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  1. RichE39

    Wheel bearings fail on recent 5’s

    Parts can be superceded for many reasons: Improved design or maintenance, supplier changes etc. Doesn't always mean there is anything wrong with the original part. As for noise, tyres can sometimes feather and cause noise issues. We had this at work with a TT. Could have sworn it was a bearing noise, stripped all the brakes off and couldnt feel any roughness at all. Swapped front wheels to rear and the noise moved!
  2. RichE39

    Sir Stirling Moss

    Sir Stirling Moss has died aged 90, RIP to a true gent and legend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/52261216
  3. RichE39

    Harrys Garage

    I like Harry, one of my favourites is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy5t8ttmC1o
  4. RichE39

    E39 Holey Crap that's not good!

    X type 2.2d is a Transit engine so can suffer from exactly the same issues. Also, I have seen quite a few rot ones so check carefully!
  5. I have a manual 535i and it's way faster than the manual 528i I had a few years back. In between I had a manual 330ci and I would say the 535 feels about on a par with that, maybe a little bit quicker but the soundtrack is way better, especially as it has a rear box delete.
  6. RichE39

    Advice on an a Alpina please

    Timing chains I guess
  7. RichE39

    Where should I go.

    Prop doughnut??
  8. RichE39

    RAC warranty extension - decision time!

    I have dealt with a few warranty companies at work. A good example is an EGR valve we did recently on a diesel 308. Replaced valve - car was fine. Warranty company wanted to know how it failed - was it an electrical failure, mechanical failure, wear and tear?? Was the old one sooted up? Of course it was! They wouldn't cover it as in their opinion we could have cleaned it and it would have worked again so hadn't technically failed. Another company asked how an alternator had failed - was it wear and tear? I tried to explain that alternators don't really wear out - they just fail at the end of their life. Had to provide diagnostic evidence to support the failure and even then they wouldn't cover the perished belt that we advised changing as it hadn't actually failed. Nightmare, they will do anything to avoid paying out and we often lose money on warranty work.
  9. RichE39

    Shell Fuel app

    But won't all these mobile phones being used on the forecourt cause explosions and stuff?
  10. RichE39

    RIP Donut

    Bugger, wasn't expecting to log on and read this terrible news RIP Donut and sincere condolences to the loved ones he has left behind.
  11. RichE39

    Buying small Auto corsa etc

    Ibizas are ok too and basically a Polo under the skin
  12. RichE39

    DISA valve and fan shroud.

    Fan shroud not too expensive from BM - around £40 IIRC
  13. RichE39

    Seen any good/not so good number plates

    A customer of ours has F6 CKR on his Nissan truck
  14. RichE39

    E39 530i Sludge in Oil Filler Cap

    Mine does it in the cold months. Disappears as soon as the weather warms up so I wouldn't worry.