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  1. Jeff TT

    Cars holding their value better?

    Mmm..... prices for used cars like everything can be wildly unpredictable year on year, I have no idea why prices have changed but do know from many friends and family that the sheer amount of credit available on new cars makes me wonder why there is even a 2nd hand car market any more. That said, if you think your current car been worth £3k in the UK is a lot, try checking out mainland European prices, they are eye watering, just checked on a site similar to e-bay called OLX here in Portugal where I live, a 2005 530d average around 13,500 euro or a tad over £12k yep £12k !!! New prices here are astronomical, mostly small hatch backs and the like, if you want anything decent and need to borrow the cash ! oh and OMG they do 10 year finance here on Ford Focus and the like, 10 years of payments, think I would kill myself !!
  2. Jeff TT

    Smg Failure

    Worth checking the pump relay, if that fails the pump cannot run and hence no hydraulic pressure to operate the gearbox.
  3. Jeff TT

    Drl`s and sequential indicators

    So a little project I did last year thought I would post here, I wanted drl`s to make the front more modern but not add on in the bumper, by fitting them within the indicator housing I think they look more factory, the sequential indicators were a bonus, getting them working correct though a touch tricky, but a year later they are still working!! Enjoy the video Jeff
  4. Jeff TT

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    Euro car parts are fine, if they ever give you an option on a part price wise always go with the more expensive one, I used them for a lot of parts on my old E39 540i, and the dearer parts were genuine BMW but in Euro car part boxes, and way cheaper than main dealer. Jeff
  5. Jeff TT

    E60 throttle actuators

    Here is who you need to talk to >>> http://www.rebuild.org.uk/
  6. Jeff TT

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    Hi Steve, Long time no speak, as far as you noticing the charge for disposal of the residues, I also noticed when buying oil through the trade here attracts a 78 cents additional cost for " servico eco-club dec-lei 153/2003 " I looked it up on line and it is a European decree law for waste management of used engine oil, quite why you pay it on new oil who knows...then its Portugal eh? I have noted that if you buy oil retail there is no sign of the additional charge, I guess it is built in though. Jeff
  7. Jeff TT

    Bentley service manuals

    Replied to your pm ally. Jeff
  8. Jeff TT

    Bentley service manuals

    Hi Stevecvo, messaged you earlier, good to see your still flying the 5 series flag here in the Algarve!! and yes agree print off pages to take to the car is a cool idea. Jeff
  9. Jeff TT

    Bentley service manuals

    Thought £50 seemed a good selling price they are heavy though so postage will not be cheap I guess, ( collection possible from Lichfield area though ) they are just like new, when I used it I never turned a page with dirty hands lol! Jeff
  10. Hi Steve, you still around with your five in the Algarve?    moved my 540i on last year and got an E63 M6 mow, but still have my diagnostic and coding stuff if you need anything doing would glad to help. 


    Regards Jeff

    1. stevecvo


      Hi Jeff

      Still here and being retired I can't afford M6s !!!

      I am still running my E39 525d. Thanks for the offer but I am well equipped with diagnostics/coding stuff (DIS, INPA. C110 scanner plus Delphi scanner and cables) and I am currently looking at installing ISTA but finding it problematic. My real problem is using the stuff because I don´t use it very often ( reliable car) and when I do I have to work out what to do.



  11. Jeff TT

    Bentley service manuals

    Bentley service manuals 1 + 2 in as new condition, any suggestions where to sell them on, not sure about ebay Thanks Jeff
  12. Jeff TT

    New Forum

    Here is my M6 any othere M6 owner`s here? Jeff
  13. Jeff TT

    New Forum

  14. Jeff TT

    M5 V10 wanted

    YOWSER !!!!!!
  15. Jeff TT

    M5 V10 wanted

    Yes M6 is an option also. Jeff