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  1. C9 BEAST

    Heater only heats the passenger side :(

    Did that fix it?
  2. C9 BEAST

    Breaking E32 740 M60b40, Auto, 1992

    Can I get some prices for Aircon fan Engine Under tray Interior module (pictured, one of the ones under the back seat) Harmonic damper crank pulley steering wheel cowl surround I was going to ask if you had a factory tow bar cover but I can see in the pictures it doesn't.
  3. C9 BEAST

    Diff cradle and bolts 33171131164

    Hmm I need it by the weekend ideally as cars stuck where it sits I'll see if I can get one from a pal but if not ill call and order Thanks
  4. Hello Snapped one of the bolts tonight going into my diff cradle 33171131164 on my e32 vin DE51155 Was going to look for one from a breaker but noticed a few Google results which makes me suspect they're pretty reasonable new Can I ask for Price and availability for that and 2 new bolts 07119914667 please.
  5. C9 BEAST

    M60b40 harmonic balancer

    Thank you but wasn't needed in the end, genuine crank sensor seems to have remedied my issue.
  6. C9 BEAST

    Breaking E32 740 M60b40, Auto, 1992

    Amazing I shall more than likely be working on a list to send you next week
  7. C9 BEAST

    Breaking E32 740 M60b40, Auto, 1992

    You still got this in stock?
  8. C9 BEAST

    M60b40 harmonic balancer

    Hi. Are you able to give me a price for a new harmonic balancer for my e32 740i? De51155 last few of vin
  9. C9 BEAST

    cat c

    Like he said though fezzy at least you know. Finding a car on the Market that hasn't had repairs is quite hard to do. When done well they're hard to see. At least those that were uneconomical have a record to check. My m5 turned out to be a cat d. I wasn't told, in fact I was duped as the owner showed me his hpi cert from a year previous so I didn't check, and I had sold it on again before anyone realised. When it was looked into the damage was really minor stuff, nothing remotely structural. The car was actually one of the cleanest, straightest and best looked after e34s I'd ever been in. Had it been 25% less money due to it being cat d (if the PO had been honest) id have still bought it without question. For some reason I think John w might know what car I'm talking about...
  10. Well I've had loads of e36 325s and now drive an e46 330. I think the m50 is a livelier revvier engine that feels at home being caned. All of them revved cleanly all the way through the revs which my m54 doesn't always do perfectly. However I would say the m54 is the smoother of the two. The m50 feels quite raw, almost like a tuned 4 pot. The m54 feels far more powerful, much lower down the revs, like a big engine should.
  11. C9 BEAST

    Bumper Poll: Sport, V8 or standard?

    The sport and the m5 bumpers whilst similar are noticeably not the same The sport is deeper, more angled out and comes to a vee in the middle. The m5 is much less dramatic M5 (my old m5) Sport (my old 530v8) IMO the sports pretty much the best out of the lot with perhaps the exception of the uber rare acs front.
  12. C9 BEAST

    honest opinions please

    I am averaging 22k a year with very little of that being motorway runs. My 530d auto averaged 28mpg doing this work for me. My e46 330i manual is doing the same job for 27.1 mpg average. Diesel costs more, diesel maintenance costs more (ask my credit card company how I know) and diesel car purchase costs more. The only time I'd reconsider a 3.0d is if I knew I'd be doing mostly motorway runs. That's when the mystical 40-50 mpg appears.
  13. I'm going to throw this into the debate, Body colour painted grill surrounds...
  14. C9 BEAST

    1995 E34 M5 LE vs 2003 E39 530i

    I think that really is the right choice. As much as I loved my e34 m5 the highly strung nature of it and the classic Ferrari rivalling maintenance costs always had me on edge. Comparatively my e39 540i6 with full sport bits and an m5 diff was almost the perfect all round car, great for daily use, still fairly special and I'd be surprised if an m5 would pull any distance on it head to head. I have a mechanic friend that used to service my m5 and he's a big e34 fan but chose a 540i6 over an m5 just for the more manageable costs associated. He's spent a boat load of money on it improving mechanicals, performance, suspension, bodywork etc and tbh it's better than 99% of m5s out there IMO, sounds mint too.