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  1. sanjx

    12 v in door wire.

    Had a quick search online as it's now made me curious and found this link (hope I'm not breaking any rules posting) https://www.2addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1606986 His taken power from the handle I think?
  2. sanjx

    12 v in door wire.

    The window regulator would be 12v? Maybe easier and safer just to tuck a new fused wire through the existing loom.
  3. Have you considered giving it a go yourself? Iron remover, tar disolver, clay bar, machine, couple of pads, some Sonax PO85rd (or modern equiv) topped with Poorboys Blackhole and your E39 would look fab. That;s just a typical combo and tweak according to your preference but it'll give you a decent finish and be done in a day. If your only doing it for the next owner then I would seriously suggest giving it a good clean and decontamination (iron/tar removal) but then skip straight Autoglym super resin polish and top with some FK1000p. You'll be amazed at what can be achieved by hand with that combo. The SRP fills swirls and FK1000 gives a lovely finish. Just my 2ps worth and I'm sure others who know more will chip in
  4. sanjx

    Stupid, stupid!

    if you know your connected drive username/password, could get someone else to login and unlock the car remotly instead of travelling to you. Its the one thing we've got setup on both my phone and the wifes for this eventuality
  5. sanjx

    Progress on my project e39

    lovely. Do miss my old E39's
  6. sanjx

    Car insurance renewal time

    Change the excess and get excess insurance. Costs about £45 for £1000 cover and it can save you more than it costs All comes down to area, risk etc.. as others have said. We find some of the smaller names more competitive but those same names woudln't cover us if we were in a larger town or city. Also find switching between the online and phone based versions of the same compnies can yeald a difference (such as quote me happy/aviva or Darwin/UKI). If your defo keeping your car for 12 months then Adrian Flux could be a good choice. They've always offered to beat the lowest premium I've got and always have but if you ever want to cancel, your not getting more than about £2 back after the cooling off period nor a decent premium if you change car mid-policy as you lose the price match discount. There's a forum discount code for them and they're most helpful when you speak to them
  7. sanjx

    Key fob

    Lots of independant locksmiths who can code these now. Find your local and see if they can help. I've seen prices around £120 inc supplying the key advertised but as Mike says above, try re-syncing the key first
  8. sanjx

    Shaking on start up - 3.0 Diesel F10

    It could just need a nice top up of diesel followed by a thrash to clear out any moisture which has built up in the fuel system.
  9. sanjx

    Major Service query

    I've used BG244K in previous BMW diesels and it's been beneficial. One of my 530d's smoked alittle after I had put it in for a few miles before clearing up and it self alot smoother so it must have worked (or done something). Alot of interesting forum posts about it all over the internet. I use BG44 in petrols and it's similiar
  10. sanjx

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    I'm not self employed so went the complete opposite to EV and have just bought myself a G11 750i. We're all going to end up electric at some point in the future so may aswell enjoy the fossil fuels whilst we can (and no EV is going to sound as good as an ICE!)
  11. sanjx

    Time for a change?

  12. sanjx

    Tracker Removal

    i don't think you do, you can leave it and they'll just pass the details to whomever buys the car. Some fitters will remove and re-fit to your new vehicle for a small fee and this would then carry over your remaining subscription aswell so you don't end up paying again. Worth asking the question about transfer if it interests you
  13. sanjx

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    fair play, look forward to seeing the finished article!
  14. sanjx

    Private plate removal

    I recently took mine off and the retention cert was about 2 days behind the logbook. It's alot smaller envelope (same shade of brown though) than the logbook as I'm sure your aware so easy to think of it as normal/junk mail
  15. Quick fix! I haven't been following the news much but didn't realise 5km rule for Ireland. Could he perhaps get a Ctek charger to keep it topped up between uses?
  16. sanjx

    Next car?

    Have you considered a 7 series? Brilliant value, higher base spec and comfortable. I went from my E39's to an F10 and then an F01. The F01 really was a cut above whilst keeping the familiarity of the F10 controls and layout
  17. In laymans terms, try jacking the car up at home, take off the wheel and put the wheel back on using a torque wrench to tighten the bolts and see if this fixes it
  18. Have you tried simply removing and re-fitting the wheels at home to the right torque? It could be something as simple as a stretched bolt which, when the wheel has been removed and re-fitted, is being tightened up and takes alittle while to become slightly loose again. Just a thought
  19. sanjx

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    Look slovely that. Its amazing now how modern cars become so quickly uneconomical to repair. I think the future will be worse with batteries etc.. meaning £5-8k replacement cost making them uneconomical to repair at a much younger age.
  20. sanjx

    How to dispute a property valuation?

    COVID and Brexit are being factored but only for "formal" valuations. Your selling your own property so you can name your price. Don't need a RICS surveyor to value the property, 3 estate agents, check their terms and pick which works for you. The market as said above will dicttate the value by virtue of people making offers for what they feel the property is worth in their view.
  21. sanjx

    Buying advice for F11

    Do have a look at AUC, seen some petrol F11's going through recently with sensible mileage and spec.
  22. sanjx

    Tracker Help Needed.

    Did you make a note of the mileage on the odometer when you dropped it off? Easy way of telling how much it's been used and no need for tracker data
  23. sanjx

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    haha yes, Hunter not hunger!
  24. cabin filters would be first port of call. PLus try running it in anger for a while (say 30mins plus) as it may clear itself. Try 15mins on max then 15mins on low to allow the system really to be pushed to it's extremes and see what it highlights?
  25. sanjx

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Wheel balancing and suspension brushes comes to mind although I would start with wheel balancing. Perhaps consider a 4 wheel alignment on a hunger machine also when balancing so you know the geometry is well. Could even be a buckled alloy which again, is simple to rule out if you have access to a spare wheel?