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  1. sanjx

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Great to see an update. I would say throw some money at it and then even if you decide to sell it, you can price it upper end knowing it's well sorted.
  2. sanjx

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    Maybe it relates to inflated tyre, deflated maybe acceptable?
  3. sanjx

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    Is renting some space at one of these storage places an option? You can get ventilated storage with insurance for not alot. Plus you'll be able to access whenever required and use any additional space to stash other car parts you may want to hide from the mrs!
  4. have you tried turning the recirculation on? Could be wind speed coming through the vents when they're open and not on recirc?
  5. sanjx

    Any other jubilee silver cars about?

    there's some lovely colours about but hard to find. I got extremely lucky to get a San Marino Blue G11 - never seen another on the road!
  6. sanjx

    Price of replacement brakes (540i)

    try the bmw-service website, i've found it alot cheaper than "in-store" prices. For comparison, my 750i brakes (front pads and discs) are about £750 on the website but well over £1k in-store. The online price is actually cheaper than buying the parts alone! (when I need them though, they'll probably have gone up)
  7. Have you tried vcheck? Even buying from main dealer, I always use vcheck as it shows up stuff HPI doesnt The date on the bonnet could be anything, maybe it was taken off to be repainted under paint warranty or to fix chips etc..also the struts - aren't they on a life expiry thing when you have to replace them after every so many years? Not that most people do so it would be strange considering it hasn't been in the dealers. Could be anything, if it looks presentable and IF it's been repaired then provided it's to a high standard then it's ok? Scrap yards tend to write as someone else has said but they tend to put the model number and chassis code, the date seems strange. Someones made the effort to put it away from the main panel but easy to find. Maybe the bonnet was taken off for something and the 9 denotes it's part number 9 which they removed from this car so they could sequence putting it back. Some smaller garages number parts to remember the order in which removed.
  8. sanjx

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    Unscrew the on to the right, screw it in to the one on the left, use and then replace later?
  9. sanjx

    Mortgage / House Move Advice.

    When we last moved, I used Liam from LT Mortgages (username Sarnie on Pistonheads - that's how I got to know him). Great advice and free until you actually apply. Try giving him a shout
  10. sanjx

    What goes here - see picture

    agree with Sir Anthony, jack pad. plenty on eBay and quite cheap. Curious why he removed it though!
  11. I did a vcheck and it gave the full VIN (i always do both vcheck and HPI). vcheck also checks if cars ever been a taxi or unrecorded write off etc..
  12. A cheap HPI check on the reg should give you the VIN. If it's "the" car then maybe worth spending the £5 but auction prices are being reported to be wild at the moment with many reaching over-book. Worth checking recent sold prices
  13. Rediagnose. If you can hea the fuel pump on ignotion then it could be something else. Is the car still original or have you coded new keys or remap etc...which could have upset the DME? Is there any other errors? Try unplugging the DME and re-plugging it ensuring a good connection. Also check the earth point. It sounds moe CANBUs disabled than a physical fault and could be anything from a fuse or lose wire to a failed module or water ingress. Also just to check - the cam chain hasn't snapped has it? (everytime I see/hear 20d engine, it's first thing goes through my mind)
  14. sanjx

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    The F01 was very good, really enjoyed it. Comfy and balance of speed and economy. The 740D my freind had and it was similiar to the 730D but slightly quicker. I would go 730d over 740d to be fair
  15. sanjx

    RTI GAP insurance

    I always stick to ALA. Hoping to never need to use it (and hope you guys never do either!)
  16. sanjx

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    I had an F01 before the G11 and they've certainly continued to evolve generation to generation yet retain their familiar driving style and switch layout
  17. sanjx

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Thanks Steve. it is quite impressive from what I remember, haven't driven her for 6 weeks due a broken ankle and won't be for a while yet either! San Marino Blue with alot of extras and features. Would love to see the G11 parked up against the E32 or even E38!
  18. sanjx

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Stunning motor. I've got a G11 750 but the E32 is just something else.
  19. sanjx

    Active Steering Module is 'FUBAR'

    I I think they can be. There's a guy on facebook "Samy PC" who does coding and would be the one person I would ask as he does alot of repaits/coding/retrofit.
  20. sanjx

    Stupid, stupid!

    I only use the app, not used the website to control the car to be fair. Even then, anyone could download the app quickly and log in for you. If you were at work for example then perhaps a colleague. Can always change the password if it's someone you don't trust once your home - in such an event, get in the car and turn off GPS tracking so they don't know where you live via iDrive
  21. sanjx

    Back in a BMW!

    lovely. Welcome back! F31's are a great place to be and alot of info about retrofits/coding to truly make it your own
  22. sanjx

    peeling leather

    Also depends on the warranty and if it's the manufacture backed first 3 year or the subsequent insurance backed AUC or extended warranty I think. BMW may track manufacture claims to trend any common issues but insurance backed may just go to underwriters and not actually cross the desk of BMW themselves?
  23. sanjx

    peeling leather

    Try a different dealer. Service varies not only by dealer brand but also location
  24. Sold my old 7 recently for over a decent sum. Bank transfer done on mobile app. I made it clear, till it arrives in my bank, the car isn't leaving which can take 2 hours. ID of sender so I could check the account name matched when money arrived and transfer done in front of me whilst at my house so I knew it wasn't being done on some dodgy device. Done this a few times now and it's worked well. Just keep your wits about you and don't let the keys out of sight nor the paperwork until you've cleared funds.
  25. sanjx

    Caffeine & Machine - E39 M5 2021 gathering

    Ah would love to go! Wonder if my old M5 will be there, Y252***. If I'm able to walk again or even travel before the 4th then I'll be there. Maybe we could have a list of those attending, BMW5 coffee corner maybe