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  1. It is indeed dealer code. Not sure if a list exists somewhere but you could ring BMW customer service and ask if the current owner doesn't know. As it's all digital, BMW Customer Service should be able to confirm all history of the car by phone (I think it's a premium number)
  2. sanjx

    Broken down

    Aux belt? Is it totally dead?
  3. Once had an 8mm bit, the whole thing straight threw an almost new tyre - hadn't even covered 100miles! Straight back to BMW to buy another. How it managed to get completely through and not damage the rim itself I don't know.
  4. I would stick it on Tootle with faults, see what feedback is like then decide wether to fix. Good point by tlewis about WBAC. Doubt they'll spot leaking suspension or faulty sunroof cover - but the price will reflect every stone chip and scratch but worth a try no less. your not commited by either WBAC or Tootle by just putting details on to website
  5. Try Tootle? Declare the faults you know of and let the dealers bid. Usually more than WBAC
  6. sanjx

    Forum Offer

    Excellent prices and great gesture!
  7. sanjx

    MPG issues

    The range doesn't reflect what will happen. The only real test is brrim to brim and actual mileage covered over a few tank fulls of fuel.
  8. £1k/10k miles is about the right balance. To be honest, I would wait out for a petrol or consider a different model if you don't need a diesel. Short journeys may lead to problem with DPF etc.. and you'll wish you had waited. Just my 2p's worth
  9. I think the coating is between the glass somehow. I've just cleaned my windscreen this morning and can't say I felt under my hand any difference in texture for the HUD area.
  10. Quite surprised a car with headlight washers and such a high spec doesn't have xenons?
  11. sanjx

    Bmw newbie

    I assumed as it's the buttons then it would have it, apologies
  12. Coding is quite a cheap way to start customising your car. Have you considered it? I quite like no seat belt beep, rear lights on with DRLs,
  13. sanjx

    Wheel bolt problem

    Mcguard I think are one of the best for aftermarket security bolts?
  14. sanjx

    Head Light Washer

    Or use a short burst of washer fluid a few times before running the wipers manually. This works for me on long journeys when I don't want to wash half the front of the car. Quick 1 second burst 2/3 times followed by a couple of wipes of the screen and it's clear without loosing lights. The vehicle moving helps move the fluid up the screen so it gives good coverage.
  15. sanjx

    Bmw newbie

    Welcome Looks like you've also VDC which is a great option along with xenons judging by the brightness of the halo's. On parking sensor front, get it on to a diag machine using proper software and it'll soon highlight which sensor is playing up. The diag is really detailed and it's easy to find the fault. There's a decent BMW specialist near Blackpole (Droitwich) although I think they've changed their name recently. See you around
  16. sanjx

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    If it was my car, I would ensure to always use premium unleaded. That way, you'll avoid any bad fuel issues with petrol going off overtime. Plus you'll benefit from the higher octane when you do drive the car. I know it's down to personal opinion on premium fuel benefits but I always try and use them if doing limited mileage (bit different if I'm planning to hammer through a tank of fuel in a couple of days in which case it doesn't matter aslong as it burns to an extent!)
  17. sanjx

    A Trip Up North

    Might be worth a trip out towards the shopping outlet near Chester. Cheshire Oaks I think it's called. Nice day out but can get expensive.
  18. sanjx

    Carbon Black

    ahh ok I would use it as a practicing bonnet before having a respray. Sounds perfect for trying abit of wet sanding and polishing technique's
  19. sanjx

    Carbon Black

    You'll be amazed at what a good detailer can do to the paint. I wouldn't go down the respray route unless there's chips and scratches which are deep. Consider a machine detail first, maybe even go and see a local detailer to see what they think is possible. It'll also save you a few quid!
  20. sanjx

    Body control module

    I would defo do a proper diag and review the full code set. Also check the battery voltage again and see what state it's in. I wouldn't be swapping modules on a wim as it'll cost alot in coding and changing and may not fix it.
  21. sanjx

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    The more I look at them, the more they are growing on me. I do quite like the pre-facelift though and they are becoming excellent value for money!
  22. My personal view (as it isn't AUC but a 3rd party dealer) would be that it's calibrated before pick up or they accept £500 less, and you pay that upon the outstanding works being completed. Some of these car super markets withhold money if your P/X without a log book for example so why not do the same back to them. As soon you've driven off the forecourt, some supermarkets will forget they owe you anything and it could be a drag (or they may well value the custom and deliver on the promise but I'm not that trusting)
  23. sanjx

    What do you have as security?

    There's a number of systems like Ghost and Pandora. Each to it's own and I don't think many would be comfortable saying what (if anything) they have fitted to their respective car on an open forum. Likewise with trackers and OBD relocation. Visual stuff like disclocks are easier to discuss as they are visual from outside. ALso don't forget to secure your property, stuff like flood lights on PIR, anti-snap locks etc...
  24. Gave the F01 a good scrub inside out, summer wheels treated to C5 Friday ready to go on yesterday and summers now off. Bird poo stains also polished out nicely and a coat of wax applied. Need to give the whole car a machine over at some point but happy to see it back to looking complete on summers, clean and ready for the week ahead Looking forward to seeing how the C5 holds up at the first wash. Never used ceramic coating before so quite interested in it's performance.
  25. sanjx

    Extended warranty costs

    Is it with the extended warranty that you must use BMW for servicing as the EU block exemption doesn't apply? I know with standard 3 yrs and AUC that you can use any VAT registered garage who uses OEM parts - or am I mistaken?