and low number of owners. 
    In a dream world it would have been the 6 spd manual but I have the parts to add paddles. 
    so here it is 54 plate 330ci convertible. 

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    coupe king reacted to Sir Anthony Regents-Park in 1987 E34 preview - CAR   
    Surprisingly accurate - but a few things that never happened!

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    coupe king reacted to Davide in New member old car   
    Hi I'm Davide from Italy.
    I have an e34 520i 1995 touring hellrot.
    Unfortunately automaat but happy of the added comfort. (Although I'm in sport mode all the time i leave the city)
    Here on the forum glad to learn and share precious knowledge
    Here a pic of my car,

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    coupe king reacted to stevenc3828 in Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989   
    Drivers side rear sill cut apart, rear jacking point inspected and found in great shape, Kurusted, patch panels made, cold galv zinc paint coated ready to weld back together next time