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  1. paul5

    sport bumper towbar cut out

    If its a detectable tow bar you are fitting its best. The main diffuser was about 60 plus vat, and bud removable centre piece was about 25 plus vat. Its not cheap but like i said it does look good. I only used my tow bar once and sold my caravan so i have splashed out all that cash for nothing!
  2. paul5

    sport bumper towbar cut out

    I got a new diffuser with the removable centre piece when i had a detectable tow bar fitted. Not cheap but looks good
  3. paul5

    Rear suspension not level

    The battery is in the boot on the drivers side. Could be the weight of that maybe?
  4. paul5


    Im having mine done by my indy in derby at the weekend. Ain't even asked the price! Im that fed up with topping up oil that i don't care how much it costs! Paul.
  5. Is the loom plug and play then?
  6. paul5

    Holy options list! Ebay find

    Poor spelling in the description. Does that not put anyone else off? Is it just me or is there a lot of poor spelling about? Good spec car though, i couldn't afford to run it Im afraid!
  7. paul5

    Getting rid of mould/moss on rubbers

    Autoglym caravan cleaner will shift it . Paul.
  8. paul5

    The get it of your chest thread

    I've had an interesting hour or so at stratstone derby. First they tell of they want 11.5k for a poor spec 525d 55 plate in a horrible bronze colour. And they value my almost concourse 52 plate 520i sport touring at just 1500 quid! I will certainly not be doing business with them on a used car!
  9. I use appbrain, no issues at all. So much choice of free apps too! Paul.
  10. paul5

    Cars you loved as a 15 year old

    Im probably older than a lot of you guys, but the one car i wanted real bad at 15 was a rover p5 coupe! The v8 sound and big leather seats really appealed. When rover made cars properly, Paul.
  11. paul5

    Best interior shampoo?

    Autoglym gets good reviews on detailing world. Never tried it myself though. Supposed to be safe to use on alcantara too. Paul.
  12. paul5

    Snow alert

    Been snowing here in derbyshire since two this afternoon. Everyone driving at silly slow speeds with their fog lights on! What's that about? Just dropped my daughter off in town in her aygo, for a small car it manages very well in snow. Was almost home and on a slight incline and the car in front, a prius couldn't make it so i had to reverse to let him turn around and in back down. His excuse was that the car electrics, dsc etc wouldn't let him climb the hill any faster.
  13. paul5

    Uk Breaks

    Jharhar, depends where you are and how far you want to travel. The cotswolds are nice, the lake district is stunning, or how about a city break somewhere like Edinburgh? All these places had the desired effect on my wife! Paul.
  14. paul5

    Blower motor help

    Same as mine. Chirping sound and then it packed in all together. Best left to someone who knows what they're doing really. All in mine cost about £260. The blower motor is about £90 plus vat. Paul.
  15. paul5

    What is everyone up to...right now?

    Awaiting a recovery truck after mis fueling my company van. What a fool!