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  1. sanjx

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    BMW F01 730d coming out as follows: Engine Oil Service - £129 Engine oil service + microfilter - £285.48 Engine oil service and all filters - £454.28 DPF - £1487.72
  2. sanjx

    Extended warranty costs

    Have you tried the BMW warranty website? Pop number plate and mileage in and it'll give you a quote. It does up over 60k miles so try and get it in before or take it on monthlies
  3. sanjx

    Advice on selling a car....

    Ah good stuff. I've got 730d but don't want to trade in as I need to buy a snotter just for work which will be a very big chunk less than the 7 will sell for. It's on Tootle now and BMW dealer coming back to me tomorrow with a revised offer. Let's see what happens Cheers
  4. sanjx

    Advice on selling a car....

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but where did you end up selling? I'm currently considering it but the spec makes it difficult as most online tools disregard the spec and remaining warranty - with no option of putting it in anywhere.
  5. Mines back home Almost 4 weeks but all sorted and had the call this morning out of the blue. Only downside is it's blatently been parked near some sort of flying rat feeding area as it's covered in bird excrement and it may have burnt through! My fault though as I asked them not to wash it. They also did me a decent price on the pads and discs which were required - just under £200 more than I could have done them with using ECP parts (after discount) but it's been done by them, included the sensor and service history updated. Considering selling shortly and on the 7 series, some people may get funny about it not having the BMW stamp considering it's under warranty foor another year and abit yet. Looking forward to giving it a proper clean the weekend!!
  6. sanjx

    F10 520d oil breather pipe

    blocked valve? Which would have led to over pressure and the original pipe tearing. Check the full breather system and look for blockages. Suspect it's gunged up elsewhere within the system and the pipe was the weakest point.
  7. sanjx

    Quick question

    spotted this by accident - wrong forum section dude. F10 would be more relevant
  8. sanjx

    F10 iDrive service history update

    As sjak92 days. Failing that, keep the receipt and that'll act as service history. You can buy a blank book also and use it in the traditional method.
  9. Enterprise didn't have any when they called me Friday to check all was well. Still in a 330d and no news on when I'm getting my 7 back yet. Actually filled it up yesterday as I've given up doing a couple of days at a time. Enterprise gave it empty so needs to go back empty but without knowing how long I've got it, difficult to know how much fuel to put in!
  10. I read something similar when researching the EGR recall. It maybe a loose boost hose or something. I would get BMW assist out if under warranty or get it back in to the dealers. 1.5 weeks does seem very quick for a replacement though, extremely lucky to have your car back so soon!
  11. Mines 2 weeks in now and still no visibility on parts available. Had a chat with BMW UK and they offered me alternative hire cars from enterprise such as a Mokka! Will stick with the 330d for now but missing the 7's comfort and features. Always thought putting the miles on someone else's car would be fun but nothing beats being in your own car.
  12. sanjx

    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    Sorry buddy but won't be passing solihull tomorrow now. Mates coming to mine instead. Hope Sunday goes well!
  13. sanjx

    Snow foam recommendations

    BH Autofoam is my go to. Decent cleaning power, not part of a 2/3 part system either. I also keep a stock of Magifoam as it gives better effect but the cleaning power isn't as good as the thinner BH AF
  14. sanjx

    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    Will drop you a PM tomorrow if it's confirmed I'm going Saturday and I can find out the sales guys and car details from you.
  15. sanjx

    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    If it's Sytner, can they not send you a video? I won't be passing there until Saturday (which is a maybe) otherwise I'm passing on Wednesday.
  16. sanjx

    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    I often pass it, work just past it and live south of it by about 20 miles although not really planning to be in the office now till next week. Description of the favour and I'm sure one of us will try and help.
  17. Mine's in at the dealer and quarantined. I asked them how much it maybe worth towards another or for a sale and even they won't give me a price as they've no indication as to how long it'll be awaiting the part and therefore depreciating sat in the yard. Enterprise car's been authorised for 3 months!!
  18. sanjx

    Approved Used Prices

    Lots of factors such as how long they've had it, market price and interest can influence they're appetite to reduce the price. How does it compare to the market asking prices? You can check how long they've had it from the URL on Autotrader for example as it usually gives the date the advert was first placed - always a good conversation point. Also relationship with the dealer. "My" dealer knows what I'm like so will show me what they've usually purchased the car in for as PX and we then work the price up from that adding AUC check, any work required, any extras I want etc...
  19. Well My F01 is now quarantined. Had a 420d coupe thing for the weekend (awfully under-powered and overly thirsty) and returned that today to be swapped in to an Enterprise special. A 6 month old 330d with a full array of hire car features such as kerbed alloys, scratches all over and the faint smell of fags being masked by overly powerful air freshener. No indicative timescale from BMW on the availability of parts so time to get comfy in the 3er
  20. sanjx

    White dots on map?

    I think the white dots are roads that are closed.
  21. If it relies on speed limit signage, the councils will begin moaning about the cost of cleaning signage and stopping shrubs and trees overgrowing and covering the signs. Imagine being on a 40, coming in to a 30 but car says it's 40 and then you get caught speeding. Too many flaws and I don't think it'll work, especially when people start planting trees near speed limit signs and spraying them with muck before racing up and down the carriageway to clear the DPF filter! If it relies on GPS then echo comments above about it being unreliable. GPS won't be updated instantly so has the hard shoulder running and variable speed limits been a waste of time? I know I'm removing the whole human element in the above but that's what will happen. People will switch off to usual sensible speed travel and start thinking "if the car says I can do 40 then I shall do 40, in fact I'll keep my foot to the floor and not lift it and the car will automatically stop me speeding!". The loud pedal will be a switch like go-karts! /rant over
  22. The time resets for oil and vehicle check based on "today" + 2/4 years. However, on my old F10, I recall the MOT being on there as "statutory check" or something which was "today" + 1 year. Brakes are distance and sensor driven.
  23. sanjx

    Oil level

    Glad to hear you got it sorted. Did they remove much? On BMW's of old, it use to be approx 1litre from Min-Max on the dipstick. Not sure on the F series these days.
  24. sanjx

    Best Way to Clean Carpet Mats

    Halfords sell "Groom". Give them a good vac, agitate with a stiff brush and vac again before spraying with "groom" carpet cleaner. wip off with damp brush, agitate again with stiff brush and spray more groom followed by giving it another going over with the brush. Then clean off with microfibre and see if they need a jet wash off. I've used this method for ingrained dirt and it's worked a treat. Trick with foaming cleaners is that the foam is lifting the dirt out of the fibres hence the first spray is wiped off and not worked in with a brush - otherwise your just driving the dirt thats been lifted back in. As with all cleaners, try out of sight first to ensure colour doesn't run. Detailing forums also suggest using APC and a stuff brush with a wet vac.
  25. Booked mine in for a couple of weeks time. Tried to charge me £15 for a courtesy car for the day..swiftly reminded them that they've sold me a faulty car (which happens to be AUC so it's not like I purchased it privately and it's still under warranty also) and that it's enough having to drop it off/pick it up because of their fault but to try and charge me £15 too is taking the biscuit. Especially considering it's only a few miles away so gave them the option of collection/drop off or waiving the fee. Soon got a call to say they'll do it this time...