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  1. ajl530d

    Newb 5.

    Weclome Chris, like you I have a new F10 just a few days now. So will be reading the forum to learn what other people have been doing. Do like your car in Imperial Blue. My (now v old) E39 is Aegean Blue which makes the car look great - much better than Black or White imho.
  2. ajl530d

    Just got a 2016 F10 535d

    Andrew, thanks for VIn decoder, that gives an easy to read list. Yes I am finding I like the Head up Display, while the tow bar was an unexpected extra since it is retractable so I didn't see it at first. is it possible to find out what the list price was when new? Now off to read the forums for how to update the SatNav which I found is the original 2016-1 version.
  3. ajl530d

    Recommended Garages/Services/Suppliers

    Hi everyone, looked through all of the pages and am s urprised there are so few personally recommended service shops. Does anyone have rcommendations for anywhere in Dorset. I just changed my loved E39 530 for an F10 535 (see newbie topic). It's an amazing car and want to find a good home for servicing. thanks if you can help.
  4. ajl530d

    Just got a 2016 F10 535d

    Finally bought an F10, still have my old E39 530d (not sure whether to keep it or sell it). New car is amazing to drive. Anyone know what the options are Vin is G685993 and do you have a 2016 price list?
  5. ajl530d

    530d Aegean Blue 200,000 miles, advice please

    Clavurion, thanks again for this helpful update. I have the belts now and the water pump. Seen the oil separator kit for a £10 on Motormec. Can you tell me if changing just the oil separator is an easy/quick job or does it mean taking off the inlet manifold? Thanks for the great video about the alternator brushes. thanks a lot ajl530d
  6. ajl530d

    530d Aegean Blue 200,000 miles, advice please

    Hi bigrigbri, I am in Dorset, any chance this garage is down here? What was the enginuity that saved you a wedge? Did the garage supply the recon unit and then took yours in exchange?
  7. ajl530d

    530d Aegean Blue 200,000 miles, advice please

    Hi Clavurion, thank you very much for your useful comment. I was thinking about buying new belts when the water pump is changed. I ordered a Meyle pump off Ebay for £47. The belts I was looking at are from Gates, are they ok or should I get BMW? These 2 only cost £20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gates-Alternator-Fan-Drive-V-Belt-For-BMW-Daihatsu-Land-Rover-Ribbed-5PK810/112493955169?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 and https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gates-Multi-Rib-Auxiliary-Drive-V-Belt-5PK2063/172886827357?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Yes will order the newer vortex part, thanks for the part number. This one is from Motromec at £34 for a complete unit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crankcase-Breather-Vortex-BMW-E60-530d-M57N-engines-FEBI-11127799225/392034490321?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Hadn't thought about the glow plugs. Will have a look to see what they cost. For the allternator, how easy is it to get if off the car and where can you get the brushes (partnumber?) Does it need to go to a specialist? Yes I will look to change the diferential oil, can an ordinary garage do this or should it be a specialist? thanks a lot, ajl530d
  8. ajl530d

    530d Aegean Blue 200,000 miles, advice please

    Hi Andrew, thank you for the advice. I forgot about the turbo, it did blow 100k ago and was replaced. The cooling system has always had regular fluid change and temp gauge has always sat right in the middle. Oh yes it's coming back to me now, I did change the outside temp sensor, heater blower and hedgehog so heating is all good. A/C is ice cold too especially in this weather. Oil consumptionis zero. I did have the front bumper and side panel resprayed recently to take out the stone chips and a tesco trolley scrape. Oh yes the offside rear door leaked twice. And I was bumped twice in the back so the rear bumper is new (twice). One time I was in the car, parked, and I saw the car behind me reverse out of their space and straght into me!
  9. Hi everyone, I am an E39 driver and not a DIYer or mechanic. I love this forum for all the helpful advice, amazed really at how much knowledge there is and the help you all willingly give. Anyway just to say my E39 530d (I know just enough to be dangerous) which I bought as a 3 year old in 2006 and stayed with me ever since has passed 200,000 miles. I have never kept a car so long or reached this mileage. I just love the car! Managed to take some photos on a sunny day. The car has been fully maintained at a local indy so I have a huge folder with all bills. Car is standard except for a remap and you may notice the M5 mirrors. Probably the only non standard failure was Number 5 injector (was a pain as changed battery, fuel pump before getting to the root casue). Now for your best advice, I am aware of all the potential problems/issues so what do you suggest is needed to keep it running. (Am willing to treat the old girl ) Here is current status of some key parts: - Water pump and cooling system, all original to my knowedge - Crank case breather, may be original - Swirl Flaps and inlet manifold, original - Auto transmission, original - Differential, original If you can provide any estimated cost for garage work and time required and a known source for any parts that would be most helpful. The car drives fast and quiet, fuel economy on the Motorway is 40mpg+ and transmission is totally smooth. Many thanks to all.
  10. Hi just seen that you have E39 OEM mats in grey, can you let me know if still available and what price delivered?
  11. ajl530d

    18" M Parallels

    Kezbo is right about the tyre sizes. I have an E39 530d with the M parallels and the rears are definitely 265/35/18 as I always have to order them from the tyre shops. Super looking wheels, just have to clean them so they look great on the car.
  12. ajl530d

    530d 1999 horrid grumble noises

    I would be interested to hear from the experts on the forum. What mileage have you done as I'm wondering how long the wheel bearings usually last. I have some vibration under braking in the 40-80mph range and understand this is likely to be worn bushes (but I don't know which ones).
  13. I took my TM out since its useless very easy just unplug connector and replace with the cupholders which is much more useful to me!
  14. ajl530d

    folding mirrors - link to the locking of the car??

    I would love to do the same, can you tell me where you got the parts and the part numbers? ihave an e39 530d. What work is required to fit the controls and how long does it take? I have seen window/mirror control with the extra button but what is the other part and where does it go? thks as I am a novice hence the quesitons!!
  15. ajl530d

    I've just got meself an 18mm ARB!!

    Sounds like you got a great deal I wouldn't mind finding the 16.5mm rear ARB for mine cheap on Ebay This was my first post/trying to be helpful..just got the wrong series