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  1. I'd also suggest a vcheck to see if it's got any hidden history (even when buying from main dealer I do vcheck). Congrats on the new motor!
  2. sanjx

    BMW Roadside Assistance

    They use Allianz who share resources with JLR, Aston, Lamborghini, BMW and couple of others. Recent experiences include the 750i having a proper tantrum and the 118 misfiring. Both times couldn't be more helpful and they certainly have control over the main dealers with booking allocations. however, I must caveat that both cars are under BMW insured warranty so it's seamless throughout. I don't think BMW Roadside would drop to somewhere other than main dealer but not sure
  3. sanjx

    My F01 - software updates

    Yes he offers remotly. I've seen his facebook pages suggesting he travels around aswell. There's also a chap called Sam Miah of GA coding on Facebook. On the transmission front, if I was having mine done then "BMW Connected" based out of Essex area would be my choice at present.
  4. sanjx

    My F01 - software updates

    Some independant coding people like Adam at DDCoding can do the iLevel updates. I think I paid £50 on my old 2013 F01 730d a few years ago so maybe allow £70?
  5. sanjx

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Great to see an update. I would say throw some money at it and then even if you decide to sell it, you can price it upper end knowing it's well sorted.
  6. sanjx

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    Maybe it relates to inflated tyre, deflated maybe acceptable?
  7. sanjx

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    Is renting some space at one of these storage places an option? You can get ventilated storage with insurance for not alot. Plus you'll be able to access whenever required and use any additional space to stash other car parts you may want to hide from the mrs!
  8. have you tried turning the recirculation on? Could be wind speed coming through the vents when they're open and not on recirc?
  9. sanjx

    Any other jubilee silver cars about?

    there's some lovely colours about but hard to find. I got extremely lucky to get a San Marino Blue G11 - never seen another on the road!
  10. sanjx

    Price of replacement brakes (540i)

    try the bmw-service website, i've found it alot cheaper than "in-store" prices. For comparison, my 750i brakes (front pads and discs) are about £750 on the website but well over £1k in-store. The online price is actually cheaper than buying the parts alone! (when I need them though, they'll probably have gone up)
  11. Have you tried vcheck? Even buying from main dealer, I always use vcheck as it shows up stuff HPI doesnt The date on the bonnet could be anything, maybe it was taken off to be repainted under paint warranty or to fix chips etc..also the struts - aren't they on a life expiry thing when you have to replace them after every so many years? Not that most people do so it would be strange considering it hasn't been in the dealers. Could be anything, if it looks presentable and IF it's been repaired then provided it's to a high standard then it's ok? Scrap yards tend to write as someone else has said but they tend to put the model number and chassis code, the date seems strange. Someones made the effort to put it away from the main panel but easy to find. Maybe the bonnet was taken off for something and the 9 denotes it's part number 9 which they removed from this car so they could sequence putting it back. Some smaller garages number parts to remember the order in which removed.
  12. sanjx

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    Unscrew the on to the right, screw it in to the one on the left, use and then replace later?
  13. sanjx

    Mortgage / House Move Advice.

    When we last moved, I used Liam from LT Mortgages (username Sarnie on Pistonheads - that's how I got to know him). Great advice and free until you actually apply. Try giving him a shout
  14. sanjx

    What goes here - see picture

    agree with Sir Anthony, jack pad. plenty on eBay and quite cheap. Curious why he removed it though!
  15. I did a vcheck and it gave the full VIN (i always do both vcheck and HPI). vcheck also checks if cars ever been a taxi or unrecorded write off etc..