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    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    That is truly fabulous
  2. Robbo

    Morning folks

    Great to see the forum is still alive & so many of the old faces are still active! I finally got bored of tax free earnings and constant nice weather in Dubai & decided to come home to the frost and Brexit I still have my E39 530i and my E46 M3 I shipped back from Dubai with me so I’ll be popping in from time to time
  3. Robbo

    Morning folks

    And a lot cheaper! I don’t miss £10 a pint much I have to say!
  4. Robbo

    Morning folks

    Thanks Duncan- hope all is well with you.. Yes, back home to Norfolk - it’s like chalk and cheese lol
  5. Robbo

    Top Gear

    I thought it was pretty poor to be honest Was hoping for a revived top gear- not the same format with presenters who are no where near as entertaining as the three amigo's!
  6. Fitted the beam mounts to the 525i today so I though i'd do a little guide as to how a BM technician does them 1. you will need the following tools 22mm Impact Socket 13mm Impact socket Compressor and impact gun (preferably) Hammer and cold chisel Centre Punch Breaker bar Blowlamp Idealy a ramp! or Trolley jack and some tall axle stands A pry bar or similar. To make a Puller you will need: length of 12 or 14mm threaded rod Nuts to suit above A 2 leg puller to butcher Steel Disc (1/2 inch at least) with an od of 67mm Steel ring 75mm (approx) in height 67mm id Some heavy (inch at least) steel bar I suggest When you jack up the car, I suggest you put the front stands under the chassis legs and the rear stands on the sills or rear jacking points. If you're worried about your tender underside, use some 4x2 on top of the axle stands to spread the load. Don't put the stands under the rear beam as you need to be able to drop the beam down to remove and refit the bushes Step one: loosen the two 13mm bolts on the dog bone, using impact gun or ratchet. Step two: Loosen the 22mm nut on the bottom of the beam mount, using impact gun or breaker bar. Step 3: Lift the rear seat Step 4: with the beam bush nut still in place, but loosened, hit it upwards with a big hammer! Step 5: When you cannot move the bolt any further up through the bush, remove the nut and strike the bolt with a centre punch and hammer until it is free of the bush. and remove bolt (under back seat) Step 6: Using the hammer and cold chisel, knock the bottom of the bush lip inwards on opposite sides so the puller can seat on the beam mount carrier. Step 7: Assemble your puller, you may need to lever the beam downwards slightly using a bar to gain access to the top of the bush Step 8: begin winding the puller, when the outer rubber of the bush has moved slightly away from the bottom edge of the beam mount carrier stop. Step 9: Now heat the metal outer with a blowlamp. I strongly suggest you cover your arms hands and face for this as the rubber can (and did) spit and molten rubber on your skin isn't very nice! Heat for 2-3 mins (approx) to soften the rubber. Step 9: Working quickly, start winding the puller until the bush is about halfway out of the metal carrier, then stop and re-heat with blowlamp. (as above) Step 10: You should then be able to wind the bush all the way out no problem. Step 11: with the bush removed, you need to clean the debris from the inside of the metal outer. We used an electric power file but a wire brush in an electric drill would suffice or good old sand paper. Take your time and get it as clean as you can removing the old rubber and any corroded bits it will make fitting the new on 100% easier Step 12: Now you're ready to fit the new bushes, lube the bush slightly with the BM technicians lubricant of choice, fairy liquid. step 13: you'll need to change the set up of your puller, for this use a piece of the threaded bar with the 67mm ring on the top of the bush mount, the flat bar on top and a nut, again you may need to pry the beam down a little to get access. Ensuring the assembly of your puller is 100% square on the top and the bush is lined up straight and the groove in the bush is lined up with the nobbles in the carrier. You can get it started by hand. Put another piece of bar on the bottom of your threaded rod and another nut. Wind the nut on the bottom of your threaded rod to push the bush into the carrier. If it starts to go off square stop, back it off and start again Step 14: Once the bush is full home in the mount, drop the bolt back in from under the back seat, you may need to wiggle the beam to get it to drop in. Step 15: Once the bolt is in place, using a trolley jack, jack the beam up into position and re-attatch the dog bone to the beam mount with the 22mm nut using a breaker bar Step 16: Re-attatch the two 13mm bolts at the other end using a ratchet. Jobs a good un, started at 1pm finished at 3.30pm. This job ain't that hard of you fashion some pullers, which is very easy. An old two legged puller, some threaded bar, some nuts, a gear from a micra gearbox et voila! Same threaded bar, an old wheel bearing shell, amd two bits of inch steel with a hole through the middle. Any questions, please ask and thanks to Duncan all round legendary mechanic and BMW trained technician And I hope this guide is of some help guys
  7. Robbo

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Great work Jamie [emoji106]
  8. Robbo

