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  1. sanjx

    Cleaning wheel arches

    Megs APC or any domestic APC with a stuff brush and blasted with pressure washer. I leave it to dwell for 5mins whilst I clean the alloys. then whilst cleaning the arch I also use APC to clan the tyre ready for tyre dressing post completion of the wash
  2. sanjx

    Ebay GPS trackers, any good

    Lots off different technology out there at the moment for security. From Autowatch Ghost to Pandora and then old favorites like Clifford and Toad (I'm starting to lean towards older independent alarm tech as most thieves these days rely on relay theft. Put them up against an old school Clifford and they wouldn't know what to do! Trackers can be blocked but check out Youtube for videos of Automatrics to see what they can be capable off Disclock and physical means to make your car visibly appear more difficult than the others still remain good options. If using disclock, don't forget to read up on the modification
  3. sanjx

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    You've fixed it now but if you paid by credit card, would that have offered any protection to cover seeking a refund under the distance selling regulations?
  4. sanjx

    Need some help here pls

    Shouldn't be £500 at all. Ask the mods to move this topic to the F10 sub-forum and you'll get an answer. Sounds to me like the bulb itself - if halogen
  5. Nothing yet but have raised a case with eBay so i'll either get my money back or a fake impact driver. 8 days will tell
  6. sanjx

    Need some help here pls

    What's the issue you experiencing, is it just one halo not working? both on one side or all 4? abit more background would held understand the issue
  7. sanjx

    Lockdown Project Disappointment

    I've got a similar problem. Our water mains meter is next to the garage but the actual external tap is round the back of the house. The price people want to dig a 1m deep hole, take a new connection and then drill through in to the garage is extortionate. Thinking maybe a water butt is a better option
  8. At that price, might as well give it a go. Can always raise a case with eBay if it doesn't turn up and they tend to side with the seller 9.9 times out of 10 anyway whenever I sell anything. Will let you know if it's capable of taking the lid off a pen
  9. sanjx

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Started separating screws from nails and other general rubbish in the garage and putting them in separate tubs for when I need them (everyone has that box of stuff they don't want to throw out as you'll defo need it in the future!). Ended up quite well hydrated and resorted to having a Camembert and garlic bread instead of continuing as it's raining, cold and the WC means walking back to the house every 10mins
  10. sanjx

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    BBQ, enjoyed the sunshine, very well hydrated!! and now relaxing ready for an early start tomorrow to wash the car before the wet week ahead
  11. sanjx

    BMW 7 series, Ugly!

    Spoken to the doctor, apparently I was having Cornea-virus....I'll get my coat
  12. sanjx

    Mother care cot bed free to good home.

    We purchased second hand a few months ago when our little one was born and paid less than half the price and where over the moon. Free is an absolute god send when spending so much on children! Have you considered a bit of a project? Maybe put the tall end back on, turn it over, some 18mm ply and you've a work bench? Use the existing base as a shelf half way up. Maybe even put the one side panel back on and then the other can be hinged so you've a cage at the bottom for any sprays/chemicals you don't want the kids to be able to reach, is lockable and a work bench on top? Just a thought
  13. sanjx

    BMW 7 series, Ugly!

    I've actually started to quite like it. The grill is huge but picture that in silver with a blacked out grill and it could be manacing. Also less bumper to get stone chipped
  14. sanjx

    Pressure washer questions

    All depends on how much you want to spend. I've got a Karcher K2. Had it for many years. Right amount of pressure for cleaning the car without worrying about ripping off the paint. Purchased a longer 8m hose to make it more practical and it's spot on for what would be under £100. If I was buying new, I would probably go K7 but with a vario-lance or Kranzle if I could extend my budget to it. I've seen the K7 for under £200 on Karcher outlet.
  15. sanjx

    Bit of a detail

    excellent combo. I've been meaning to machine the F01 but will probably end up replacing it before I get the time (or have the energy)