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    was Rotherham, Now Uppingham rutland
  1. always amazes me that such stunning old cars still exist.the owner obviously can afford any new flashy bmws but will spend a fortune on these. if i had the cash so would i,
  2. wondered what leepu was up to these days....
  3. saw this in leicester couple of xmases ago.God knows why........
  4. dave525

    S54 swap into E28

    that is gorgeous. total sleeper. lovely
  5. dave525

    What to do what to do E34 525ix

    its quite obvious to me,Get rid of all the french wrongness.Fix the e34 and lend the e30 convertible to me.sorted
  6. dave525

    my e34 530 manual gearbox problem

    sounds like the clutch plate has broken up.if the pedal feels ok but you can only get gears when the engine is off thats the most likely culprit.
  7. dave525

    e34 owners in rutland

    hi all.are there any e34 owners in rutland on here.ive just moved here and wondered if any one is about
  8. dave525

    M50 rattle/buzzing noise 3000rpm

    by the way,i bet an e28 with an m50 in it is a proper fun bit of kit,
  9. dave525

    M50 rattle/buzzing noise 3000rpm

    its the inlet manifold .Its because its plastic and at certain rpm it does resonate. Normal and nothing to worry about
  10. dave525

    get your E60 checked out

    thats what i call overheating!
  11. dave525

    My excellent day, advice needed

    genuine bmw only.sills come in 4 quarters and are not cheap.i used rear arch repair panels from hadrian and one front sill from bmw to make up extensions.was about 80 pounds if i recall.have a look at real. oem. i did away with the jacking points and keep a cheap trolley jack in the boot.you may have to carry out repairs to the wings/inner sills as well.it will always be a bigger job than just welding a repair panel in.all the rust needs to be cut out.the good thing is that any rust is usually localised and the metal is nice and thick [unlike a couple of korean and japanese tin cans i had to weld at work recently]
  12. dave525

    How many e34's here

    114,91 525se auto.manual conversion.rondell 0058s.540 bumper vents.half leather sport interior with black wood.lowered.daily driver for last ten years
  13. dave525

    Mega Meets - Quarterly / Bi-Annually

    how about chucking some venues in to see what people think. chatsworth for example? or how about combining them with say a race meeting,rockingham has got massive carparks.cadwell also. just a thought.
  14. dave525

    rockingham northants

    hi, anyone know of a track evening at rockingham?my e34 is a bit old for a full days caning but an evening would be good.how about a bmw specific one next year. how about it nick?
  15. dave525

    Replacement Sill Panels

    you can get hadrian rear arch panels,they have the rear bit of sill on them.i have just done one side of my car. i bought one genuine front sill section to make up extensions for the arch panel.the sill was 90 pounds and the arches around 30 each.still cheaper than another car.it would be very difficult to make up pieces from flat sheet because of the complex curves involved.