    Ftdi cable

    Have you tried mssflash? I couldn't get jimmys cable to work with at all with BMW flash (although inpa, dis etc. work fine) but it works perfectly with MSS flash
  9. Robbo

    RIP Donut

    This is terrible news, so sorry to read it [emoji20] Darren was a great guy and as said he put so much of his time and effort in to making a great forum for fellow enthusiasts RIP Darren
  10. Ok so buying a black car when you live in the desert might not have been the best idea. But when black looks good nothing beats it. Now the weather is starting to cool down I decided it was time to tackle the less then well looked after paint on my M3. The car is a 2004 E46 M3 in Schwartz 2 (668) I don't think the car has ever been properly washed in its life- just the usual garage hand washes we have over here For a country full of very nice metal, detailing supplies are hard to find apart from a few meguiars bits in the equivalent to B&Q and 3m products through trade. It's still late 30's here during the day so way to hot to be detailing outside- so with a few days off for public holidays I've been out at 6am cracking on with getting the car looking a bit better. So my cobbled together detailing kit consists of A silverline rotary Meguiars medium clay Meguiars gold class shampoo 3m green, yellow and blue pads Zaino ZAIO Zaino Z8 Meguiars ultimate compound [emoji106] Meguiars gold class Qd Meguiars NXT 2 wax Here's the boot, washed lovingly by Brillo [emoji31] Paint washed with gold class, clayed with the megs mild clay so onto the polishing. I have read good things about megs UC so i started with this on a yellow 3m pad. I have to say the UC is lovely to use, cuts well, doesn't need water nice product for a novice like me This is after two passes with the yellow pad Not perfect yet but much better, a few light marks remaining I couldn't find any finishing polish, will need to order from the Uk, so I made a few more passes with UC on a 3m blue pad And ended up with this. Again not perfect but much better [emoji106] Needs some further work and refining but a good couple of hours work and a satisfying finish After 2 coats of NXT 2 wax
  11. Robbo

    Dubia sky scraper fire.

    The problem is here that they didn't insist on fire retardant material for the facade, but I think the law has been changed Following lots of recent fires started the same way. Fire prevention / detection systems inside these tall buildings are actually very good and to a very high specification- civil defense regulations on fire fighting / fire prevention systems are extremely stringent- they just don't help fight or detect fires which start on the outside! The issue is that PVC facade fitted to all of these "older" towers burns so easily, fanned by the wind, the flames spread up and down the outside of the buildings easily- looks bad from the outside, inside it could be minor damage only. This was another fire started on a balcony- by either a stray cigarette, Shisha coal or some numpty having a barbecue on their balcony IMO- although I think reports have said electrical fault. There was a huge plume of smoke across Dubai- we live 25km from downtown and we could smell the burning plastic in the air- a trail of smoke covered much of Dubai downwind of the fire. Seems like injuries were minor and mainly as a result of a chaotic evacuation rather than the fire. There is a lot of flack for allowing the fireworks / celebrations to continue in the circumstances- but letting the fireworks off was probably safer than removing 1000's of live fireworks- so the show went on.
  12. ^^ snap! Amazing place to visit to see what a tough job the pilots had
  13. Robbo

    16,000 mile E34 M5 3.6

    Awesome - quite some find! [emoji106]
  14. Private pilots license and a plane! Plus a 997 turbo and an E34 M5 LE in the garage
  15. Robbo

    Had a paint correction detail done

    Looks great- I had an R plate V70 XC it had 180k on it and it still drove superbly - the most comfortable car I have owned I think- I don't mind a Volvo to be honest [emoji106]
  16. Robbo

    Evans, Harris and Sabine as new TG Hosts

    Sabine & Coulthard [emoji106] not sure about the other two [emoji52]
  17. Robbo


    Ask me a few years ago I would have said m tech now it's bumpers for me- shadow line style like sandip's 528 on dark colour cars- chrome on light color cars [emoji41]
  18. Robbo

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Great effort on the repairs / fabrication. There is a Great satisfaction on learning the skills and doing these jobs yourself [emoji106]
  19. Bargain motoring & a clean looking car- somebody buy it!
  20. Robbo

    Williams f1 e46

    I believe it's just an "individual" E46 with a few dealer added badges added and a retrim. Best thing in the LMB paint- the Williams interior and stickers don't really look OE and don't do much for me TBH It might have been an option for any E46 from the dealer at the time as there are Williams M3's also
  21. Robbo

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Good job so far Jamie [emoji106]
  22. Robbo

    Williams f1 e46

    Sytner "dealer" edition IIRC- LMB always looks good though- the rest I'm not sure about [emoji52]
  23. Robbo

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Giant (wild) turtle in Sri Lanka And a crowded Sri Lankan beach
  24. Robbo

    Hamann F10 M5 spotted

    So wrong....[emoji857]