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  1. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Grrr INPA not working. Launches ok, COM port set in obd.ini but no connection. Ignition in pos 2 and a K-line cable from bmcables.com I am using a win 10 lappy, anything I should know - Compatibility mode perhaps?
  2. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    I tried that earlier, used to do it on my e39 and e46. But the E60 is proper silent in the ultrasonic sensor department. I literally have nothing being emitted from them, all I get is a flashing button, and a PDC no worky message. Dumb question, but can you use the PDC via the button while not in reverse? I didn't get a manual with the car!
  3. pinter75

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Ta. I will get INPA on it tomorrow to see which one or 8 is duff
  4. Hi! Long time since I have been here! Back in a 5 series again! Nice to see my logo is still being used on the forums, it has been years since I was on here.... Anyways. Picked up an E60 2005 model. Only thing wrong is the PDC is kaput. Checked the module and it seems bone dry.... No sensors are emitting ticks, and I cant use INPA until later on this week. I understand if a sensor in the line (front or back ) goes down then the rest wont work. On other cars I have had the others will emits ticks even if one is bad.... Any ideas?
  5. pinter75

    My 540i needs to go - end of life. Options?

    Good news! My local indy who has worked on the car is taking it lock stock. It will be put back on the road, so another e39 lives on!
  6. Howdy! Been a while since I was on here. Anyways, my '97 540i needs to go. It blew the brake lines near the abs unit - and I think it is time to wave goodbye. It is the car that you see in the forum banner above, I used pics of it when I made the banner many moons ago. I have migrated to a 3 series, as that is what I started in. I did love the 5, but working from home means it did little trips everyone and then So what are my options for getting it shifted, considering it does drive, but stopping is a bit of a problem! There must be some value in it, it has sport bumper, facelift lights all round, and the V8's rocker cover gaskets were done a few months ago. The mileage is at 190k, but the motor still pulls like a tank, & the autobox is silky still. Ideally I would break it, but I have no space. Any place in Brighton that anyone could recommend? Ta. S.
  7. Hmm. It is an LED and not a bulb? I remember taking out the cluster a while back and didn't see any signs of tampering.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if the check engine light ever comes on when you start the car, then goes out. I can't get it to light using the cluster test (test 2) either - should it? I started the car after sitting for 2 weeks with no battery, and it ran really rough, smoothed out eventually (but with a noisy lifter), but I thought this may trigger a check engine light. Is the HIGH OBC nice enough to spell out warnings in English, such as when my oil pressure was low it would tell me. Am I right in thinking if you have the high OBC is spells out "CHECK ENGINE" rather then light the icon, which is probably for the non high OBC cars? The BMW is playing silly buggers with me. It has blown a brake line, battery went flat (borked my back lifting the sodding thing out), and now it has a stuck lifter - All because I got a smart car! It is off to live at a garage and be fettled back into health. Ta.
  9. The car has been laid up for about 6 days, as I now have a Smart to get into town with. It pushed me into the Smart when it blew the abs line! It did get used a few times a week, with no trouble at all, so I don't think there is a drain, it just never got enough re-charge to keep it standing for a week I will charge the battery, and use the boost pack to get it going then check stuff with the multimeter. If the alternator has gone it will have to go! Shame as it is still a good looking car, and most of you have seen it. It is the car in the top banner on this site!
  10. Howdy, As my 540 is laid up because of break in the rubber brake hoses from the ABS unit, it has sat outside, unlocked for about 6 or so days. Went to it today to get something out of the boot, and nada. Ignition nada. Check the battery with a multimeter 3v. Heaved it out back to 13v. Now I don't think anything is goosed on the car, but it is a combination of very shot trips, like to the local shop 1 mile away, or into town 7 miles away. I do not commute, so it can sit unused for days. Could it be that the cranking and short trip combos are draining the battery, and the low use is no charging it sufficiently for standby? The battery is about 2 years old, do I bother recharging it, or is it deemed to be kackered beyond repair, considering the cranking/low charge continuously? I was sort or aware of this, and put one of those solar charger on the rear shelf, just never hooked it up! For now I am in a Smart car, as it does suit my driving needs, but I do love the 5 and want to nurse it back to health. Ta.
  11. Ok, while the 5 is off the road awaiting bits and bobs, I am buzzing around in something lower down the scale. It is pretty good around town
  12. The part I need is special order from Germany at the local dealer... Anyone know where to get these quicker, I have the car booked at the indy on Tues! Ta.
  13. Ahh you found them People seem to recommend the braided versions. It seems that at 14 years old with 214,000 miles every single piece of rubber has perished
  14. Howdy, So I am driving along, then step on the brakes and they feel spongy and my foot hits the floor! Manage to limp home using a combo of engine braking and stomps on the pedal. Luckily I was near home and on 30mph roads. Check it is not the master or slave cylinder by: Engine off pump pedal, and see if it drops slowly. It does but hardly noticeable. Pump pedal, Engine on, pedal drops. So this ruled out the cylinders. I turned the Engine off, pumped the brakes and looked under the car. It is pissing out brake fluid! Popped the bonnet, and looked about and saw that the rubber hose exiting the ads unit nearest the Engine has a small bubbling hole! (Not my pic BTW) So, question is is it easy to replace, and I am guessing that everything inc the abs unit will need a purge and bleed Finally, what are these called? Every time I search for Brake Hoses, they are for the rear wheels, not the ABS unit. Ta!
  15. Hi, A few of you may know that I am a designer (I did the forum logo, and header etc for this site many moons back). Well I don't just design graphicy stuff - I design toys too! Way back in 1982 MB released Bigtrak, then in 2010 Zeon re-released it, now in 2012 there is a new one. I am the proud designer of the new model - which is a blast as I wanted an original when I was a kid, but never got one. I never thought that 36 years later I would be designing the latest one - whoop! Here is a video of the prototype I built in action: And a webpage that has some brief info about it all: http://www.bigtrakis...tr-coming-soon/ It is due for release spring/summer next year. Thought some of you would like it. Cheers. Steve.