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  1. Robbo

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    That is truly fabulous
  2. Robbo

    Morning folks

    And a lot cheaper! I don’t miss £10 a pint much I have to say!
  3. Robbo

    Morning folks

    Thanks Duncan- hope all is well with you.. Yes, back home to Norfolk - it’s like chalk and cheese lol
  4. Robbo

    Morning folks

    Great to see the forum is still alive & so many of the old faces are still active! I finally got bored of tax free earnings and constant nice weather in Dubai & decided to come home to the frost and Brexit I still have my E39 530i and my E46 M3 I shipped back from Dubai with me so I’ll be popping in from time to time
  5. Robbo

    Top Gear

    I thought it was pretty poor to be honest Was hoping for a revived top gear- not the same format with presenters who are no where near as entertaining as the three amigo's!
  6. Robbo

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Great work Jamie [emoji106]
  7. Robbo

    Ftdi cable

    Have you tried mssflash? I couldn't get jimmys cable to work with at all with BMW flash (although inpa, dis etc. work fine) but it works perfectly with MSS flash
  8. Robbo

    RIP Donut

    This is terrible news, so sorry to read it [emoji20] Darren was a great guy and as said he put so much of his time and effort in to making a great forum for fellow enthusiasts RIP Darren
  9. Robbo

    Dubia sky scraper fire.

    The problem is here that they didn't insist on fire retardant material for the facade, but I think the law has been changed Following lots of recent fires started the same way. Fire prevention / detection systems inside these tall buildings are actually very good and to a very high specification- civil defense regulations on fire fighting / fire prevention systems are extremely stringent- they just don't help fight or detect fires which start on the outside! The issue is that PVC facade fitted to all of these "older" towers burns so easily, fanned by the wind, the flames spread up and down the outside of the buildings easily- looks bad from the outside, inside it could be minor damage only. This was another fire started on a balcony- by either a stray cigarette, Shisha coal or some numpty having a barbecue on their balcony IMO- although I think reports have said electrical fault. There was a huge plume of smoke across Dubai- we live 25km from downtown and we could smell the burning plastic in the air- a trail of smoke covered much of Dubai downwind of the fire. Seems like injuries were minor and mainly as a result of a chaotic evacuation rather than the fire. There is a lot of flack for allowing the fireworks / celebrations to continue in the circumstances- but letting the fireworks off was probably safer than removing 1000's of live fireworks- so the show went on.
  10. ^^ snap! Amazing place to visit to see what a tough job the pilots had
  11. Robbo

    16,000 mile E34 M5 3.6

    Awesome - quite some find! [emoji106]
  12. Private pilots license and a plane! Plus a 997 turbo and an E34 M5 LE in the garage
  13. Robbo

    Had a paint correction detail done

    Looks great- I had an R plate V70 XC it had 180k on it and it still drove superbly - the most comfortable car I have owned I think- I don't mind a Volvo to be honest [emoji106]
  14. Robbo

    Evans, Harris and Sabine as new TG Hosts

    Sabine & Coulthard [emoji106] not sure about the other two [emoji52]