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  1. ajl530d

    Vacuum Hoses

    @Ray112 that's great to know, thank very much
  2. ajl530d

    Vacuum Hoses

    Could you tell me how many vacuum lines are there and where they are located - is there a digram on realoem?
  3. @ttrw2 Rob, can you tell me how long it would take, using this tool, for a local garage to do? I'm not a mechanic! My e39 has 200k miles on the clock so I assume it probably needs to done but I don't know what the symptons are if they are failing. For my education (and others perhaps) what are the basic steps involved ie what needs to be removed to get to the bushes? many thanks Alastair
  4. Hi Tim, do you still have the rear passenger courtesy light in black?
  5. ajl530d

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Hi, been followng the multiple egr recall topics and finally have joined the club. By the way great info and support from everyone on this site. So had the earlier info0211056 message but today got a Vehicle Safety Recall letter in the post with Recall code 0011420500 'To make sure your that your vehicle is in perfect working order, we would like to replace the EGR cooler.' This is the first time I was contacted although my car is a 2016 535d with 27k on the clock. Is there anything else I should expect or ask them to do as part of this recall?
  6. ajl530d

    e39 530d sport wanted

    Hi Pierce, just by chance I looked in on Wanted today. I have owned my car since 2003, been a dream car all that time Well I have a 2003 530d Aegean Bluelimited edition which I bought from the first owner when it was 3 years old. I have an intro topic with pics of the car and you can get a fair idea of the car from that. If you are interested let me know and I can update you on more recent details (front wheel hub and new bearing, diff oil changed, crankcase breather changed, recent MOT work: sill repaired £800 , rear spring changed, new main brake lines). Exterior: rear repainted, I had the front bumper and side wing painted, then at same time as latest MOT the bonnet was repained £800. I hve quite a few new parts which can be discussed (new Brembo front & rear braje discs and pad, water pump, belts and 5 genuine new BMW diesel injectors, (had 6 but used 1 replace failed number 5). I also have 3 genuine wheels. Still drives as mentioned in the topic, a/c ice cold, mpg is excellent. MY BMW E39 530d Aegean Blue
  7. ajl530d

    Why I've ended up with an e39.

    Hi @Ocallen great to read your story. Happy New Year to you. I have a 2003 E39 530d and bought it in 2006. Saw the car on Autotrader and decided to buy it. The car was located in Newcastle. At that time I was able to fly from Southampton to Newcastle when they had silly £1 offes. Saw the car, bought it and had the excitement and delight of driving back from Newcastle to Dorset a trip of 350 miles. I live in Corfe Mullen, Dorset so could meet up sometime. My car just failed MOT and I decided to have the failed driver sdie sill repaired (at Trickettwelding who did a great job). It's back at the garage to have 2 rear coils replaced. Been a dream car to drive all of these years and now has done 205k miles.
  8. Hello Dick, can you tell me the part number to see if it fits my E39 530d MSport, my VIN is CB84976, thanks Alastair
  9. ajl530d

    Anyone want '530d' lettering?

    Hi just sent you a msg would be great for my 530d. Thanks
  10. ajl530d

    F10 Bonnet badge 51147057794

    @Loadmaster thanks I had a look at Cotswold but price is v high. Will try Ebay & Amazon where there are lots but of course hard to know what the quality is like. Can't believe someone took the badge off unless it is to sell it on Ebay
  11. ajl530d

    F10 Bonnet badge 51147057794

    Not sure what happened was it pinched or just fell off. Anyway any sugesstion as to a good replacement as BMW want a silly price.
  12. ajl530d


    @highmileageSurvivor Interesting thread which I have just read. I have the 530d in Aegean Blue, one previous owner. I bought it when 3 years old and have kept it ever since. Shame I can't look up the expired Ebay ads to see what price the cars above sold for. Good Luck
  13. Hi Tims, got down to the garage today and was able to speak to the mechanic who checked the car. Yes that is the part which is worn. My E39 2003 VIN is CB84976 if you can check it's the right part for my car. I haven't abought anything here before so how can I pay you? many thanks Alastair
  14. Tims thank you for providing a diagram which is vey helpful. Let me show it to the garage to confirm this is what I need, many thanks
  15. I am not a mechanic but my garage said there is a distorted slip ring - I'm guess that is what you're calling the collet? They are struggling to get the part.