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  1. stevie_c

    E39 Sports front bumper (pref titan silver)

    Got a genuine sport bumper in imola. You'd probably have to paint match the silver one anyway tbh, different levels of paint fade etc. £250
  2. stevie_c

    e39 530d alternator

    Still need this Bud?
  3. stevie_c

    Hubcentric wheel spacers

    Forget the last, I'm going to break the car
  4. stevie_c

    530D Jealousy

    Mines pretty quiet for a diesel tbf, maybe yours is knackered
  5. stevie_c

    Hubcentric wheel spacers

    Does not have to be 30mm, interested to see what's about
  6. stevie_c

    Hubcentric wheel spacers

    Ideally 30mm please:) X4 and bolts needed.
  7. stevie_c

    530d DMF/Clutch/gearbox issues?

    LUK will reset your clutch if you send it to them, FOC
  8. stevie_c

    Bodyshop needed

    Glanced by the back of a transit tipper. Nearly rear ended but swerved at the last minute and went down my wing. Local body shop are going to look at it but he reckons he may be able to pull the dent that's slightly out of shot, sort the metal, weld and full it without a new wing. Fingers crossed !
  9. stevie_c

    Bodyshop needed

    Can anyone recommend a local reasonable car body shop? Staffordshire / west mids
  10. stevie_c

    Intank pumpage

    Pumps been changed along with a front drop link and track rod end. Old pump was completely dead.
  11. stevie_c

    Intank pumpage

    Haha I can imagine the scene. Does anyone know if the crossover pipe that connects the 2 tank halves has a part number? I can't seem to find it on realoem? I think it's blocked or perished due to fuel running out at a 1/4 tank. Cheers
  12. stevie_c

    Intank pumpage

    Morning chaps. Does anyone have a reliable part number for the fuel tank fuel pump for a W reg (2000) 530d saloon please? I keep throwing up sender units with no pump by mistake. Thank you
  13. stevie_c

    E39 M5

    What was the reg
  14. stevie_c

    A real dilemma:(

    Thanks Ryan, you length tickler