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  1. savcom

    F10 misting up inside...

    Thanks for that. I'll get that fitted in place over the weekend.
  2. savcom

    F10 misting up inside...

    Washed the car this evening and opened the bonnet to clean out the tree and leaf detritus in the filter tray and noticed this cap at the front on the left: Looking round it looks like an AC cap - as fitted here. Looking further, it seems as if this is where it goes - pipe top inside the right-hand bonnet catch. Can anyone confirm if theirs has a cap here please and then I'll pop it on. Thanks in advance.
  3. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    It's now firmly on my paperwork from Direct Line. No charge.
  4. savcom

    F10 misting up inside...

    Thanks. But that's not good for you either! What is it with these models and the A/C problems?
  5. savcom

    F10 misting up inside...

    Roll on eighteen months and I took the F10 into BMW for a service. With no cold air again! A nice tech video'd the front of the engine and tells me in the video that the compressor had failed. So that's a new condenser, new evaporator and now the compressor. Meh. £1,500 to replace (no warranty as I couldn't renew the one I bought with the car). But the car is now cold again and there is a two year BMW warranty on the repair.
  6. savcom

    LED Reversing lights fitted today

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but both my LEDs died within six months of purchase. They flickered and died, throwing errors and all sorts on the dash. Question is - do anyone else's LED reversing lamps still work - and would they mind sharing where the lamps came from? Thanks
  7. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Just looking at that one too.
  8. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Which compressor and slime did you go with? I'm looking at getting a 'genuine BMW' one from eBay but I could go with a different compressor and slime instead.
  9. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Thanks. That's OK then. And the insurance company now has the new tyres on record - with no change to premium. They even noted it on my recovery policy too, which is linked to the insurance.
  10. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    I ordered the 245/45/R18 96 Y tyres to replace the contis I had. There is an entry for both this tyre and a 245/45/R18 100 V M+S XL on the tyre label on the door jamb. What's the M+S refer to?
  11. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    I thought as much
  12. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Thanks @Matthew Ashton. I understand the point about the insurance - will deal with that on Monday. It was more the tweaking I was concerned about. I think they were just being over-cautious. They said the tweak would involve 'coding'
  13. savcom

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Added four Cross-climates to my F10 yesterday. Not driven much yet but the immediate feedback is how much quieter the car is! I suppose I will need to look for a space-saver kit now. More money! The fitters were quick to point out that I should let my insurers know - and warned me that the suspension may need tweaking to manage the new tyres. Has anyone else had to do this? Doesn't sound that essential does it?
  14. Think twice about this or any other electric car.... We have a Tesla Model S as a firm car where I work. I am not impressed with build or ride quality (it's worse than the F10 I have and really quite noisy in the back). It's use means we are constantly scratching around for charging points and having to plan the day around when we can charge it. More than once we've had to queue at the nearest fast-charger to use it!! And I'll just leave this here.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/features/electric-car-drivers-could-face-queues-quarrels-christmas/
  15. savcom

    So what's going on?

    The time and date elsewhere are correct, if memory serves, but I'll check in the morning.