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  1. Sam535i

    Exhaust advice pls

    I truly miss that noise!
  2. Sam535i

    Exhaust advice pls

    All but the back box was available from BMW as of a year ago. I got my local exhaust place to source the back box
  3. Sam535i

    Exhaust advice pls

    No better noise than stock. Or stock back box with centre delete.
  4. Sam535i

    E28 Floor Mats

    Coco mats look pretty cool. I’m going to get some for the 944. https://www.cocomats.com/
  5. Sam535i

    Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    Jaguar X type?
  6. Sam535i

    Wheel and tyre help please

    I can’t help with your questions but, I think it looks great as it is. I’ve never been a fan of non oem wheels.
  7. Sam535i

    Knocking noise

    Propshaft centre bearing will do that, a knackered subframe bush can too.
  8. Sam535i

    Which e28 to buy

    528i all the fun you'll ever need.
  9. Sam535i

    E39 M5 Options List!!

    Sounds like a tit. End of.
  10. Sam535i

    Intermittent Starting Woes

    A broken wire at the plug end of the crank sensor caused the exact symptoms described on my 535i I managed to resolder it until I got a new one.
  11. Sam535i

    Rear Exhaust box hanger

    Strange! I bought the full system, every nut & bolt so had to wait four days as something's had to come from Germany. Clamp-£8.82 Clamp-£4.76 Supporting ring-£8.96 +vat And I got 10% discount!
  12. Sam535i

    Rear Exhaust box hanger

    That's exactly what I payed from the dealer. What was your dealer wanting?
  13. Sam535i

    Rear Exhaust box hanger

    I bought one from the dealer a few weeks back. Have you tried there?
  14. Sam535i

    Boot spoiler

    Was there one? Other than the mtech and other rubber variants. Hartge did the biggest I've seen.
  15. Can't remember all of it but, cold start valve, some rubber pipes, clips, brackets etc. All engine bay stuff.