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  1. im not broed as such, being a student im kind of taking out my uni boredom on cars. i love this car but theresnothing i can do to it to make it any better, its superb. i just want to taste other BMW's too, having had an E46 and now an E39, i want to try the X series, and then when older the 7. no doubt i think the 5 will always be my fav.
  2. sanjx

    Newbie from Nottingham - student :)

    im a 21yr old student, and have got a 530D....i only work 2 days a week too...does that make me a liar for being able to save, and work hard for my dreams? :S
  3. i want an X5, if everyone else is selling, might aswell join you. what you think mine is worth? 2001/51 530D Sport 77k Miles Leather/Satnav/TV/Xenon FBMWSH immaculate condition T+T 12months
  4. sanjx

    Pesky Mice!

    we had rats in our ktichen extension loft, one call to pest control and within 7 days (using poisoned wheat i think it was) and there gone , found a shed load of them in next doors garden dead. cost us nothing, fre council service from birmingham county council. would think most local councils do it. worth a try.
  5. sanjx

    hey everyone

    Well Here I Am, Hello Everyone. Ive Just Come Over From BMWLand, Thanks To A Recomendation From A Member. Im 21 From Birmingham And Heres My Car Its a late 2001 530D M sport. 76k on the clock. full bmw service history (recent oil service) and runs smooth as silk. Bit of a change compared to my E46, its alot bigger and more comfy. The spec is: Silver M Sport Black Leather 17" Alloys (Looking for 18" M Para's) Xenons Tv/Sat Nav/Computer/V50 Phone Front/Rear PDC High OBC Tinted Windows (Uncertain of percentages but limo on back and heavy smoke on front) ///M Badge (Soon to be removed) And The Pics For You All To Enjoy: PS: I Know the driveway is dirty, its the highwinds and local school children who help all the rubbbish collate in our street, and yes i know i need new number plates. There 4 yrs old now and been on 4 different cars, the screw holes dont do them any justice, and last thing is the E46 in the background is my old beast, parked up waitin for a new owner to come n whisk her away. planned mods: 18" Alloys Blacked out front grills DVD Player New Number Plates and BMW Holders Silver-vision indicators
  6. sanjx

    Oil service cost

    i had an oil service on my 530D and it wasnt much, around the £170 mark all inclusive on the 4+ scheme. Inspection 1 is just under £250. i currently use Sytner in solihull.
  7. sanjx

    Motorola handsets?

    i have a non-bmw V50 in my car and everyfeature including Sms/directory work. HTH
  8. sanjx

    hey everyone

    lol how u doing cheif? upon your recommendation im here , cheers for the tip.