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  1. If it's arctic silver could be interested in the bonnet.
  2. WEZ E39

    RS090 8jx17 is20 x4

    Hi sorry for delay been changing net provider so much for same day change over.The first person that pm'ed has had them so sorry now sold.
  3. WEZ E39

    RS090 8jx17 is20 x4

    RS090 8jx17 is20 x4 In need of refurb or clean up and paint no major curbing were on a touring tyres all ok but mixed makes and have all caps never going to do them myself £150 I am in Hastings East Sussex
  4. I took all this out of the old touring not getting another so there's the floor with all it's bits £75 Load cover £25 Have not got to the back of the shed yet but the dsp bits are both head unit's and the base box from boot with amp thing and cd changer £50 I do have other bits headlights dash trim in graphite etc In Hastings East Sussex
  5. WEZ E39

    Back after a break

    Well I said I would never have another after the problems with the last one but when my friend said he was selling his 528i SE and it's manual I thought why not as am selling my car and needed a stop gap car it all worked out nice.Got her home good clean and I am now thinking I could keep this and just spend a few hundred on getting the little bit's done.So will be on the look out for a few bit's came from new with M-tec suspension so that's sorted and it's a shame the style 42's have started to go on the rims but can sort that.Interior has come up great for it's age with no electric seats to go wrong.Hope the journey with this one is a happy one my friend has had her 8 years so know the car very well and it's never let him down.Guess I better put a picture now. Payed my Gold membership as I think I will be here a lot
  6. WEZ E39

    Time for the Sport to go :(

    I think £1800 is very low i have seen sheds for that money and this is no shed
  7. WEZ E39

    Time for the Sport to go :(

    I kept all the original parts and looked through the others bits i have to find the ski hatch and a set of standard folding mirrors i forgot i had.I will not be taking the M5 stuff off as i do not have the standard interior and that is just to much for me to strip out.But with the other bits removed and all the work thats been done was going to try the bay at 3k'ish for the car as thats seams to be the middle of the road price for a good one.
  8. WEZ E39

    Time for the Sport to go :(

    Thanks chaps well thats sealed it then watch the for sale for some nice bits coming up soon...............
  9. WEZ E39

    Time for the Sport to go :(

    After some not to good news for me this week and some talks with the family i am having to let the sport go.As i will not be driving for a bit and can not just have it sitting there.I have had it a year and spent a fortune on her.Just some of the major bits that have been done re-con box with genuine Bmw cooler,ccv/rocker cover gasket,rad/waterpump,brakes alround,muffler delete(still have standard box) new fogs/grills/M5 grill,Full M5 interior with electric rear blind,xenons.I also fitted an digital tv box intravee and mp3 6disc player with mk4 satnav had the pixal fix done the v50 phone even works,towbar and loads more little bits bumper corners,fog lights,bonnet sound proofing i mean if it needed it it had it as i was not expecting to be off my feet this long and had hoped to keep the car for a while.Now the car does have the normal marks that come with a 12 yr old car stone chips mainly but no big car park dents.Here's the hard bit after saying all the above and talking to a few people it may be best if i put the car back to standard'ish and sell the bits like wheels,paddle steering wheel,strutbrace,digi box satnav etc as i realy need to see some return back or is this not the way to go i do not normally ask the whats it worth question but looking at prices i realy do not know the best way to go and as i only have till the end of month to do anything before the next hospital visits... If it's coming apart i need to start.What do you guys think would be the best way.Thanks
  10. Have have had this done on my sport as i wanted twin pipes and somewhere near my old E30 325 sound the place i used got it spot on no droning at motorway speeds just a nice growl.I can see what others say about keeping it silent but it was just a bit to silent for me and the single pipe i did not like.
  11. Here's my one done by http://www.powerspeed.co.uk/index.html# Did a great job just the sound i wanted and still quiet on a motorway as i also was after that E30 sound
  12. WEZ E39

    Anyone need a compressor?

    I got one of these last year it was ok but will only take the air tools they sell as the fittings on the compressor are not like are british garage fittings.When i went to change them the alloy houseing they fit in to was that poor it snapped as soon as any pressure was put on it.Realy only a hobby one pumping up tyres etc.etting a 4.5hp sealey one next.
  13. WEZ E39

    'M' Snobbery

    Well the fake M is all washed for it's trip out into the salt covered roads lets see what happens today.Thanks for all the comments glad i am not the only one to have encountered this sort of thing i guess if it happens again i will just smile and say thanks........