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  1. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Ok, I queried all the mask modules and PDC on the car they all date from 01/2014 or within a few months. So I don't think any hardware was changed, unless someone has played with coding before. I don't know how long the PDC has been out of action. The car has an interesting history. 3k miles a year from new. Got sold, did 15k in a year then was abandoned at an airport... I am still rebuilding it's history.
  2. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    That could be a possibility. Whats the the easy way to find out. INPA or some other tool? This is a low mileage car 70k, and being a 2005 model it is old, but everything looks very stock. New PDC module on order now, will see if that is the culpret.
  3. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Hi Why do I see a touring body, when I am in a saloon?
  4. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    The PDC has to be coded? I thought it was just a "dumb" module... And yeah will check for sensor shorts, before plugging stuff in - this probably blew the last one!
  5. pinter75

    PDC Module 2004ish

    Hi, I am in the market for a PDC module, for a build date of 12/2004 E60 saloon. Plenty on eBay but for all different E's and I probably need one specific to the build date.
  6. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Hi, Ok it looks like my PDC module is dead. I replaced the blown transistor with an identical one and it is still flagging 9E3B. Will any similar PDC fit the car, lots on eBay look the same but are for 6 series, X5's etc... Ta.
  7. pinter75

    iPod interface

    Hi, I found the original BMW iPod adapter in the glove box, appears to work as I can see a red light inside it, and it charges.... Tried it with an old iPod Touch, but I can't select it from iDrive. Goto CD and I just see the inserted CD - no other sources. I understand this does not need coding, so could it be kaput or no worky with this particular iPod?
  8. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Another quick question... I drive a saloon, but the PDC car image is a touring. Odd...
  9. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Ok INPA is working after getting a new cable, woohoo. No sensors are reporting any values and I am getting 9E3B. So checking the module I have the blown transistor issue. Swapped with a random PNP type... still no dice. Ordered the correct ones so will see. On another note, I apparently have Bluetooth as i can turn in on and off. To get the iDrive to allow me to use the phone is a whole load of coding?
  10. Hi! My 530i Sport's engine undertray has some water in it, quite a bit.... No apparent coolant leak, do my drain lines need a clean? Had some heavy rain earlier. Any ideas? Ta.
  11. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Grrr INPA not working. Launches ok, COM port set in obd.ini but no connection. Ignition in pos 2 and a K-line cable from bmcables.com I am using a win 10 lappy, anything I should know - Compatibility mode perhaps?
  12. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    I tried that earlier, used to do it on my e39 and e46. But the E60 is proper silent in the ultrasonic sensor department. I literally have nothing being emitted from them, all I get is a flashing button, and a PDC no worky message. Dumb question, but can you use the PDC via the button while not in reverse? I didn't get a manual with the car!
  13. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Ta. I will get INPA on it tomorrow to see which one or 8 is duff
  14. Hi! Long time since I have been here! Back in a 5 series again! Nice to see my logo is still being used on the forums, it has been years since I was on here.... Anyways. Picked up an E60 2005 model. Only thing wrong is the PDC is kaput. Checked the module and it seems bone dry.... No sensors are emitting ticks, and I cant use INPA until later on this week. I understand if a sensor in the line (front or back ) goes down then the rest wont work. On other cars I have had the others will emits ticks even if one is bad.... Any ideas?
  15. pinter75

    My 540i needs to go - end of life. Options?

    Good news! My local indy who has worked on the car is taking it lock stock. It will be put back on the road, so another e39 lives on!