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  1. sanjx

    Best Way to Clean Carpet Mats

    Halfords sell "Groom". Give them a good vac, agitate with a stiff brush and vac again before spraying with "groom" carpet cleaner. wip off with damp brush, agitate again with stiff brush and spray more groom followed by giving it another going over with the brush. Then clean off with microfibre and see if they need a jet wash off. I've used this method for ingrained dirt and it's worked a treat. Trick with foaming cleaners is that the foam is lifting the dirt out of the fibres hence the first spray is wiped off and not worked in with a brush - otherwise your just driving the dirt thats been lifted back in. As with all cleaners, try out of sight first to ensure colour doesn't run. Detailing forums also suggest using APC and a stuff brush with a wet vac.
  2. Booked mine in for a couple of weeks time. Tried to charge me £15 for a courtesy car for the day..swiftly reminded them that they've sold me a faulty car (which happens to be AUC so it's not like I purchased it privately and it's still under warranty also) and that it's enough having to drop it off/pick it up because of their fault but to try and charge me £15 too is taking the biscuit. Especially considering it's only a few miles away so gave them the option of collection/drop off or waiving the fee. Soon got a call to say they'll do it this time...
  3. sanjx

    Rumble and roar on acceleration

    Also check tyre pressure, it can impact side wind alot (too higher pressure can mean less contact area=instability at high speed)
  4. had the bright red notice for my F01 yesterday. Time to get it booked in. Not looking forward to it as lots of stories of cars taking weeks/months to be returned.
  5. sanjx

    What pads to remove oxidation and swirls?

    I would have a quick look on detailing world. I'm not sure on how megs compounds work out but you don't want to mix a heavy cut pad with a heavy cut compound as you may end up burning through the paint. Trick is to start with a light combination and find one which works for you. I've used Menz PO85rd with a yellow pad to achieve a nice finish. Did you go for a DA polisher? or is it a rotary?
  6. sanjx

    Cleaning my car

    FK1000P is fantastic stuff, I try and apply atleast twice a year but often more. My old F10 was probably more 4/5 times a year as the flakes really popped and the paint cleaning was made so easy. I have written that and the gallon of Tardis in my will as I don't think I'll get through them in my lifetime though!!
  7. sanjx

    Cleaning my car

    My routine is similar to Dan 1) Wheels with Bilberry, left to dwell then microfibre mitt to get in to the nooks and crannies before blasting off with pressure washer 2) Snow foam using pressure washer. Foam choice depends on my mood, Magifoam for lots of foam or BH Auto Foam (but I'll add abit of BH Auto Wash to each as I think it improves performance) if I want cleaning power and not much effect 3) whilst thats dwelling, small brush to get round badges and between panel gaps, around lights etc.. and a long handled brush for doing the underneath and jacking points 4) blast off thoroughly 5) two bucket wash with grit guards. I like BH Auto Wash shampoo, very slick! 6) blast off with pressure washer including door shuts, boot panel and arches 7) open ended hose to rinse the car and sheet off water 8 ) then dry with microfibre using QD (FK425) for a shine and as drying aid OR dry with microfibre then go round with a light spray of Sonax BSD if forecast is wet OR if it's a nice day and I'm done early then a choice of polish/wax. 9) tyre shine, G-Techniq T1/T2 depending on weather forecast 10) Windows cleaned/dried with Rainx 2 in 1 (apart from windscreen) and paper towels 11) Windscreen wiped over with Eco-cloth and water
  8. sanjx

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    Most pubs where I live are village pubs and £4-5 a pint isn't unusual. Not really seen many below £4. When in London (quite often), don't think I've seen many below £5!! When in Bham, do often see pries starting with a £3 but becoming a rarity. I know a place in Worcester doing £2/pint of real ale tomorrow so I know where I'll be watching the Six Nations!
  9. sanjx

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    Depends on the deal but I've quite a good relationship with my local dealership and they tend to show the value. c£600 for 2nd year on F01
  10. sanjx

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    When buying AUC, you could always ask about 2nd year warranty so you've 2 years cover. It's what I tend to do when buying outright.
  11. When anything becomes due, it'll make a right fuss, turn orange then red so don't worry, you won't miss it.
  12. sanjx

    F10 535i Starting Problem

    Would also try a tank of super unleaded just incase it's just a poor batch of fuel? Has it happened only with recent tank or previous tank fulls aswell?
  13. sanjx

    Halogen headlight replacement bulbs

    I replace halogen bulbs in any non-xenon car we've got with Osram night breakers cool blue intensive. Not expensive but noticable difference and they aren't hideously blue either. Only thing to note is that due to the higher temperatures, the bulbs are said to blow quicker but I've not experienced this first hand
  14. sanjx

    Advice on selling a car....

    Try Tootle?
  15. sanjx

    Former Police F11 reviewed

    haha I feel normal now. The button on mine is called "Sync" I think. Wife knows not to press anything, uses just the centre vent controller to adjust temperature now after almost being banned from sitting in the front! (at which point she reminded me that it's 4 zone climate and then I wouldn't even know shes messed with it, which would have driven me nuts)